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Noodles (giveaway)

Have you been to Noodle and Company?

Then you know how delicious it is? right?

We totally had Noodles take-out this weekend. . .


It was delicious, as usual! I got my normal Japanese pan noodles with shrimp and extra broccoli substituted for the mushrooms. The thick udon noodles are my fav!


Scott’s not a huge fan of carbs in general (pasta, rice, potatoes), so he doesn’t usually like Noodles but I convinced him to try something new. . . and he got the penne rosa with parmesan chicken and oh goodness, that was super good too, and he loved it! Fresh tomatoes, spinach and a tomato cream sauce. Seriously, plate licking delicious-ness.


But truth be told, I haven’t ever had a bad dish from Noodles!

I am sure that you know February is heart disease awareness month, but you probably don’t think of pasta as being the healthiest meal option. Noodles is trying to change that thinking with their whole wheat pasta! They also have tons of menu choices that are available for 500 calories or less. My all-time favorite is Japanese pan noodles with shrimp is one of the under 500 calorie options!

They have this awesome “cheat sheet” of options that you can get for 500 calories or less. Check it out here.

Now, here comes the good part. . . one lucky reader can win 2 free meal vouchers from Noodles and Company to try out some of their awesome meals!

To enter this giveaway, simply comment on this post, telling me which “under 500 calorie” meal choice you would pick.  I will randomly select one winner next Monday March 4, 2013.

For additional giveaway entries you may:

  • Tweet some variation of the following: “Hoping to win a @noodlescompany free meal from @runs4cupcakes”
  • Make sure to leave a comment letting me know that you tweeted!


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Happy Birthday Laura!

Today is one of my best friend’s birthdays. . . and she also happens to be my little sister.

You know her as my cookie palooza partner,


my craft buddy,


my body pump participant,


water skiing and tubing second half,


and Luke’s Aunt. 


I hate that she lives 3 hours away, but with how often we see each other, you wouldn’t know it!


We always have a blast when we hanging out – even if it is just watching TV. Winking smile


And she always makes me laugh – so so so hard!


She is 25 today!


So, Happy Birthday Laura!

Hope you have a great day and I am looking forward to celebrating this weekend. Smile


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Weekend Update: 2/24/13

Play time in the bathroom on Saturday morning. . . IMG_3408IMG_3410IMG_3412

What Abby looks like while I am running on the treadmill – 5 miles on Saturday! And she usually has a toy in her mouth!



We got about 6 inches of snow and somebody didn’t want to take a nap, so I bundled him up and took him outside in the stroller. IMG_3421

He was so happy. He smiled and laughed at my pushing the snow. And just watched the snow falling and the cars going by. . . And then my next door neighbor, who has 5 kids, drove by and 5 minutes later I had 4 of the 5 kids in my driveway helping shovel! Apparently Mom had seen me and the baby outside and called her kids and told them to come out and help!

And then we went inside and Luke liked playing with Dad thru the patio door while he was shoveling off the deck.


Errands – the library, Sam’s Club and Cub.


And a quick stop to take another look at this coffee table we are thinking about getting. . . I think Luke likes it!


Date night to celebrate a late Valentine’s Day at Axel’s Bonfire.


And Sunday morning. . . Daddy sleeping in and the baby and dog pounding on the door to get in!


And then my Mom and Dad stopped by for some breakfast and Luke-time. . .


Ellie came too – and got groomed yesterday so was extra pretty.


Scott made waffles


The dogs were very interested in what Luke was eating. . . 016017

The afternoon finished with nap time for Luke, treadmill time for me (5.5 miles!) and catching up on some reading. .. my 2 latest books. Both good so far!


And take-out from Noodles and Company! Love take-out and Amazing Race –> good Sunday night. Smile 


Hope you had a great weekend – what were you up to?


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Turtle Ice Cream Cake

Happy weekend! You must make this dessert to fully appreciate and celebrate the weekend! Winking smile

It is super quick, easy and yummy dessert. It has ice cream, Oreo cookie crust, hot fudge and caramel, and pecans – I mean seriously – doesn’t that sound crazy good?!? Cause it totally is! Laura first introduced me to this recipe earlier this year. .. and I think I have made her make it for me at least 3 times already. So, last weekend when she was visiting… I made her make it again, but this time – I got the recipe! Smile 


Turtle Ice Cream Cake

1/2 gallon Vanilla ice cream
1 jar hot fudge
1 jar caramel sauce
1 pkg Oreos
1 stick butter – melted
1/2 cup pecan pieces

Crush Oreos in large Ziploc bag.
Pour into 9×13 pan sprayed with baking spray.
Add melted butter.
Mix together and pat down.
Add fudge sauce.
Add ice cream. Easiest to scoop ice cream if you let it sit out for a few minutes before you are ready to use it. Then, use an ice cream scoop and top Oreo/fudge layer with ice cream.
Top with caramel sauce.
Sprinkle with pecans.
Put in freezer to firm up for at least 30 minutes before serving.





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Sesame honey chicken (crockpot)

Another (fairly) successful #crockpotchallenge meal.

Sesame Honey Chicken (my version)


This one from Pinterest.


Super easy to make.


Just season chicken, put in crockpot and top with sauce. Cook for 4 hours. The chicken had really good flavor, but the sauce was super sweet. The sauce does have 1 cup of honey in it, so of course it was sweet! We ate it over rice with cauliflower and broccoli. I don’t think this one will became a regular in our house – too sweet for us, but it was an overall good dinner!


Have you made any good meals this week? Please share!


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***Calling all Minnesota bloggers! Becky from Olives ‘n’ Wine and I are planning a fun Minnesota blogger gathering for April 6th at 2pm at Sebastian Joes in Minneapolis! Contact me if you need more info and follow us on Twitter for updates! @runs4cupcakes  @olivesanwine ***

Running4Cupcakes has a very special day to celebrate today!

It is 2 years old. Smile 

I cannot believe that I have been blogging for 2 years already…  where does the time go?

I just want to take this day to thank all of my family for reading from the beginning and being supportive of all the pictures I take, you know, for the blog! And to thank my husband for encouraging me to start blogging and being supportive by waiting to eat dinner until I am done taking pictures, posing in pictures with and for me, and reading most of my posts (because I know you are busy!).

I also want to thank all of you (the readers who are not related to me!) for reading my posts and commenting and supporting running4cupcakes! I really appreciate it. a lot. seriously. Smile 

Taking a look back. . . my first post! I really had no idea what I was getting into – but I am so happy I took that first step. Looking forward to another year sharing my day to day adventures, recipes, updates, crafts, Luke pictures, Abby pictures, running and body pump with you.

Now. . . who’s going to eat a cupcake today to celebrate? Winking smile 


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10 months!

10 months old on Saturday! Such a big boy. . .


New things this month:

    • Waving “Hi”
    • Getting his 2 top front teeth (4 total)
    • Starting to climb. . . can get up on the hearth, can climb up the edge of the bathtub and could get in there headfirst if Mom isn’t watching!
    • Throwing things over the side of his highchair
    • Thinks it is super funny when you are laughing at him and he will start laughing with you.
    • Still ear infections – got ear tubes on Monday!
    • Still Crawling! Everywhere. Into everything.
    • Furniture surfing.
    • Standing alone – just for a few seconds!
    • Walking with his learning walker toy or the kitchen stools
    • Still loves bath time – especially likes to crawl around the tub after his toys.
    • He loves eating puffs and yogurt melts and anything Mom or Dad has 
    • Object permanence. . . no longer good enough to just put whatever he is interested in out of sight. . .
    • Loves big chunks of food, especially getting 1/2 a banana.
    • Loves the play with the TV remote and cell phones.
    • Favorite things to ‘get into’ include: Abby’s water dish, the kitchen cupboards (especially the one with all the Tupperware), the dishwasher, the pantry, the entertainment center, the drawer on the coffee table, cords, fans.


Still hates:

  • getting his diaper changed
  • seeing his bottle and not getting it
  • running out of puffs
  • generally, not getting what he wants
  • getting out of the bath
  • putting lotion on after bath



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Weekend Update: 2/17/13


This weekend Aunt Laura came to visit!

She brought chocolate!

And we made yummy food. . . puppy chow. . . 068

Another crockpot challenge meal (more info this week!) 081

Turtle ice cream cake – recipe soon! 083

Did some playing. .  . (someone turned 10 months on Saturday!)

I got my first Stitch Fix! More details soon. Smile  070

We practiced Body Pump.  .. Luke too! IMG_3390IMG_3397

And made more cookies – this time these ones! A double batch, of course! IMG_3398IMG_3399

Breakfast at Panera on Sunday!

Luke helped Dad with some baby proofing projects. . . 004006008009

And this morning, we were up dark and early to take Luke to the hospital to get ear tubes!

Everything went well! Now, just spending the day playing and snuggling! IMG_3406IMG_3405

Thanks Aunt Laura for a fun weekend of dessert, working out, TV time (yeah! Bachelor, Survivor and Biggest Loser!), and play time!

Hope you had a great weekend too! Up to anything fun?


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Friday Smiles

Happy Friday! I think this week went by pretty fast, it helped with the “holiday” yesterday! But, I am super excited that it’s the weekend. Laura is coming to visit! Planning to make an ice cream cake and do lots of Body Pump together <—those two things go together, right? Winking smile 

Check out this cute Valentine that Luke “made” for us at daycare. Love!


And because it is Friday, here are a few more things that have made me smile lately!

My 31 bag

 012 (3)
My friend, Jodi, had a 31 party before Christmas. I went because I wanted to check it out, but mainly because Jodi knows how to throw a good party complete with awesome food (And Sarah and Nicole were going to be there too!). 😉 But oh my goodness – they have so many awesome bags. I ended up spending over $100! By far my most favorite bag is this one – the large utility tote. It is the best bag ever! It is as large as a laundry basket and has handles that are long enough to go over your shoulder.

030 (2)

I use it when I go to the grocery store, Sam’s Club, or even to my parent’s house for the weekend. It fit (almost) all of our Christmas presents too! 029 (2)

Colored pens


I love different colored pens – they just make writing things in my planner so much more exciting! It’s the little things, right? 😉


005 (2)

This is such a great appliance. I am super excited to be participating in the crockpot challenge, so I actually use it more. I think I forget about it way too much!

Meal planning

I just started doing this recently, but it has made such a huge difference. No more stress on the way home from work trying to figure out what is for dinner, less eating out because we have a plan, and more leftovers because I am making dinner more frequently. I actually did a meal plan for all of January because we were trying to eat out less and I knew if we had a plan and meals that we were looking forward to at home, we would be a lot more successful! Of course, we had some changes along the way. . but overall it went really well. I did it again for February and so far so good! Nachos for dinner tonight and honey sesame chicken (in the crockpot!) tomorrow night.  

And these 2 smiling faces!


What are some things that have made you smile recently? Any plans for the weekend?


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Or Happy Thursday, as we are calling it in our house! We are postponing celebrating Valentine’s Day, until next weekend. . . when we can get a babysitter. Smile But, still wanted to pop in and wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day!

Do you have any fun plans today?

I have to go to work (wearing my fun Valentine’s Day socks!), then play time with the baby and exciting leftovers for dinner. Then, Scott and I are going to do Body Pump together after the baby goes to bed. . . he has been doing the class with me a few times, so I have someone to practice teaching the class to! The couple that sweats together , stays together, right? Winking smile

And when I was searching images for Valentine’s Day cupcakes. .. I came across this. ..

How crazy is that! Super cute. Here is the website the image is from, if you’re interested. I already know I am not that talented. Winking smile 

Have a great Thursday Valentine’s Day!

***BOGO at Caribou Coffee today!


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