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Friday Favorites: 6/27/14

This weekend, my sister and I are headed to our 8th annual Country Fest!!


Fingers crossed that we get to do some awesome people watching like last year!


I’ll be back on Tuesday with a full report of the weekend!! Smile

Here are the things that made me smile this week. . .

–> Luke’s first baseball game. ..


so he was actually more interested than climbing up and down on the chairs, but it was still fun!

–> Shelves in our master bedroom closet = amazing.


My husband is awesome- love that he is able to do these projects for us around the house!!

–> Chocolate chip cookie dough bites. Seriously, make these this weekend.


–> Wonderful deliveries from Jennie-O. I cannot wait to fire up the grill and try these turkey franks – and jalapeno jack?! yes!!


–> These little containers. Perfect for a single serving of nuts or a travel pack for nut butter. I have at least one in my work bag every day!


What little things made you smile this week?? What are you doing this weekend?


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Copycat Chocolate Chip Larabar balls


Chocolate Covered Katie finally inspired me to try to make my own larabars.


Add in my new food processor that my sister, Jenny, let me borrow = perfect timing.


I decided to just start with the basic chocolate chip cookie dough larabar recipe. (Katie calls them “fudge babies”). . .

Here is my final recipe variation – that I think might taste even better than store-bought!


2/3 cup pitted dates – I used Sunmaid chopped dates.
1/4 mini chocolate chips
1/4 cup cashews
1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract
1/4 t of salt

Put dates, cashews, vanilla and salt in food processor. Blend. Blend. And blend some more. You want the dough to start to look like a larabar – combined and sticky. I found that it worked best to let it run for a minute or two and then let it sit for a few minutes and then blend/chop/grind again. You can add the chocolate chips at any time. If you add them early, they will melt in with the other ingredients. Otherwise, add them at the end, after the mixture has cooled. Then, you will keep the chocolate chips whole. And the final step is to roll them into balls or shape them into bars. I found that balls were easier for me! (#twss)


Then, eat and enjoy. Smile

I like to keep mine in the fridge!!


I am super excited to try Katie’s other copycat larabar recipes. .  I think girl scout cookie (samoas) larabar is next!


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Advocare 10 day challenge

Thinking about taking the Advocare plunge? But 24 day challenge seems a little too daunting?

Then, I have the best idea.  ..

Join me for an Advocare 10 day mini- challenge.


Starting on July 7th.

That’s just after the 4th of July and can set you up for success for the rest of the summer!

All you need is 3 items:


#1 – Herbal cleanse
#2 – SPARK
#3- Catalyst

And 2 optional additional products if desired:
#4 – Omegaplex
#5 – Meal Replacement Shakes

This challenge is technically the first 10 days of the 24 day challenge. . . so if you want to keep going and do the last 14 days too, that would be even better. Smile

I am using this 10 days to re-set my system, re-commit to healthy eating and clean living.

*As a reminder, you need to wait 90 days in between herbal cleanse challenges. But you can take the max phase supplements (MNS-3) every day!

So what do you think? You in???


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Weekend Update: 6/22/14

Monday! What? Seriously?

Oh well, that’s ok. . . our low key weekend was a success.

We had lots of storms last week with tons of flooding (thankfully none in our house), and now since we are downriver, we are getting even more flooding. . . which means that both of the main roads that I use to get to work were closed this morning! So, I got to take county roads and be quite creative with how to drive to work. . . but I got here, and that’s all that counts, right?


Anyway, here is a peak at what we were up to this weekend..  .

Advocare shipment!!


BODYPUMP 90 practice – biceps and shoulders are awesome!


Lunch at the park with my boys and Panera. Winking smile


Finally got to try the latest SPARK flavor – green apple! Love the single serving packs.


And perfect fuel for a super hot, humid 5 mile run.


Followed by chicken stir fry for dinner. . . recipe coming soon!


We learned our lesson from Friday night so headed out bright and early on Saturday for a run.


Reward = iced nonfat caramel macchiato.


Farmer’s Market. I asked Luke what he wanted and he said “M and M cookie.” I said that I didn’t know if they would have that. . . and what do you know – we found some! And lettuce and granola.




Lunch was my first experience with protein pancakes – ProCakes! I was sent a packet to check out through FitFluential.


20 grams of protein. Yes! And all you have to add is an egg and some milk.

not very pretty. . . basically because I am super impatient and like to flip pancakes early.


Enjoyed on the couch with butter and maple syrup.


And they kept me full for-ev-er..  .

Until it was time to head to dinner. Mexican + patio = summer perfection.


Sunday morning was for sleeping in and then snuggling in bed. <love>


And then I was quick to get to work in the kitchen to try making homemade larabars. . . and thanks to Pinterest = success. Smile


And then I am not sure whether to be happy, scared or concerned that he got the vacuum out on his own, plugged it in and turned it on and started vacuuming!


But, at least my house is vacuumed now. Winking smile

The rest of the day was spent working on putting new shelves up in the master closet and organizing the closet and master bathroom. Not the most fun, but nice to be putting things away and getting organized.


Another great weekend with the family. Smile

What did you end up doing this weekend??

And I am finally linking up with Katie for Marvelous in My Monday!!


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Friday Favorites: 6/20/14

Friday! Where have you been all week?

I have been a day off all week long, so I am SO happy that it is finally actually Friday.

And I am super excited for this weekend. . . because we have NOTHING planned. I love going up to the Lake and getting together with friends, but there is something so wonderful about a weekend with no plans.

But of course, I don’t actually have no-plans. .. on my to-do list – running (8 miles planned on Saturday!), Farmer’s Market (for the first time this year!), trying to make homemade lara bars (wish me luck) and lots of Lukie snuggles and playtime.

Here are a few things that made me smile this week. . .

**Luke playing guitar with Grandpa


**Advocare success texts


**Early morning alarms to get a run in before work


**Braving the wind and rain to teach Monday night BODYPUMP


**Lukie falling asleep holding onto his loader


**Finding a new tasty (chocolate!) protein powder from Advocare.


**This girl – being my Advocare buddy, blend, gchatter, and just a great friend. I am so thankful to have her in my life.


**Update on last week’s Friday Favorites. .. I told you about the Honest company and how you can get free samples + cost of shipping. . . Well, I did that. And the samples came. 5 small bottles of a few different items. Nothing too exciting. BUT then, I re-read my initial email after I signed up to get samples, and you are automatically enrolled in their monthly subscription service when you sign up to get samples. That is SO irritating to me. I hate when you automatically get signed up for anything. . . But, what really annoyed me was the fact that to cancel, you had to CALL. You couldn’t just go online and cancel. I had to sit on the phone waiting to talk to an operator for 20 minutes!! Time I could have been spending with Luke playing or reading books. . . So, needless to say, I will never be ordering anything from the Honest Company again and I just wanted to share with you my experience and hopefully save you some time and money as well. <end rant> Winking smile

What are you up to this weekend? And what made you smile this week??


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My doctor tips

So, in addition to blogging, teaching BODYPUMP, being Luke’s Mom, Scott’s wife, runner and cupcake eater, I am a family practice doctor. I work in a small town in southern MN. And I LOVE it. And I am really passionate about all of my patients getting the most out of their time with me! Also, I think the relationship you have with your doctor is super important and there are a few things that I would love to tell all of my patients.


So, here are a few of my tips from getting the most from your doctor and from your visit. . .

Tip #1. Tell the scheduler everything – they set the length of appointment i.e. the time you have with your doctor. At my clinic they can schedule a 15, 30 or 45 minute apt depending on what you are being seen for.

Tip #2. Tell the nurse everything – ok well not everything, but make sure to tell the nurse everything that you want to talk to the doctor about. They are the first step to making sure that you accomplish everything you want from your visit with your doctor. It also helps to make sure that nothing gets forgotten and also helps your doctor to organize their thoughts and visit plan before even coming in the room with you.

at my little sister’s nursing graduation. She is a nurse in Labor and Delivery.


Tip #3. Bring ALL of your medications – prescription, over the counter, supplements, vitamins, your friend’s medication that you took that one time that really helped, etc. If you can’t bring the bottles, at least write down names in your phone, because it is really hard for your doctor to guess what medication you had that one time that started with a “B.”


Tip #4. Be honest. No, seriously. You won’t tell your doctor anything that they haven’t heard before. This is the time to be 100% truthful. Because if your doctor doesn’t know, they can’t help you.


Tip #5. Ask questions. Make sure you understand what the plan is from your doctor. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, clarify, ask for next steps, etc.

Now, obviously, this isn’t an all-inclusive list, but it is a good start. Smile

What tips do you have to make sure that you have a successful visit with your doctor?


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My #TLCVoxBox

So, it happened.

I was sent wrinkle cream (AVON Anew Reversalist Express Wrinkle Smoother) to review.


It was bound to happen sometime.

But, really, the week after my 32nd birthday Influenster?

Scott thought it was hilarious.

And then started making the AARP jokes. . .

Anyway, Influester sent me the latest VoxBox to review – full of stuff for Moms.


And besides the wrinkle cream. . . it was filled with some good stuff.

Ummmm coupon for free Breyer’s gelato indulgences? Yes please. And thank you.

Pretty much raced to the grocery store – aka made Scott take me to the grocery store on our anniversary, so I could pick some up. Raspberry cheesecake for the win.


The cheesecake gelato = yummy. The raspberry swirl – a little too artificial flavor for me. The graham cracker topping = only on the top. . .


which means that this totally happened.


Yup, I’m that girl. Winking smile

I’ve also been known to take one bite out of a piece of chocolate in those box of chocolates and then put it back and pick another one because I didn’t like it. Yup, Scott loves me a lot. Smile 

And Influenster is totally recording my house. I had just said to Scott that we needed to get some sort of spray for Luke for his bumps and scrapes – kid is so busy and such a boy that every day he has a new one.

Enter Neosporin Neo To Go! It’s a no touch, no sting spray that is for infection protection as well as pain relief.

That is getting added to the diaper bag and I’m getting like 6 more for the cars, our medicine cabinet and the Lake.


And there was a pack of Puffs To Go. Perfect for my purse. But you know where I really need these? The jogging stroller. Anyone else’s nose run when they go running? Not to mention that Luke usually makes some sort of mess with the snacks I give him in the stroller to eat while we are out. . .


and an Ivory Bar soap = literally the first thing I put in our new bathroom now that it is finally done.


Great timing – they just finished up the tiling in the master shower. . . and don’t even get me started about how excited I am to take a huge bubble bath in that soaker tub. Smile 

Thanks for sending me an awesome box Influenster!!

Have you gotten anything cool in the mail? Or tried any cool new products? I think my favorite thing from this box is the Neosporin Neo To Go. I am literally going to buy 6 so I have one in every location. #necessary #toddlerproblems


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Weekend Update: 6/15/14

happy monday!

we got back from the lake late last night. work today. and now I am headed off to teach monday night bodypump.

here are some highlights from my weekend. . .

my new favorite snack – Ezekiel  bread + almond butter + honey


7 mile run to start the weekend.


Starbucks birthday reward drink = large iced nonfat caramel macchiato.


One of my favorite spots in the new house. Standing at the island.


Travel to the Lake – with a stop for lunch and some errands – including furniture shopping. . . we may have found our new couch!!


Pictures from Luke spending Friday at the Lake with my Mom.



#selfies in the backseat. #shortlegs


play time at the park on Saturday morning.


cookie cake to celebrate our anniversary with the family at the lake.


summer in a bowl. can you believe this was my first watermelon this summer?


and can you believe that is all the pictures I took?

Sunday was an amazing breakfast cooked by my Mom – eggs, sausage, toast and hash browns.

then, we headed back to the cities,

furniture shopping = sitting on all of the couches.

then, dinner with Scott’s family for Father’s Day and his Mom’s birthday at Famous Dave’s.

Drive back home. unpack. laundry. bed.

already looking forward to next weekend. Smile 

what were you up to this weekend??


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Friday Favorites: 6/13/14

Happy Friday!!! Friday the 13th <– do you believe in any of that? Me neither. . .

We are headed to the Lake this weekend. . . and I am SO excited. Looking forward to family time, sunshine, time on the boat in the water, running, eating, and relaxing.

For my Friday Favorites this week, a few things that I have found around the internet this week that made me smile.  .


The Honest company will send you free samples + shipping. I chose the “essentials” bundle!

ScreenHunter_174 Jun. 12 18.16ScreenHunter_175 Jun. 12 18.19

I love Stitch Fix and I got a Stitch Fix gift card from my in-laws for my birthday. So, I scheduled a fix! ScreenHunter_173 Jun. 12 18.14

This swimsuit from Victoria’s Secret. . . I didn’t even know I needed a new one until I saw it on Kim’s blog yesterday!

Ruched Halter Tankini

Protein Milkshake Bar – cupcake batter flavor. .. OMG – sounds amazing.

Healthy Bites from Lindsay. <—these look and sound amazing. I am just trying to decide which flavors to order!


Popsugar’s Must Have Box. . . I was totally drooling over how amazing the special edition must have summer box. In each box you get. . .

  • Hand-selected items in beauty, fashion, home, fitness, and food
  • Full-size products and premium items


And I’ve just started following Popsugar on IG – total secret pleasure. Smile

These wrap bracelets from Momentum. They also do custom work. .. I am thinking I need a “Running4Cupcakes” one, in pink, of course!

And finally, isn’t this cupcake bracelet from Alex and Ani perfect for me? #need


Advocare just launched a new SPARK flavor – green apple! And they are in on-the-go packs <—amazing!

What made you smile this week? Plans for the weekend?

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Be happy now.

I’ve decided.

I’m going to be happy.

love quotes | Tumblr

Right now.

Right this moment.

Not later.

Be Happy

Not when the new house is all finished <– ha! when is that even going to be?

Not when Luke is past the terrible twos.

Not when I figure out what I want to do with my life.

Not when I am a specific size or weight.

Not when my medical school loans are paid off.

Not when there are enough hours in the day to get everything done.

But right now.

"Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy."  - Guillaume Apollinaire

I am done waiting for the next thing before I commit to being happy.

Because when I stop and look around, things are pretty amazing.

But, see that’s the thing, you have to stop and notice.

Otherwise, we can get caught up in the looking ahead to “when” game.

Time To Be Happy Again Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

So today, I am happy

because I have an amazing husband,

an adorable 2 year old,

a very well behaved and furry puppy,

a new house,

lots of great jobs that I love (doctor, body pump instructor, advocare distributor),

a loving family,

my parent’s lake place for wonderful weekends in the summer,

the ability to run, 

and the fact that I am me.

12x12 Vintage map pieces from National Geo maps. "Happiness...It is a way of life"  Hand stamped/Created by Houseof3

So, tell me, what are you happy for today, right now?


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