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Holiday House Tour

I always like seeing how other people decorate their houses for the holidays, so I thought it might be fun to share a ‘tour’ of my house during Christmas.

December_2012 041December_2012 043December_2012 044

December_2012 045December_2012 046
Beautiful wreath credit to Jenny’s youth group! And yes that is another baby foot print project! Winking smile This time brown feet stamped to make reindeer faces, completed with antlers and red noses!

December_2012 047

Our bear nativity set from  my Mom. I love the bear in the sheep costume. So adorable!

December_2012 048December_2012 050December_2012 051December_2012 049

A few snapshots of ornaments from our tree.

A cross-stitched ornament from Jenny marking our wedding date. And our first Christmas ornament from Scott’s Mom.

December_2012 036December_2012 031

We just happened upon a Christmas ornament store when we were on vacation in New Orleans the fall after we got married. We found this ornament and started a tradition of picking up an ornament during our vacations and adding them to the tree.

December_2012 032

From our honeymoon in St. Lucia. December_2012 030
From our Colorado road trip when we stopped at Mount Rushmore. December_2012 029

And our most recent trip to Las Vegas!
December_2012 034

We top our tree with a mitten. I grew up with a stocking cap on our family tree. . . And found this and thought it would work for my family tree!

And of course our tree would not be compete without a Leinenkugels ornament.

December_2012 035December_2012 037December_2012 038December_2012 039

All the lower branches of the tree have baby approved bells. . . so 1. I know when Luke has made it from the other side of the living room, where all his baby safe toys are, to the tree and 2. because he is so darn cute pulling them off the tree and ringing them! Winking smile 

December_2012 040

So, there you go – our house at Christmas!

Do you have any favorite decorations at your house? Or special ornaments?

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Christmas 2012

Baby’s first Christmas did not go as planned.  .. at all!

Christmas_2012 018

We celebrated with Scott’s family on Sunday night (Christmas Eve Eve). And then said good bye to them with plans to meet up on Christmas Eve for church and then appetizers at my parent’s house afterwards. None of which ended up happening. About 2 am, Scott started throwing up and I joined him at 4am. By 6am I had put in a SOS call to my parents to come get Luke, because I had no idea how we would be able to take care of a baby in our condition. Thankfully, they were able to get here by 8:30. Unfortunately, Luke woke up about 7. Scott won best husband/Dad of the year and took care of him in between throwing up episodes. He said it was “The worst hour of my life.” Grandma Mary and Grandpa Tom took Luke and Abby. And Scott and I spent the rest of the day thinking we might die. It was the worst stomach flu I have ever had. We ended up on the couch, in the living room watching Moonshiners on TV. The only thing we could watch and it was ok if we fell asleep during it. We went to bed at 9pm and slept all night long. We woke up on Christmas Day. Alone in our house. No baby, no dog. Thankfully, feeling better but not 100%. We were able to get ourselves ready and up to the cities by mid-morning to see our babies – Luke and Abby. And celebrate baby’s 1st Christmas.

Christmas_2012 019

It was a nice, low key day with my family. Luke had no idea what to do with the presents. . . did what most 8 month olds would do- played with the tissue paper, boxes and other peoples presents.

Christmas_2012 002Christmas_2012 003Christmas_2012 004Christmas_2012 009Christmas_2012 013Christmas_2012 014Christmas_2012 024Christmas_2012 028Christmas_2012 034Christmas_2012 035Christmas_2012 036Christmas_2012 037Christmas_2012 039Christmas_2012 041Christmas_2012 043Christmas_2012 045Christmas_2012 056

Everyone was way too generous. Aunt Laura made a awesome calendar for me with pictures and scrapbooking of Luke. And a adorable baby blanket for Luke. Aunt Jenny gave me a cheese making kit from Williams and Sonoma – looks super cool. And lots of bath stuff for Lukie – toys, bubbles, jammies, books. Grandpa and Grandpa gave lots of toys – Luke loves our cell phones and remotes and so he got a toy cell phone and remote. I also got a new Caribou Coffee travel mug and a super cool wind blocking running jacket (it is always windy in Mankato!).

We didn’t get to enjoy any of the good Christmas food, no cookies, which was a total bummer. But, Scott keeps telling me that this will be a Christmas we will never forget! Winking smile Hope you had a much healthier Christmas and enjoyed time with family or friends.


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Going to see Santa

We took Luke to the mall to see Santa! On Monday nights they have pet night, so we were able to bring Abby too. They were both so well behaved. Only an occasional bark from Abby when she saw the other dogs waiting to see Santa. But no crying or peeing from either one! Smile 

Waiting in line to see Santa.
December_2012 053

Meeting Santa.
December_2012 055

Abby needed more help getting set to take the picture than the baby did. Thankfully, we didn’t have to worry about stranger anxiety quite yet, I was able to just hand over Luke and he was all smiles for Santa.

December_2012 058December_2012 059

And we got them all smiling for the picture! <Love> December_2012 066


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Happy Christmas

Hope you are having a very Merry Christmas celebrating with your family.

Christmas_Card_2012 051

Lots of warm Holiday wishes from the running4cupcakes family: Katie, Scott, Luke and Abby!

Here are the ‘outtakes’ from our photo shoot for our Christmas card!

Christmas_Card_2012 014Christmas_Card_2012 024

Christmas_Card_2012 025Christmas_Card_2012 027

Christmas_Card_2012 033Christmas_Card_2012 039

Christmas_Card_2012 045Christmas_Card_2012 054


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Weekend Update: 12/23/12

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! Here are some pictures from our weekend. .  . 


Pizza Ranch get together with Jodi and Sarah and families on Friday night.

Evan telling Sarah a good story and Luke loungin’ in his highchair. .  .


Jodi – these pics make me laugh! Smile 


Love Scott’s plate in this picture – dessert pizza and peas. Peas of course for the baby.


heart melt. . . IMG_2968IMG_2970

Playing on Saturday. . . don’t tell him that Santa came and put his toy box together early! Trying to peek at Aunt Laura’s present. .. don’t think that I don’t know that you trained him to do that Laura!


A nice 5 mile run outside!


Date afternoon with the husband on Saturday. – lunch at the new place –The Denver Tap House (Burgers were good, wings were not!) – and the new James Bond movie: Skyfall. My review – a good Bond movie, but not the best.


And home to a throwing up baby. Our babysitter described it correctly as a “carrot fountain.” Thankfully, he was much better by Sunday morning!


Even had a chance to get in a 5 mile run (on the treadmill)IMG_2977

Sunday afternoon was Christmas with The Thompsons at our house!IMG_2987

Lots of love from Grandma and Grandpa Thompson


Luke got his first Christmas presents. . .


Then, after dinner, we all loaded into the car and drove to Sibley Park to look at the Kiwanis Christmas light display.



Pictures don’t do it justice – lots and lots of lights!


And then dessert!


And Way’s (Scott’s Mom) specialty: Swedish cream – a Christmas staple in the Thompson household.


And a few more presents for Luke. . .


I would say our first Christmas celebration of 2012 was a success! Looking forward to celebrating with my side of the family on Christmas Day. Smile Hope you had a great weekend too.


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Friday Favorites: 12/21/12

Happy Friday. Happy “not end of the world day”! Smile 

I am looking forward to this weekend. Lots of fun things planned. Dinner with friends and babies at Pizza Ranch tonight, Date with Scott to *hopefully* see Skyfall on Saturday and Christmas with the Thompsons on Sunday.

A few of my recent favorite things. . .

Baby teeth! That’s right, not just a tooth anymore, but we have 2 baby teeth! That are very hard to photograph. ..


A new camera. To help capture baby teeth.


We finally decided that our iPhones and point and shoot camera just wasn’t going to cut it for taking pictures of a constantly moving subject! I asked for a recommendation from Beth, and she told me about this awesome camera. The Canon EOS Rebel T3. I double checked reviews on Amazon and Consumer Reports and pulled the trigger. I was looking for something that was user friendly and was not too spendy (for a DSLR camera). Check and check with this camera. I did have to actually read the user manual to even know how to use it at first, and I am sure I am only using about 25% of it right now. . . because I only know how to use 3 settings. But Beth promised to give me lessons and to have us go shooting together. I am hoping to do that with all this winter snow – such pretty backdrop for pictures!

Caribou coffee surveys. . . sometimes you get a survey and if you fill it out you get $1 off your  next drink. Smile 


ABC Family Holiday movies – perfect for putting in treadmill miles during the winter. Some of  my recent ones: Holiday in Handcuffs and Christmas Cupid. Adorable and everything always works out in the end!


Any big plans for the weekend???

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8 months!

December_2012 002December_2012 009

When we were having our cookie palooza last weekend, Laura said to me “Can you believe you have an 8 month old?” My response “Nope!”

December_2012 006December_2012 008

It is just crazy to even try to remember life without his smiling face. What it was like in the morning to just have to worry about getting myself ready without chasing a crawling! baby boy. And the joy I have *most* mornings when I go to his crib and see his smiling face. This last month, he has grown and changed so  much. He is so interactive and busy. His personality is coming out – he will tell you what he wants and doesn’t want! Smile 

December_2012 010December_2012 016

New things this month:

    • Crawling! Everywhere. Into everything.
    • Favorite things to ‘get into’ include: Abby’s water dish, the kitchen cupboards (especially the one with all the Tupperware), the Christmas tree (loves the bells on the bottom branches), Abby’s tail, and cords – to the laptop, fan, anything!
    • Furniture surfing. He can make his way all the way around the coffee table. Nothing is safe!  
    • First tooth! Lots of tears with this one. No fun at all. Sad smile
    • Had his 3rd ear infection. Boo.
    • Still loves bath time – especially likes to crawl around the tub after his toys.
    • He loves eating puffs and cheerios – he could probably eat them all day long!

Still hates:

  • getting his diaper changed
  • seeing his bottle and not getting it
  • running out of puffs
  • generally, not getting what he wants
  • getting out of the bath

December_2012 020December_2012 021December_2012 023December_2012 027

Looking forward to. . .

  • Baby’s 1st Christmas
  • ?Walking – eventually – no rush!
  • Starting to eat more of what Mom and Dad eat
  • Family meals
  • Looking at baby swim class at the YMCA this winter


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Weekend Update: 12/16/12

Beautiful sunrise on my way to work one morning this week.

This weekend Laura came to visit and we had our 3rd annual cookie palooza. We had a helper right from the beginning. . .



And a very early morning butter run! Thank goodness the Kwik trip down the street carries Blue Bonnet! And yes, we used all that butter. Winking smile And we always think of Grandpa Babbitt when we find pennies (or dimes) and I found this penny outside of the gas station.


In the middle of all the chaos!


Abby was a great helper. . .


And Laura was too. 


The best/only picture that I even got close to taking of Luke’s 1st tooth!


Abby got tired of helping.


Luke did not get tired from helping. . . as soon as I put everything away, he wanted to help again.


We did take a break in baking to paint our toenails a sparkly color.


So tired after 9+ hours of baking cookies, bars, chex mix and more. . .


Now that Luke is mobile.  .. he is into everything.. . the dog dish, eating the flash card from the camera, eating puffs off the coffee table and watching the puppy in the backyard.


And the other highlights of my weekend: Berry Weiss –> my favorite beer. And my new favorite candy from Williams Sonoma – caramel peanut butter cups with sea salt. oh my goodness – yum.


What were you up to this weekend? Up later this week: 8 month update!


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National Cupcake Day–2012

Just popping in to say


Have you celebrated yet? Winking smile 

Get out there for a run, and then celebrate with a yummy cupcake!

See ya Monday with a Weekend Update post. Hope you are having a great Saturday.


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Baby foot print ornament

Ready for more crafts using a baby foot (or puppy paw!)? Winking smile 



This time a Christmas ornament! I got my inspiration via Pinterest. If only my baby’s feet were still that small.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest


Start with a trip to Michaels with your crafting buddy. Complete with snacks.


Pick up plain glass ball ornaments. Whatever size will fit your baby’s foot or paw.

Thanksgiving weekend_2012 001

And this glue – Glitter-It!

Thanksgiving weekend_2012 003

And glitter! We picked white and red glitter. Thanksgiving weekend_2012 004Thanksgiving weekend_2012 005

Put some of the Glitter-It! glue into the glass ornament.

Thanksgiving weekend_2012 009Thanksgiving weekend_2012 010

Swirl all around until the whole inside surface is covered.

Thanksgiving weekend_2012 012

Drain excess out for about 10-15 seconds. (Directions taken right from the Glitter-It! glue bottle.)

Next add glitter and rotate ball so the glitter covers the whole inside.

Thanksgiving weekend_2012 014Thanksgiving weekend_2012 016

Shake out excess glitter.

 Thanksgiving weekend_2012 017Thanksgiving weekend_2012 018Thanksgiving weekend_2012 022

Next put glue on the baby’s hand/foot/puppy paw and stamp onto the ornament. Cover with glitter.

Thanksgiving weekend_2012 024Thanksgiving weekend_2012 025

And gently tap to remove the excess glitter.

Thanksgiving weekend_2012 026Thanksgiving weekend_2012 027

Make sure to reward your helpers.

Thanksgiving weekend_2012 028

Admire your work.

Thanksgiving weekend_2012 066Thanksgiving weekend_2012 078

Make sure you make enough for grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.! Smile 

Thanksgiving weekend_2012 080

When dry, add a sparkly ribbon to hang on the tree.

Thanksgiving weekend_2012 082

On the tree!


Another super cute, fairly easy Holiday craft to do with your baby’s feet, hands, or paws! Enjoy. Smile

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