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Pink and sparkly

I was very productive at Caribou yesterday morning!


Thank you cards done


And check out this cute notebook my sister, Jenny, gave me for my birthday – perfect for keeping blog related ideas together!


Yesterday, I took Abby for a 4 mile run and tried out my new pink sparkle Bic Band.

I’m not going to lie – I was totally skeptical about it staying during the run. . .

but it did! It kept my hair out of my face for the whole run. .  .


Any idea how hard it is to take a picture of the side of your head!!! Winking smile 


And I felt super cute with my pink sparkly head band!

Last night, we had leftovers from Tuesday night for dinner and caught up on this week’s episode of The Next Food Network Star.

This morning, I made my own iced caramel skim latte – total perfection after an early morning 3.5 mile run with Scott and Abby… it is supposed to be 98 degrees here today with rediculous humidity! Even at 6am it was still 75 degrees and really humid!


Abby was being cute while I enjoyed my iced latte. . . hiding behind her tail!


seriously. . . more pictures?


Today is my last official day of my family practice residency program! Scott is going to take me out to dinner tonight to celebrate. Smile 

Hope you are having a great Thursday!


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Ice cream buddies

Yesterday afternoon at my house. . .


After a good nap and watching TV, Abby and I took Scott out for a 3.5 mile run. Both of us were dying, not sure why! It felt good to get back into the air conditioned house and drink lots of water.

Dinner was awesomeness!

I had Scott grill up spicy Italian turkey sausages. I cooked up penne and three cheese pasta sauce.


Combine together and sprinkle with cheese.


Super easy and totally delicious. Scott had 2 helpings – which he almost never does! The spice of the turkey sausages was perfect.

I also had fresh watermelon slices. . . I bought a small watermelon last week and it was almost to the point of being not good – some bites were a little mushy. . . which I hate! But thankfully, most of it was still good!


The rest of our evening was watching Monsters vs Aliens

it was cute and had us laughing!

And ice cream – chocolate chip

check out my ice cream buddies


Abby is getting so brazen, when I still had half my bowl full of ice cream, she tried to stick her tongue in it! I let her lick my bowl when I am done, but definiately not before! When I called her on it, she was like ‘what? aren’t you done yet?’ Cue cute puppy eyes!


And when I was really done. . .she was ready to help me out!



This morning, I am at Caribou, enjoying my caramel skim latte and catching up on my to do list!


Hope you are having a great Wednesday!!!

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After being gone all weekend at country fest, it was nice to come home. . . because I seriously missed this puppy face!


I like to think she missed me too. Smile 


In other exciting news. . . guess what came in the mail! My pink sparkly Bic band! Scott took pictures of me checking it out!



I haven’t taken it for a run yet so not sure about it’s staying power, I’ll let you know!

Yesterday for lunch, I made myself a wheat berry salad. I really like wheat berries as a base – especially because it soaks up the yummy balsamic vinaigrette I have been in l.o.v.e with lately!

I decided I should check out the kohlrabi we got last week in our CSA bag.


Our veggies come with a newsletter that tells us about stuff going on at the farm, recipes and how to prepare some of the more unusual ingredients. There was a recipe for sautéed kohlrabi and onions, so I used that for my base for cooking the kohlrabi.

I chopped it up – not sure the best way to get the green outer layer off – I ended up chopping it in half and then taking the ‘skin’ off with a sharp knife.


Then, I cut it into pieces and threw it in a sauté pan with a chopped onion and a sprinkle of olive oil. I had some asparagus on hand from our share, so after a few minutes, I put that in there too. Finally, we had corn on the cob last night for dinner, so I sliced that off the cob and put that in the pan to warm up too.


I layered my wheat berries with veggies from the fridge: radish, carrot, green onion, craisins.


Topped with my stir-fried veggies, pita chips and balsamic vinaigrette.


All mixed up.


I didn’t love the kohlrabi. I don’t know if I didn’t cook it right or what, there wasn’t much taste to it and it was kinda fibrous and stringy. I think we are getting more kohlrabi this week so I might have to look up more recipes online and maybe search out how to actually take out that annoying outer layer!

Have you ever cooked with kohlrabi – any suggestions?


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Country Fest 2011!!!

Wow. . . what a great weekend! Laura and I went to our 5th annual trip to Country Fest in Cadott, Wisconsin.

It is a four day country music festival (Thursday thru Sunday). Unfortunately, I had to work on Friday, so I had to miss Thursday night. . . Laura went with my other sister, Jenny. It sounded like they had a lot of fun watching Gretchen Wilson, Lonestar and Trace Adkins. I also heard that they shared a yummy funnel cake! Winking smile

So, I was super excited to head up to the fest on Friday after work!


I made sure to start the weekend off right. . .



Leinenkugel’s Berry Weiss Beer. I don’t love beer, but this one has a slight sweet berry flavor which I love.

Laura and I always get VIP seats which includes all the beer you want, closer seats, dinner each night, and closer access to the stage for awesome pictures.

Highlights of Friday night: Craig Morgan and Miranda Lambert



She totally had pink pants, pink guitar, and a pink sparkly microphone. . . which of course I loved!


me and Miranda hanging out. . . Winking smile 


In that picture, you can see how close we get to the stage. . . where the security guard is sitting just over my right shoulder is literally the edge of the stage!


She was super cute and told us about how she has gotten married (to Blake Shelton) since she was at Country Fest last time!



Each show is a little over an hour and then we have about an hour in between shows too. . . which leads to lots of photo taking!

Some better than others..  .



Another perk of Fest is that Cadott is about 40 minutes away from my parent’s lake place. . . so instead of having to stay and camp for the weekend. . . we drive back and forth each day. That way we get to sleep on a real bed and play on the lake during the day!

Saturday was awesomeness: Dierks Bentley and Carrie Underwood






Carrie also recently got married. . . whoa her ring was bling!



Saturday night we also got a yummy snack: Maple nut ice cream. Seriously the best ice cream cone I have maybe ever had. . . fresh ice cream made local in WI. YUM!


Sunday night finished with Josh Turner and Lady Antebellum (Laura’s favorite!)





It was a great weekend. . . already looking forward to Country Fest 2012.

Thanks Laura for another great year!


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Country Fest–2010

I am sure by now, Laura and I have drank our body weight in Leinenkugels Beer and are having way too much fun at this years Country Fest!

Here is a recap of last year – 2010!


Blake Shelton


Waiting in line to get up close to the stage for pictures. . .



Little Big Town


Love her hair!



Obligatory photo besides the huge blow up beer bottle


Whole lotta people!


And. . . Toby Keith!




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Country Fest–2009

Every year my little sister, Laura, and I go to Country Fest in Cadott, Wisconsin.

This weekend is Country Fest Weekend!!! Highlights this year are: Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum, and Miranda Lambert!

We are super excited! So, I may be a little MIA this weekend while we are off getting our fill of country music.

I thought it would be fun to recap the last 2 years. . . 

Up first: Country Fest 2009!




Kelly Pickler. . . totally adorable!



Laura and Craig Morgan (coming again this year!)



Laura and Brad Paisley. . . OMG awesomeness!





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5 Things Friday: Favorite blog posts

Happy Friday. . .

This week here are 5 recent blog posts that I liked. . . enjoy!

1. Julie from PBFingers talked this post about her goal to commit to a full week of healthy eating

2. Janetha from Meals and Moves posted this super funny card on a recent post

3. Jasmine from Eat Move Write wrote this awesome and totally true post about the Funny things Bloggers Do

4. Tina from Carrots’n’Cake had a fun post about What I Want Now: June Edition

5. Emily from Daily Garnish had a great post talking about seasonal eating

Let’s share some favorite posts. . . leave a link to your favorite recent post in the comments section!

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CSA Week 2

I am really loving our CSA!

Look at all the things in our bag this week:

Fresh strawberries


Rhubarb, green onion, asparagus, radishes




I am the most excited for this guy. . . kohlrabi – I have never had it before! 


I broke into the strawberries right away. I learned today that unfortunately because of all the wet weather we have had recently, it was really hard on the strawberry crops in Southern MN, so they won’t get a whole lot from their crop.

I put Scott to work on making waffles. . . unfortunately, it didn’t work out. The waffle totally got stuck to the waffle maker!


So, we snacked on crumbs – Abby helped!


And switched to pancakes.

I chopped up the strawberries and mixed then with a little bit of sugar to make an awesome pancake topping. I repeated the same with some fresh peaches.


Add syrup = awesome dinner!





Other eats today:

I had another wheat berry salad for lunch. I love the combo of wheat berries, veggies, avocado and balsamic vinaigrette.

Breakfast was a wonderful large caramel skim latte from Caribou – totally made my morning. I also snacked on a peach too. Love the fresh summer fruit!

After work, I ran around the local college for 3.5 miles and then did Shred Level 3 = totally a** kicking! The whole time I kept thinking about the beer I am going to have tomorrow night at the weekend country music festival I am going to with my sister. It really helped! Winking smile 

Tonight: play time with Abby, packing for the weekend, couch time with Scott.


What was your last dinner disaster?

I totally tried to make rhubarb compote last night = complete fail. I made it way too sweet trying to compensate for the totally bitter taste of rhubarb. . . Thankfully, we got more in this weeks CSA bag, so maybe I can try again??? Or make something else – any good rhubarb recipes?


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Wheat berries!


If you remember, one of my goals for June was to try wheat berries!

So, yesterday was the day to make them. . . I followed Kath’s directions.

I tasted them right after cooking and they were nice and chewy. Since I have never had wheat berries I have no idea how they are supposed to taste, but they seemed good!


I decided to use the wheat berries as a base for a ‘salad’ for lunch today.


1/2 cup of wheat berries = the base + radishes + peas + tomatoes + apples + carrots + green onion


I also added 1/2 diced avocado, homemade croutons, and balsamic vinaigrette (based on the recipe from IGE <—totally try this – super easy to make and delicious!).

It was a really really good lunch. Wheat berries don’t have much of a ‘taste’ to them, but add a good amount of chew to the meal. It seemed like a good base to my salad: 1/2 cup = 120 calories.

After work, I took Abby on a 4 mile run at the Red Jacket trail. I love that trail cause Abby can be off leash pretty much the whole time. Every once in a while a ‘serious’ biker comes along and gets angry if she is on their side of the trail but thankfully that doesn’t happen very often.

Dinner was grilled chicken that I marinated in this blackberry chipotle sauce I got from Harry and David. It was just ok, pretty decent flavor but it still had blackberry seeds.  . .


With roasted asparagus (in 400 degree oven, drizzled with olive oil, sea salt and pepper, ,10-15 minutes) from our weekly CSA share.


On tap for tonight: Glee and ice cream!

Hope you had a great hump day. . . one day closer to the weekend!


Have you tried anything ‘new’ this week?


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Summer smoothie dinner

After work, Scott and I took Abby for a 4 mile run. We had a little sprinkle of rain in the middle . . . and enjoyed a beautiful rainbow too!

Afterwards, I hit up my Shred DVD for a little Level 2 action. And a quick play session with Abby!

Quick shower and I was so ready for dinner.  ..  and something cool and creamy sounded perfect.


Blended strawberry chobani yogurt, frozen strawberries, and OJ. Topped with banana chips, chopped strawberries and chia seeds.


Hit. the. spot. Perfect summer dinner.

Finished dinner with a Adora calcium disc and a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch.


Now, we are hanging on the couch, entertaining ourselves with the dog. . . and catching up on the Next Food Network Star from Sunday night.




Hope you are having a great night. ..  see ya tomorrow!

BTW – super excited for tomorrow, stay tuned for more info on my lunch containing this:



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