11 months!

I can’t believe this guy is going to be a year old in just 2 weeks. . . here are some pics and recent things from his 11 month days! Also, can someone figure out how to slow down time for me?? Please? Smile 


New things this month:

  • Walking! Still mostly crawling –likes to walk about 5 steps and then realize that it is faster to crawl! .  . . but is walking more and more each day
  • Has already figured out how to open the baby gate to downstairs
  • Starting to use the Sippy cup
  • Loves to push things around – especially the kitchen stools
  • Loves to take everything out of cupboards
  • Loves opening and closing doors/drawers
  • Loves watching the washing machine
  • Loves looking at books, especially the ones with “touch and feel” pages
  • Loves climbing and pulling up on Abby (she, on the other hand, does not!)
  • Throwing food over the side of the highchair (makes Mom and Dad want to pull their hair out!!!)
  • Climbing on Abby’s bed with her
  • Thinks it’s hilarious when Abby growls when he is petting her, lots of giggles and then tries to give Abby a hug. Abby is a super good girl, sometimes will growl to tell him to back off, but when it doesn’t work, just puts up with him pulling on her fur and crawling all over her.
  • Loves to throw a toy on one side of Abby and crawl over her to get it
  • Is a really good sleeper*. Shows he is tired by rubbing his eyes, and then we lay him down in his crib, and he rolls over and goes right to sleep (*most of the time)


Still hates:

    • ear drops –>after ear tubes, when they have an infection, instead of oral antibiotics they get drops so they can go right into the ear. And he hates them!
    • getting his diaper changed
    • seeing his bottle and not getting it
    • getting his face wiped off after meals
    • generally, not getting what he wants
    • getting out of the bath
    • putting lotion on after bath



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6 Responses to 11 months!

  1. Becky @ Olives n Wine

    Can you believe you’re almost the mother of a one year old?? I love the first photo of him – so adorable!! 🙂

  2. Patti

    Picture of him on his knees is a daddy mini me!

  3. He’s so sweet! Love that face!
    Beth Sheridan recently posted..Homemade Alfredo and Autism AwarenessMy Profile

  4. Ah! He’s just perfect! 🙂 It doesn’t look like he could ever dislike anything in those pictures.
    I don’t know what to tell you about the time thing. It goes by so fast. Tonight I was daydreaming and thinking about how nice it would be to pick my youngest up into a big cuddle. He’s just way to big and heavy. At least he likes hugs! 🙂
    Stephanie@nowirun.com recently posted..Motivated and GratefulMy Profile