{2} DIY Christmas Crafts

So, you all remember that super easy fall craft that I did earlier this year? Well, now that it is Christmas – everything season, I had to put it away. But I still wanted to use the hurricane glass for a craft for Christmas-time.

So, I packed up all the layers in separate bags – not going to lie – this is the most annoying thing ever. . . but it makes for easy storage and it will make it very easy to put it back together next fall.




Anyway, now your hurricane glass is empty and ready for the next craft. Smile 


I picked up some ornaments at the dollar store, and some ribbon (I think I got it at Michael’s last year).


Super easy. Put the ornaments in the hurricane glass.


Put a matching ribbon on.


Done. and done. Cute, right?


Ok, are you ready for the 2nd super easy Holiday craft? This one was totally Laura’s idea. . . she had the idea, and then we wandered around JoAnn’s and figured out how to make it work.


All you need is a 12×12 canvas, holiday print fabric, coordinating ribbon, a decoration and a staple gun.


Start by ironing the fabric.


Then, put the fabric on the canvas with a staple gun. Make sure to pull the fabric tight as you staple. . .


Then, wrap the ribbon around and staple too.

We wrapped ours like presents, but you can do the ribbon however you would like.


Then, put on your decoration. I found this one that I liked. . .  And Laura picked the silver one.


You can either use the staple gun, or Laura used a glue gun for hers because you can’t staple in the middle of the canvas. . . I tucked mine underneath my ribbon.


The finished product. Mine on the left and Laura’s on the right.


2 super cute, easy Christmas DIY decorations!! Happy crafting and Happy Christmas. Smile


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  1. Oh my gosh, I love both of these ideas! I actually have an empty hurricane sitting at home from moving – I know, I’m only 4 months behind but I have a good reason! Kyle broke the matching one so I’ve just been contemplating what to do with my lone hurricane. Ornaments or pine cones would be perfect 🙂
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted..Confessions, Part IIIMy Profile

  2. Omg I love these craft ideas!! So Simple and SOOOOO cute.

    I love holiday crafts 🙂
    Alex @ Alex Runs For Food recently posted..Elf4Health Challenge 12/8/13My Profile

  3. super cute ideas!!!
    Danica @ It’s Progression recently posted..just breathe…My Profile

  4. I love these! I do something similar to the ornament one but I use red pinecones instead. I like how the ornaments look better though and I actually have extra ornaments downstairs! I should get on that. I love the canvas gifts as well. I also saw an idea that you can wrap existing frames that you had on your wall already just as you did with the canvas. Super cute!!
    Melanie @ BeautifullyNutty recently posted..The Natural Goodness of AvocadosMy Profile

    • KT

      Oooh that sounds pretty – did they have glitter on them?? Because I would love that! Glitter makes everything better, right?

  5. Love the present idea! My hurricane glass is also filled with ornaments 🙂
    Katie @ Daily Cup of Kate recently posted..Fitness Friday: 12 Days of Christmas WorkoutMy Profile