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Foodie Pen Pal: October 2012

Time for another foodie pen pal!

FPP post Foodie Penpals

New to the party – check out the details here!


This month, my box came from Sally in Nebraska.


She sent hot chocolate – for cold MN nights!


LUNA bars –> Love!


And chocolate – I love love love Lindor, white chocolate and sea salt caramel so I was super excited to see both of these!


Halloween cupcake holders!!!


Seasoning and salad dressing made in Nebraska.


And here is what I sent in my box to a reader in North Carolina. . .

Halloween decorations.



Halloween Trail Mix!



The best tomato soup EVER – and the best PB ever!


Already looking forward to next month!!! Smile

PS: Happy Halloween! Warning- cute baby pics in his costume tomorrow! Winking smile


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Weekend Update: 10/28/12

This weekend, we went up to Duluth, MN.


I went to a medical conference on Dermatology. The same one I went to 2 years ago!


And Luke got to have his first hotel stay!


We went for walks along the Lake


And went to the Duluth Grill


Featured on Diners, Drive Ins’, and Dives! That’s Guy Fieri’s face on the wall!


Luke and Anna got to know each other . . . and we got to hang out with Amy and Jared!


Love Luke’s little jacket – with ears!


Beautiful Lake views


We stayed at the Inn on Lake Superior – which is fabulous. Right in Canal Park. With Lakeside rooms with beautiful views of the Lake and big ships coming in and out. And they have s’mores by a campfire every night!




We got home late Saturday night. . .

And Sunday was a rest day!

Luke really enjoyed playing with the Halloween candy we picked up at the grocery store. . .


Apple pie pancakes for dinner – inspired by Meals and Miles.


And made butternut squash gnocchi!


They were a lot of work, but hopefully worth it. Haven’t eaten them yet – in the freezer ready for a quick weeknight meal sometime soon.

Sunday night was spent eating Halloween candy and catching up on TV. <—perfection after being gone for the past few days.

Hope you had a great one! Smile

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6 months!

***If you used to receive updates via email about running4cupcakes you need to sign up again to continue to receive them after I switched to self-hosting. Thanks! Smile ***

Luke_6  months 004

I still can’t believe this guy turned 6 months last week! Time is just flying by. ..

Luke_6  months 007Luke_6  months 014Luke_6  months 016Luke_6  months 020Luke_6  months 023Luke_6  months 031Luke_6  months 032Luke_6  months 034

New things this month:

Turning over both directions

Sitting on his own

Wiggling around the living room. . . he doesn’t stay in one spot anymore! The baby gate for the stairs is on it’s way.

Sleeping *mostly* thru the night in his own crib (still gets up for 1 wet diaper per night)

Trying to eat the pages of the book during story time

Playing with things that aren’t toys. . . the handle on the oven, the base of the swing, Abby’s toys!

Eats dinner every night. . . just started fruits this week. Has already had baby cereal, peas, carrots, green beans, squash, pears, bananas and apple sauce

Loves stroller rides, petting Abby, eating paper, anything you have, pulling Mom’s hair and putting it in his mouth.

Give lots of smiles and laughs all day long!

His newest trick: flipping over while getting his diaper changed and playing with the basket that hold his diapers!

Still doesn’t like: wet diapers, when his bottle is all gone, seeing the bottle and not getting fed, and getting ready for bed.


Looking forward to. . .


More new foods!

Thanksgiving art project

Trip to Duluth, MN  (this weekend!!!)


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Weekend Update: 10/21/12: Des Moines 1/2 Marathon

This weekend, Scott and I left Luke with Aunt Laura and Grandpa and Grandma Bushnell and went to Des Moines!


I went to medical school at Des Moines University, so it was nice to be back in town!


Our first stop was at Palmer’s Deli <—the best sandwiches and salads!


We also shared a rice krispie bar that was the size of our heads! IMG_2274

Then, Race Expo. . .


And pre-race fuel at P.F. Changs.


We were up bright and early in the 45 degree weather to head out to the race.


This is how we both felt about getting up that early in the cold weather!


We stayed in the car until the last minute! IMG_2283IMG_2285

It was a fairly flat course. My calf hurt right from the start, but never completely cramped up. About mile 11, I was tired and done! Thankfully, Scott knew better than to leave me when I told him to go on ahead! And we finished together.  I don’t know of our official time yet – but my Garmin said 2:06. Decent – we were both hoping for under 2 hours, so a little bummed. But our first goal was to finish –> and we did!


It took more out of us that we thought it would and spend most of the afternoon in our hotel room watching TV and sleeping! IMG_2288

Finally about dinner time we finally got up and headed out to Red Robin for dinner. My stomach still wasn’t feeling great, but I did have a very delicious vanilla milk shake!


And because The Cheesecake Factory was within walking distance from our hotel. . . this happened!


And the best post- half marathon snack. . . perfect for replacing salt! IMG_2292

Rockin’ our medals the next morning. . . and feeling a little sore but much better!


Breakfast at Panera before our drive home. . . caramel skim latte and blueberry bagel.


We had to pick up some gummy bears for the ride home. . . someone was handing them out during the race and they tasted sooooo good! I can’t even remember the last time I ate a gummy bear! Side note – the race had tons of great spectators and signs. . . best sign –> “Worst Parade Ever.” Loved it!


Luke did really well while we were gone. . . and I didn’t go thru too much withdrawal, thanks to lots of pictures!


Grandma and Grandpa in addition to taking care of Luke were busy in the kitchen too. . . and made us an apple pie!


Luke was happy to see us. .. or at least had lots of smiles when we got home. He LOVED the bell that we got at the race expo.


Overall, a really good weekend! Thanks to my husband for running the half marathon with me. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Bushnell for watching Luke and Thanks to Aunt Laura for watching Grandpa and Grandma and making sure they did it right! And thanks too for the sugar cookies. Winking smile


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Halloween Baby Craft Project


Laura and I made this craft project when she visited back in September. A perfect little project to do with your little one’s feet! Our inspiration was from Pinterest.


1. canvas board – whatever size you would like. Smaller if you are only doing your kids feet, larger if you are going to include your feet too!

Large. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Small

2. Black, Orange and White paint

3. Paintbrushes

4. Halloween colored or themed ribbon

5. Glue Gun


1. Paint canvas with layer of black paint. Let dry IMG_1477

2. Paint bottoms of feet with white paint and stamp feet onto canvas. IMG_1488

3. Fill in feet prints to make a full ghost – when I stamped my foot, I only got the heel and toes – a pretty funny looking ghost! So, just fill in with white paint so it looks foot-shape like. Let dry.


4. Dot black eyes on ghosts.

5. Using orange paint – add ‘Happy Halloween’ to sign. And if wanted your child’s name and date.


6. Using ribbon, make loops, I did 4 of each color and then wind the end of the last ribbon around the middle to hold tight. Using a glue gun, secure ribbon to corner of canvas. **See video for demo of how I made my bows.


How to make an easy ribbon bow–

7. Take ribbon in whatever length you would like and glue to the back of canvas on each side to allow print to hang.


8. Admire your awesome craft project! Smile 


Looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas foot print signs. . .



And also a cute idea for fall or spring. . . Luke did this at daycare.


Paint a leave on a piece of paper. Using kid’s toes, dip into paint and stamp middle of leaf, creating a caterpillar. Just add eyes and antennae. Super cute!

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Weekend Update: 10/14/12

**Slightly delayed due to Abby’s big day yesterday!!!


Helping Mom do laundry and pack for being gone for 1 day! How does 1 small baby need so much stuff!


Stop at Grandma and Grandpa Thompson’s for brunch. . .





Uncle Adam came over too.  ..


After dropping Luke off with his other grandparents to watch him for the afternoon and evening, we were off for a wedding in Minneapolis. It rained all afternoon!


But cleared up in time for the reception.. . at a mansion!


Check out that staircase and the ceiling! IMG_2152IMG_2156

Amy was great company while her husband, Jared was playing groomsman! IMG_2157

Dinner was excellent – salad, chicken and CAKE!!


Scott was a BIG help (and a little ridiculous with 2 iPads and a laptop) helping me switch my blog over to self-hosted this weekend!

***If you used to subscribe via email to my blog, you may have to re-subscribe! I think that was lost in the switch. Thanks for understanding! Smile 


Sunday Family Run –> 5 miles!


And family lunch at Wendy’s.



Finished off the weekend with lots of smiles, playtime and snuggling!

Hope you had a great one too. Smile


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My 1st baby is 8!

It is a very special someone’s birthday today. ..

My 1st baby is 8 years old.

Happy Birthday Abby!!!!


Her Aunt Laura sent a fun birthday package.


And her Aunt Jenny and Cousin Ellie sent this nice birthday email.

Dear Abby,

Happy 8th Birthday! I can’t believe what a big girl you are. I can’t wait to give you your birthday present when I see you next.

Ellie says “woof,” which means, “you better have a good birthday or I’ll herd you until you do.”

Border Collie note cards

Make sure Katie gives you lots of treats today. Also make sure that baby doesn’t steal your thunder. He’s cute, but he shouldn’t get ALL the attention on your birthday.

See you soon.


Aunt Jenny

She did not appreciate having to sit and stay for taking a picture with her birthday cupcake. But seemed better about it after eating the cupcake and wrapper.

photo 1_bday

And then, thought the bunny was pretty cool, but seriously where are the treats? photo 2_bdayphoto 3_bday

You can read about how Abby came into my life here!

It is tough work being the birthday girl. . .

everyone wants to give you birthday pets. . .


and play birthday tug of war. ..

but at the end of the day, birthday snuggling is the best!


Happy 8th birthday Baby Girl!


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Baby Dog Stroller

Yesterday I went on my first run with a baby, a dog, and the jogging stroller!

It was awesome! Smile **And no more calf pain. Crossing my fingers that it is gone for good!


We did 4 miles together.


Luke was awake for most of it, but then fell asleep in the last mile.

Abby alternated between running in front, happy to be out of the house, and running in back, pouting that we had to bring the baby and stroller. She added to her protest when she was running in back, by staying at the very end of her leash, so she was almost adding a counter-traction to me trying to run forward! Such a silly puppy dog.

Thankfully, I was able to transfer Luke into his crib from the stroller and he slept for another 20 minutes –> the perfect amount for me to shower and get dressed!

I am looking forward to many more runs of the 3 of us together. . . and maybe sometimes we will let Scott come too. Winking smile


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Halloween Trail Mix


Every October (who I am kidding) September. . . as soon as the candy corn hits the shelves, I know I need to make this right away.

Halloween trail mix is super quick and easy.

Get the 3 ingredients: Candy corn, Peanuts, and M&Ms.

I usually get the largest of each bag available in the store. . .but you can get any size and as you get close to the end of the bag, just add whatever you might need to make it come out even!


Put it all into a big Ziploc bag. And mix together.


Done and done.


Eat and enjoy!


According to my husband (who can’t get enough!) the perfect ratio is 1 candy corn, 3 peanut halves, and 1 M&M. Winking smile


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Weekend Update: 10/7/12


As always, a caramel skim latte from Caribou for the car ride up to the cities


First stop: MOA (Mall of America). . . Luke and I kept ourselves entertained in the dressing room with Dad was trying on pants.


They were having a competition – making structures out of canned foods – with local architectural firms to support a local food shelter. . . they were still early in the building process. Le Sueur –> represent!


But had some cool photos from years past. . . IMG_1981IMG_1982

Then, off to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. . .

Grandma Mary just got back from Seattle and brought back a super adorable toy airplane for Luke. IMG_1988

Which he loved for about 2 minutes and then the rug was much more interesting! Oh the life of a almost 6 month old. Smile 


Abby did not appreciate having to share attention with Luke – and also he was on her rug.  ..


Then, we all went and had lunch at Scott’s favorite restaurant – Chili’s – where he always gets the same thing. . . chipotle chicken crispers..  . so boring! Love their chips and salsa though! And I had a fabulous bowl of potato soup and a yummy sandwich. Great lunch with great company.


Abby being cute in the car – love her paws together! IMG_2027

I had gotten Scott an arrangement from Edible Arrangements for our 4th anniversary, and we went a finally picked it up last weekend. (it is sorta out of our way, hence why we didn’t get it until then.) But they messed up the order and gave me dark chocolate strawberries. And the lady at the store wasn’t helpful at all. . . so social media to the rescue – I tweeted about it!

ScreenHunter_10 Oct. 08 12.10

And heard back from the company and they offered to make it right. . . another bouquet with all white chocolate strawberries – and they were delicious! Thanks again Edible Arrangements for making it right. Smile 


Dinner on Saturday night – squash! Abby has learned very quickly to be close by when Luke is in his high chair. IMG_2030

And she tries so hard. . .


notice the puppy nose in this picture! –>


Dad having fun with the camera. ..


And bummer. . . at Target on Sunday to pick up antibiotics for Luke’s 1st ear infection. Boo.


Thankfully, he was feeling good enough later in the day to put on his Packers sweatshirt and go for his 1st family run!


I bundled him up good – cause it was only 55 degrees out. . . and put some extra padding in to help keep him in place.


He did great! And even fell asleep on the way home. Winking smile 


Family pic… or as close as we could get! Winking smile 


And my calf stayed nice and quiet! 3 miles and no pain –> I’ll take it. Smile

Overall, a really nice weekend. .. and I think Luke is starting to feel better from his ear infection.

What were you up to? Any running? Eats at a good restaurant?


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