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Couch time with 2

Back to work Tuesday. . .

I started my day with a medium CSL from Caribou for breakfast.

Lunch: From the hospital cafeteria: pita with hummus, carrot and celery sticks with ranch dressing and a string cheese stick.

Snack: Apple

Dinner: Let’s Dish Four cheese spicy chicken lasagna with steamed broccoli and cauliflower, Dakota ‘garlic’ toast from Great Harvest 





Dessert: None yet. . . probably have some more cookies!

Work it out: 3 mile run with Scott and Abby and Level 1 of Shred.

Extra long day of work tomorrow – 12 hours! Hope your Tuesday went well. .. Smile 

Off to spend some couch time with these 2!!!




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Extra happy Monday

Happy Monday! It is an extra happy Monday because of the holiday! Smile 


Scott and I spent the morning on the couch with Abby. I enjoyed my caramel skim latte and some cinnamon toast crunch. I also got to look at a ‘real’ copy of the Target ad! I heart Target and love looking at the weekly ad. Scott got a Sunday paper yesterday, so I got to peruse the weekly ad today.




Before lunch, I did Shred Level 3 – whoa – tough! My heart was pumping!

Lunch was Amy’s tomato soup. The best tomato soup – good flavor with chunks of tomato!


Scott made us a turkey, cheese and cracker plate too.


After lunch, my sweet tooth was acting up, so I decided to make a quick batch of flourless oatmeal pb cookies. This time I made one batch with dark chocolate dreams and one with white chocolate wonderful. I am not usually one for eating warm cookies, but these are delicious right out of the oven. Totally hit my pb, chocolate, and cookie cravings! Scott doesn’t usually like peanut butter cookies. . . but he loves these ones!





It is hot and humid here today – 86 degrees! We were supposed to have some thunderstorms today, but none yet.

We went for a very sweaty run. . . Abby was tuckered out afterward!





Dinner was something to cool us down. . . smoothies!

In the mix tonight: vanilla chobani yogurt, frozen fruit mix (strawberries, mango, pineapple, and peaches), and pineapple OJ.


Topped with: chia seeds, coconut butter, granola


Finished dinner with Dakota bread from Great Harvest. Perfect dinner for a hot ‘summer’ night.


Off to watch some TV with Scott and Abby. . . and probably eat more cookies! Winking smile Have a great night! Hope you had a great Memorial Day.

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Weekly goal review–May 22

Goals for next week. . .

1. Continue my quest for 5 fruits/veggies per day

Sunday: 3
Monday: 2
Tuesday: 3
Wednesday: 1 1/2
Thursday: 3
Friday: 1 Sad smile
Saturday: 2

Next week I am going to try to increase fruits and veggies by making sure to include them in my snacks and desserts!

2. Continue dessert moderation and avoiding temptations and cravings

Sunday: cinnamon toast crunch
Monday: cinnamon toast crunch
Tuesday: apple with maple almond butter and pecans
Wednesday: candy
Thursday: Crème Brule at Fogo De Chao 
Friday: Buttercream red velvet cake
Saturday: More cake!

This week went better. . . I will continue to have this as an on-going goal (prob forever!) 

3. Continue food journal – yes, sortof. . . I didn’t keep it up over the weekend, but I am going to start up again tomorrow.

4. Run 4 times – check

Run 3.5 miles on Sunday
Run 5 miles on Thursday
Run 4.5 miles on Friday
Run 4 miles on Saturday

5. Strength training/ Shred 3xs  – check

Shred Level 2: Sunday
CTI: Monday
Shred Level 1: Tuesday
Shred Level 1: Thursday

6. Enjoy my birthday on Thursday and going to the Lake this weekend! Winking smile  – check and check

7. Review these goals next Sunday. – check! 

Goals for next week!
1. 5 fruits/veggies per day
2. Continue food journal with calorie counting
3. Run 4 times
4. Shred 4 times
5. Golf or tennis outing with the husband
6. Review these goals next Sunday!

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Birthday weekend

I can’t believe it is Sunday already! The past few days flew by. . .

Here is the recap!


After Scott and I put in 4.5 miles around Colby Lake in Woodbury, we showered and loaded up the car for the weekend.

Laura (my little sister) joined us for the ride.


We stopped at Arby’s for lunch on the way up.


I got the #1 meal: regular roast beef and a curly fry – YUM –O!


Dinner was at Two Acres Supper Club. . . which we have been going to their Friday night fish fry since before I was born. We call it by the owner’s name, so to us, it is Randy’s not Two Acres!

Jenny and I. . .


Laura always asks Randy (who runs the bar) to make her a drink.  . .


it was super good so I asked for one too. Smile


Then, the usual fish fry dinner: fish, french fries, toast and coleslaw.  . of course with tons of tartar sauce! It was delicious. The whole family was there: Mom, Dad, Laura, Jenny and Scott.


Afterwards, we went back to the cabin for presents and dessert.



Jenny gave me this awesome cupcake book.  .. it is all about how to make exciting and elaborate cupcakes. It looks super cute and fun. She thought it might be a fun thing to blog about – so watch for more about it!



She also gave me some sprinkles


and a scrubber for the cupcake pan – so cute!


Also, I got some running shirts from Dad, a watch from Mom, Shred DVD from Abby and Scott put a connection in my car so I can listen to my iPod in the car! Overall, it was a great birthday. Thanks to my family for making it great. Smile 

My parent’s tore down the old place last summer, so this is our first summer in the new place. It  is still under construction! So, no flooring. Only one bathroom right now. No kitchen yet. Just a mini fridge and a microwave for the weekend.

The kitchen. . .


The living room


Cake was red velvet from Buttercream. OMG – it was awesome! Even my sister and Mom who don’t really like cake, loved it! Scott did good. Smile 






The view from the porch


Saturday was spent taking Abby to the vet for her yearly checkup. We go to the vet in the small town (Bloomer) that is close to the Lake. He took care of our family dog when I was growing up and is taking care of Abby too – plus his prices are much cheaper than in a bigger city. She is doing great! And got a yummy treat for going!


And you can’t have a Saturday at the Lake without going to the Bloomer bakery. My favorite is the sprinkled long john. Delicious!



Laura and I played Phase 10 – she won.



Hanging on the porch.  ..


Jenny and I played UNO – She won 2/3. Lunch was my Mom’s chicken dumping soup. A Lake staple. The best ever – seriously!


The dogs took turns being cute. . .




Dad and I took the dogs for a run in the rain in the afternoon. There are some four wheel trails around that are great for the dogs to run around.

Then, the rain tapered off, so Dad could grill.


Abby was a good helper


The driveway. . . aka the mud-way


The dining room.  .. well really the living room.


We brought some house made brats from Hy-Vee in Mankato. Pineapple, beer, green onion and bacon and cheddar. They were delicious. Mom also made deviled eggs, chips and dip and lots of veggies.







And of course, more cake!


Abby during dinner. . .



We got up this morning, had some breakfast (bagel with cream cheese and cherries), hung around the kitchen table for a while. . . and by kitchen table, I mean the round picnic table we dragged in from outside so we would have a table inside! Hopefully, the next time we go, we will have furniture!

Dogs helped with clean-up.


Check out Ellie’s tongue!



Mom and Jenny played cards.

Jenny winning. . .


Mom winning. . .


It was overcast and cold this morning, so we decided to hit the road.  .. .


Laura came along too.  Abby appreciated the backseat company.


Now, we are back home. Scott is out mowing the lawn and I am getting going on the laundry.

It was a fun weekend, we always like going up to the Lake and spending time with family (and celebrating my birthday was nice too!), but nothing beats coming home!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Any big plans for Monday?

I hope to get a run in, do my Shred DVD (I got my own copy for my birthday! I was renting it from Netflix) and relax with Scott!

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Fogo De Chao

The rest of my 29th birthday was pretty awesome. Scott and I took Abby on a gorgeous 5 mile run down Summit Ave in St. Paul – one of my all time favorite places to run! Abby loves it because a couple of the houses have dog water dishes sitting out for her to drink from!


Then, we came back to my parent’s house, got cleaned up and headed to downtown Minneapolis for dinner at Fogo De Chao.




It was delicious! You start with their warm buttery popovers,


then you head up to the salad bar.


The salad bar is unreal. So many different items. I loved the basil sauce (green pool on my plate) – I even went up for seconds of that!


Then, you flip your card over to green and they start bringing over various cuts of meat and slice them off right at your table. Then, you quick flip your card back to red so they stop while you eat your first few meats.

This is Scott’s first picture with his ‘green’ card.  .. aka I am so embarrassed that you are taking my picture right now.


And then his second picture. . . ok after you took pictures of all your food, I guess you could be normal and take one of me!


A variety of steaks. . . and they have them prepared how you like it – i.e. medium rare, medium, etc.


Then, chicken and sausage. . .


OMG the forks were so heavy!


While you are eating the meats, they bring out roasted bananas, parmesan polenta and mashed potatoes. And they keep refilling all the foods until you say stop!


Since, it was my birthday, they gave us a complimentary dessert: I chose crème Brule – one of my favorite ‘restaurant’ desserts – ‘cause I can’t make it at home!


We were full, but still able to finish it off!


Overall the meal was really fabulous. It is a pretty expensive place to eat, so we won’t be going there very often but for a special occasion, I would go there again.

The wine room. . .


And of course on the way out, had to grab one four of the chocolates! I was so stuffed from dinner though, it is in my purse for the next time I need a chocolate fix!


The rest of last night was spent curled up on the couch, watching Dexter – seriously in love with that show! I am watching it via Netflix DVDs so I had to finish this DVD so I can get the next one. Thankfully, even though Scott has already seen all the episodes, he was more than willing to hang out with me and watch them again!

This morning, I headed to my old stomping grounds – the Caribou coffee I spent all of high school, college, and some of medical school studying at! I got my usual (CSL) and headed back to my parent’s house to blog and enjoy the beautiful lilacs they have covering their backyard.



My parent’s are already up at the Lake with Abby. My sister works until noon, then we are all headed up too.

On tap for this morning: picking up my birthday cake that Scott secretly ordered for me from Buttercream. Red velvet – yum! We are celebrating my birthday with my family tonight at the Lake!

No internet access at the Lake, so I will be back on Sunday or Monday depending on the weather, with a full recap of birthday events, the new cabin and Lake activities.

Hope you have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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Birthday Wishes

Scott is still out of town at a conference for work. . . so I woke up all alone on my birthday today.

Well, not all alone!


First birthday wish from Abby via snuggling and petting in bed this morning at 7:32

Text from Scott at 7:54

Half hearted “Hope you have a good birthday” from the Caribou coffee lady when I used my birthday coupon to get a free CSL at 8:22

Text from my sister, Jenny, at 8:37

On tap for the morning: Enjoying my coffee while watching Dexter, then Shred before lunch.


I have to go into work over lunch (I took today off for my birthday) and so I picked up some treats to take in. . . my biggest problem – deciding which one I want to eat! White cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes and M&M cookies. YUM! Happy Birthday to me!



Then, Abby and I are headed up to the cities to meet up with Scott.


Looking forward to a run on Summit Ave this afternoon and then, Scott is taking me to Fogo De Chao for dinner. I have never been but heard good things so I am VERY excited! Smile 


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Awesome husband

Check out the awesome work my husband did on the corner of our yard that used to be a huge garden. When we first moved into this house, we wanted a big garden. So, we dug up this huge chunk of the corner of the yard. Each year, the size of our garden decreases. . . our soil is super clay heavy and not good for lots of gardening. Tomatoes and cucumbers have done the best. So, in addition to joining our CSA this year, we stuck to only tomatoes and cucumbers in the garden this year. And Scott planted lilacs and some other cool flowering bushes complete with pretty wood chips (that we picked out on our trip to the garden store a few weekends ago). . . now it looks awesome! Smile I can’t wait for it all to grow in. . .

Before. . .





Tomato and cucumber plants


Lilacs in the back, flower bushes in the middle, hostas on the outer edge


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Dough Boy Smoothie

This morning I finally tried a dough boy smoothie from Kath Eats. It’s a mix of oatmeal, milk, chia seeds, vanilla and cinnamon. Put in the fridge overnight and then blended the next morning.


It was another attempt to change how I feel about oatmeal. . .


And. . .


Unfortunately it didn’t change my mind. It was better than just plain oatmeal. I really liked it with toppings. I added Justin’s Maple Almond butter and candied pecans. But once I ate all the toppings, I didn’t want to eat any more of the oatmeal/milk mix. Maybe I need to eat more in the morning but I just can’t justify all the calories of adding toppings just to eat the oatmeal!

So.  .. more attempts will be made at oatmeal in the future – any suggestions? 

I finished off breakfast with my usual CSL. 

Lunch was a chicken pasta dish with red peppers and broccoli from the hospital cafeteria – > pretty decent. . . and their unbelievably delicious corn bread with honey butter – seriously the best ever!

Snack was a kashi bar in the car on the way home from work! Smile 

After work, Abby and headed to the basement and I did Level 1 of Shred while Abby pouted that I wasn’t playing with her!



Then, to make up for not playing (while doing my video), I took her for a walk around the neighborhood. I think she came out ahead!

Scott is out of town for training so I was on my own for dinner. I wandered around the kitchen and pantry for a while before coming up with this mix:


Don’t adjust your computer, mac and cheese really is that color orange! Winking smile 


I am never sure if I should eat it with a fork or a spoon? I think I usually decide fork –> like tonight. . .


Baked BBQ potato chips


Bell pepper slices


Dessert was baked apples drizzled with Justin’s Maple Almond butter and candied pecans (sound familiar? hint: same toppings from breakfast!)


Poor Abby spent most of dinner laying by the door waiting for Scott to come home. . .



I was able to get her back in the kitchen for a little help with dinner,


and then, she joined me on the couch for dinner. I may or may not have rewarded this behavior by letting her lick my mac and cheese bowl!



Off to do some couch snuggling and watch the finale of Biggest Loser – Go Olivia!!! Smile Have a great night, see ya tomorrow.

Still catching up from the weekend?

Eating this. . . makes me feel like that
Running in the rain
Sunday rainbow
Weekly goal review


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3 day work-week!

Happy Monday. . . I can say that because I only have to work three days this week! I took off Thursday and Friday for my birthday!!! Smile 


Breakfast: Medium CSL from Caribou

Lunch: Turkey and provolone sandwich, Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips, carrots and celery with ranch dressing

Snack: Kashi granola bar

Dinner: Scrambled eggs with raspberry jam toast and apple slices with white chocolate wonderful peanut butter.



Apple slices. . . for the table!


Dessert: None yet. . . thinking maybe some cinnamon toast crunch? Winking smile 


CTI at the YMCA. . . inspired by 30 Day Shred Level 2
Tonight we used a mat and a set of light and medium set weights (I used 4 and 6#s)

Circuit 1
Walk out pushups
Side lunges with front raises
High knees
Plank jump – in and out
Standard crunch

Circuit 2
Static lunge with forward row
Alternating lunge with hammer curl
Oblique twists
Double crunch

Circuit 3
Overhead press with leg extension
Chair squat with v- raise
Plank jumping jacks
Double jump rope
Oblique crunches

Off to sit on the couch. . . I am tuckered out from CTI tonight!

I am super excited for breakfast tomorrow!!! Hint: I already got it ready and it is in the fridge. Winking smile

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Rainbow Sunday

Last night, I got prettied up for a baby shower.


It was a couple shower, so I got to drag Scott along too.


It was with my work friends so we are always talking about work and doctor things so I know Scott gets a little bored sometimes. . . same thing happens when we are with his friends for me!

It was a nice shower. . . taco bar for dinner and chocolate cake with buttercream frosting for dessert. And of course a margarita, for those of us who are not pregnant! Winking smile It was nice to see people from work outside of work and catch up. . .

More rain this Sunday!

Started the morning off with my CSL.


After some TV watching, Abby and I headed downstairs to do Level 2 of Shred.

Abby got a quick brushing. . . seriously she has so much fur!

And I dragged Scott and Abby out for a quick 3.5 mile run between rain showers. It was humid! I was dripping sweat less than a mile into the run. Abby tried to lay down (and succeeded once) in every puddle. She got a quick rinse in the dog bath when we got home.

Lunch was leftovers from our Let’s Dish crème brule French toast – 2 slices for me and a few sausage links, and of course, lots of syrup!



To get in our fruits, I made some smoothies to go with lunch too. This time just frozen strawberries and pineapple OJ. Yeah drinkable smoothies!


Sunday afternoon was lots of TV watching and working more on my residency project.

And Abby being generally cute. . .




Dinner was leftovers. . . nothing exciting.

The most excitement was this awesome rainbow we got after all the rain today!


Hope you had a great weekend! Have a good night. Smile


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