10 Truths {Thursday Confessions}

Alright, are you ready for some random life confessions?

Ok, here we go. . . Smile 

1. Abby’s command that she can eat now is bon appetite. I have no idea where that came from, other than maybe Scott? . . . and it is so funny to hear Luke say it when he feeds her. I think he says “Good Appetite Abby Puppy.”


2. Since moving to Eau Claire, I have developed a very dangerous Caribou habit.


The drive thru is just too darn convenient. AdvoCare challenge starts next week will help break the habit!

3. I don’t eat sweet potato skins. I eat regular potato skins, but for some strange reason, sweet potato skins gross me out.


4. Whenever I am home, I am usually wearing PJs. PJ pants + t-shirt. And I make super funny faces when talking to Scott while he’s trying to take my picture. . .


5. My Kate Spade pink iPhone case makes me smile more than I’d care to admit. And the fact that Luke threw up on it last week, brings tears to my eyes. #motherhood

6. I always have to rewind during Chopped when they go over the basket ingredients for each round. I can never remember all 4 ingredients! 

7. I hate banana strings. like seriously, worst things ever.  

btw – DO NOT Google image search “banana string” – whoa.

8. I have a bazillion alarms. Because the worst thing ever is getting up 3 minutes earlier than I have to. 


9. I cannot sleep with socks on. even if I am freezing cold. . .


awwww look at those chubby baby cheeks!!

10. My favorite song right now is Sugar by Maroon 5.

especially the last 2 lines of this lyric. Yup, I’m cool.  

I want that red velvet
I want that sugar sweet
Don’t let nobody touch it
Unless that somebody is me

Ok – your turn. . . . what do you need to confess? Winking smile

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20 Responses to 10 Truths {Thursday Confessions}

  1. steph

    Funny…i have socks and a thin blanket, since it’s most often warm here but I need to feel covered to sleep!

    I love “Sugar” too, but mostly bc I call my inserteuphemismforboyfriendeauivalent “sweetness.” 🙂

  2. OMG, the banana strings, I’m with you an that! Every time I prepack and freeze bananas I feel like I spend half the time dealing with those strings!

    And heck yes to Sugar, it’s on my Workout Playlist, love!

    Have an awesome day!!
    Kate @ Baking in Yoga Pants recently posted..Choose GratitudeMy Profile

  3. I have to say that my life has improved a lot since I learned that banana trick (also something you shouldn’t google). I confess that I hate the Bachelorette this season but can’t stop watching it 🙁
    Gretchen | Gretchruns recently posted..Summer WishlistMy Profile

  4. So of course I had to Google ‘banana string,’ and oh.sweet.mother. I’d like to wash my eyeballs with bleach now, k.thx. And I’m with you on the sweet potato strings. Weirdness.

  5. Well now I’m scared to google banana string even though it’s going to drive me crazy. The strings do drive me nuts, though. Too funny!
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs For Food recently posted..Why you should ban “cheat” daysMy Profile

  6. BABY LUKE! Such a cutie! And yes to sweet potato skins – They’re much harder (?)… chewier (?) than regular potato skins. I’ll eat them if they’re on SP fries but that’s about it. And while I wasn’t addicted to the Starbs drive through (only because I would park and go in, lol), but I would swing by every Tuesday and Wednesday after my BODYPUMP classes before babe was born. It is in the same strip mall as the gym and it was just too convenient. $3/pop adds up quickly!
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted..A random Thursday postMy Profile

  7. Okay, too funny…I can never remember all of the ingredients on Chopped either. LOVE that show!
    Katie @ Daily Cup of Kate recently posted..National Running Day 2015My Profile

  8. Haha banana string’s definitely resulted in some weird google images… I can’t sleep with socks on either… it’s just wrong. Hope you have a great day!
    Jamie recently posted..Thinking Out Loud Thursday – Total RandomnessMy Profile

  9. Sweet potato skins totally gross me out too! I think it’s cause sometimes they’re hairy…
    Jen @ Quarter Life QB recently posted..I am a Post-It note pilot.My Profile

    • KT

      Yup exactly. Regular potato skins are delicious but there is something strange about those sweet potatoes!

  10. Tell me not to google image search: immediately opens new tab to search. haha!!

    I can’t sleep with socks on either. Ever.

  11. I agree about the horror of waking up 3 (or fewer) minutes earlier than absolutely necessary!
    Ready for my weird confession: I used to LOVE banana strings. Like I would take them off the banana peel. I don’t know why…
    Heather@hungryforbalance recently posted..Food Rules and MommyhoodMy Profile

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