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Road trip–2013–Jackson–last days and back to MN


Watching the kids went really well. . . surprise plates and ice cream!


On our last day, we went hiking at Cache Creek. It was beautiful, perfect weather. Abby was able to be off leash the whole time. Luke got a nap. And we hiked 4 miles total.


And Peggy and Brian introduced us to Thai food. . . yellow curry and pad thai –> awesome!


Luke enjoyed bath time with Finn every night. . .


And our road trip back to MN was thankfully uneventful. . .


Abby continued to pretend that she was not sleeping. .  IMG_3723IMG_3724IMG_3725IMG_3726

We stopped at the 1st rest stop ever constructed in WY in 1966. (Scott requested that I share that tidbit of information with you. Winking smile) And Luke swung in his first swing. . .


And went down his first slide. . .


Abby didn’t want to be left out either. . .


Final Starbucks stop of the trip . .. .  unfortunately, 10 miles down the road, I realized that it was horribly burnt and not even drinkable. . . #fail IMG_3774IMG_3775

Luke did really well in the car on the way home. 10 hours on the first day and 9 hours on the second day. . . the last hour of the second day was not fun, but we survived.


car snacks helped.. . Smile 


Overall it was a really nice road trip! Thanks again to Peggy and Brian for meeting us in WY and making the trip worth it. Smile Nice to be back home. . . although the amount of laundry to be done is a little ridiculous! Hope you are having a great weekend.


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Road Trip –2013–Jackson Adventures


Wandering around town. . .


Dinner at an awesome restaurant in town  – LOCAL. Super delicious buffalo tartare and a pasta dish with elk and buffalo sausage. Big thanks to Peggy and Brian for watching Luke while we went out . .. we are returning the favor tonight and watching their 3! Wish us luck. Winking smile 


My kind of vacation!


We woke up this morning to a fresh blanket of snow. . .


And then we went to the National Elk Refuge. Hundreds of elk just hanging out.


Luke was more interested in the wagon wheels than the elk!


And about halfway thru decided it was nap time!


And after that, I spend 30 minutes at the local pharmacy trying to get ear drops for Luke’s latest ear infection. . . only to find out that they don’t have the ear drops we need in this town. . . but thankfully, they can get them by tomorrow!

And now we are hanging out in the main lodge, using the internet and chatting.


Heading out to a water park pretty soon. . . and planning on some hiking tomorrow!


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Road Trip–2013–Jackson!

We’re here!


We arrived yesterday afternoon after another 5 1/2 hours in the car.

South Dakota_2013 003South Dakota_2013 004South Dakota_2013 005South Dakota_2013 007

Luke was very helpful getting ready to leave the hotel.


Car trip survival items. . . Scott and I are both sick with colds right now. .. it is no fun to not be able to breathe out of your nose –> and what is with getting sick on vacation??? 1st Marco Island and now this trip too? Boo!

South Dakota_2013 002South Dakota_2013 001

And Abby had her 1st Starbucks too – a “puppy cup” – basically a small cup filled with whipped cream.  .. she loved it. Winking smile 


Thankfully, we had another sleeping baby and a puppy who just pretended not to sleep. (old photo from before she had to share the backseat with Luke!)


And my view from the backseat while trying to entertain Luke during the last hour of our trip. . .

 South Dakota_2013 008South Dakota_2013 009

We met up with Peggy, Brian and the kids.


I got my run in! Nice workout room – but only 1 treadmill. And seriously, running in the mountains is no joke. I did 5 miles but it felt like 15!


Pizza for dinner. . .


And some walking around – not too much though because it is freezing here!


10 degrees. Colder than home –> what was I thinking planning this trip to a place that is colder than home??? Brian has already said that next year we are going to the beach! Smile Sounds good to me Brian!!!

Breakfast this morning. . . with a Starbucks coffee run!


And then a long search for internet. The website for the place that we are staying promised Wi-Fi, but it is not a good connection (i.e. non-existent!). So, Peggy and I went to a coffee/bagel place. . . only to find out their internet wasn’t good either.


Finally, we ended up at the Jackson Public Library! Hopefully, I will be able to get back here a few times this week to update you on our adventures! Hope you are having a great Monday. Smile


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Road Trip 2013–Day 2

Today we traveled from Rapid City, South Dakota to Casper, WY.

IMG_3612South Dakota_2013 007South Dakota_2013 002

About a 5 hour drive with a stop at Mount Rushmore.

South Dakota_2013 009South Dakota_2013 020

Just a little different than our last time here. . .

South Dakota_2013 023

Overall, another good day in the car. Luke slept most of the way from Mount Rushmore to Casper and we were able to make that 4 1/2 hour trip in one shot.

South Dakota_2013 003South Dakota_2013 004South Dakota_2013 006

Some yummy car snacks. . .


The only downside to our day was when we got to Casper. I had it in mind all day long to go for a nice hour long run when we got into town. I had planned to do some treadmill miles and catch up on some Netflix Instant play watching – currently loving Heart of Dixie! – but the “workout center” only had one horrible treadmill. It was old, clunky, and the belt didn’t move smoothly. No go. I tried the elliptical, but again, not a good machine. So, I tried not to be deterred, leashed up Abby for a run outside. Although, it ended up being colder than I thought and I didn’t have any hat or mittens, so, I knew we weren’t going to make it very far with a chilly wind and 27 degree weather. But, Abby wasn’t interested in any of it and refused to go any farther than 0.25 miles down the road. So, we walked around the hotel for about a mile and I called it quits! Looking forward to a good long run tomorrow when we reach our final destination in Jackson, WY. . .

After a long, hot shower. . . we hit up Famous Dave’s for dinner – one of Scott’s favorites.


And then back to the hotel for bed. Traveling is hard work! I think Abby would really like it if we had a king bed at home. . . more than enough room for me, Scott and still room for her to hog the middle of the bed. . .

South Dakota_2013 030

5 1/2 hour drive to Jackson tomorrow, where we will meet up with some friends to hang out with for a few days! Smile


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Day of firsts

Gosh, today was a day of firsts. . .

Luke’s 1st bad hair day


my 1st time trying a this smoothie place (yummy!)


Luke’s 1st road trip


Luke and Abby’s 1st time to South Dakota


Luke’s 1st Happy Meal – chicken nuggets – most ended up on the floor. . . he loved the apple slices though..  .


Car snacks for the road. . . my 1st time having this trail mix from Target (dark chocolate espresso – yum!)


Spent some time hanging with Luke and Abby in the back seat. . .


they were both super excited. . .


And Scott and I had some fun in the front seat during nap time. . .


My 1st time not giving my traffic engineer husband a hard time about taking pictures of traffic signs on our vacation. . . <sigh>


And both babies settled right in at the hotel. . .


Overall a really great travel day. Spent about 8 hours on the road with only one stop! Luke got super fussy about 30 minutes away from our final stop of the night and of course fell asleep about 10 minutes away from the hotel. But otherwise he did really well. Abby too! He got to watch “TV” (via Netflix Instant Play on the iPad) for the 1st time too- an episode of Veggie Tales!

On our way to Wyoming tomorrow with a stop planned at Mount Rushmore!


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Guest Post on Olives ‘n’ Wine

Happy Friday!!!

Check out my guest post today on Olives ‘n’ Wine about the upcoming MN blogger get-together that Becky and I are putting together!!!

ScreenHunter_19 Mar. 21 20.30

And I’ll see you from the road. . . we are leaving today for a week long road trip to WY and back! Wish us luck.  .. 18 hours (one way) in the car with an 11 month old and a dog. I have no idea what I was thinking. Winking smile


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Easter footprint craft

The inspiration:


The project:

The finished product:




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Crockpot Chicken Cream Cheese Chili

Crockpot Chicken Cream Cheese Chili

So I made this recipe during the crockpot challenge, but never had a chance to tell you about it. It is so delicious and in typical crockpot meal fashion – super easy! It has been a long time since I have made something, that after I made it, I thought “When can I go to the store to buy more ingredients to make it again?” It was that good!

It is thick and hearty, perfect for a god MN winter night. Eaten with a spoon or some thick tortilla chips. I served mine with a thick slice of cornbread with honey butter.

I got the original recipe is from Six Sister’s Stuff and you can find it here. But I made some of my own tweaks. . . and thought it turned out pretty flippin’ fantastic! Smile The Rotel can be pretty spicy so if you want to tone down the spice, just sub in a can of regular diced tomatoes.


1 can corn, undrained
2 cans Rotel (tomatoes & gr. chiles), undrained
1 pkg. ranch dressing mix
1/2 tsp. cumin
1 Tbl. chili powder
1 tsp. onion powder
1 (8 oz.) pkg. cream cheese
1 lb chicken breasts

1. Place chicken in bottom of slow cooker.
2. Combine corn, Rotel, ranch seasoning, cumin, chili powder and onion powder and pour over chicken.
3. Place stick of cream cheese on top.
4. Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours.
5. Stir cream cheese into chili.
6. Use 2 forks and shred the chicken.
7. Stir together and serve.



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Weekend Update: 3/17/13

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Hope you had a good day/weekend celebrating! Here is a little peek what I was up to this weekend!


Picking out an Easter basket at Target


Traveling up to the cities on Saturday morning


Lunch and shopping with the girls: Amy, Sarah, Kourtney, Beth, and Nicole (and baby Sam!)


What happens when I try to take a picture with an interested 11 month old! 003007015022025

Yup- that’s Abby’s bed!


Sunday was just a day of hanging out. Did a treadmill 5 mile run, practiced Body Pump 85 – release at the YMCA tomorrow!!! and lots of playing and chasing around the house. . . someone is walking now! Smile Hope you had a good one too.


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Friday Favorites: 3/15/13

We all know that it is the little things that add up to the big things in life. . . so this week a few of the “little” things that are making me happy lately. . . . Enjoy!

My mug from the Winter Carnival Half Marathon – perfect to fit my morning caramel skim latte!


LUNA bars – especially white chocolate macadamia nut – I eat one of these almost every morning for breakfast – LOVE!

My cardigan from my most recent Stitch Fix – still in love!


My iPad


I got my iPad thru a continuing medical education audiodigest program. Basically, the ability to have access to listen to hundreds of lectures from medical conferences around the world. Which as you can imagine, was sorta spendy (but good for my education). .. anyway, to entice you to buy the program, they offered a “free” iPad with purchase. So, I got one. And I love it. I seriously use it all the time. On the couch, reading blogs. On the treadmill, watching Netflix. In the kitchen, to view recipes online. In the bathroom, to listen to Pandora while I am showering. In the baby’s room, playing music during playtime.

Napping baby


I love my child, but I really love when he takes a long nap. . . anyone who has a little one who is mobile (i.e. into everything and can’t be left alone for one minute because otherwise he is elbows deep into the dogs water dish), knows that nap times are when you get stuff done! I usually use the first nap of the day to try to get in my run. It is a great day when he naps long enough for me to run and shower!

And Happy Birthday Ellie!!! (My sister’s border collie) Make sure Jenny gives you lots of extra treats and belly rubs today. Smile 


What are the little things that are making you happy today???


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