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The BIG news

So, remember when I was doing a ton of running trying to figure out that big decision? 


Obviously not pregnant, because that would be a strange way to figure out a baby. 

I was looking for a potential job change. And the opportunity to be closer to family and the Lake. 

So, in September, Scott and I went to Eau Claire, so I could interview. 

And a week later, I was offered the job. 

But life is never simple, right? 

So, we struggled with the decision of trying to decide if moving from Mankato was the right choice at this time. 

First we decided, yes! This would be an awesome opportunity for me and while we would have to move without Scott having a job, it was the right choice. 

Then, we did more thinking. Scott decided that he truly loves his job right now too much to leave it.


Luke has a great school that we love. I love teaching BODYPUMP at the YMCA.


We just built our new house. . . etc. etc. etc. 

109 Sienna Circle

Whew – tough decision, right? Hence ALL the running. . . 

After lots more thinking. . . 

We decided that I can’t turn down this new job offer. It will be a great move for my career, job satisfaction and hopefully be even better for work/life balance – because that’s what it is all about, right? 

But, now isn’t the right time for Scott to leave his current position in Mankato, especially while he doesn’t have a job in Eau Claire.

And we love Mankato but it would be really nice to live in Eau Claire and be closer to my family (both my sisters live there!) and be within 45 minutes of the Lake (vs 3+ hours that it is now).


But, what we don’t know, is if we would love living in Eau Claire as much as we love Mankato.  I went to undergrad there a bazillion years ago and loved the town then.  . . but so much has changed and life is just a little different now than it was when I was in college. Winking smile 

So. . . 

I am moving to Eau Claire with Luke. Scott is going to stay in Mankato. 

I know, right? 

Total craziness. 

Thankfully, we both work 4 days per week, so Luke will still be in school just 3 days per week. Scott will join us in Eau Claire at least 3 days per week (more depending on vacation days). 

This way we will be able to 

#1. Check out the community of Eau Claire – do we like it as much as we think we might? 

#2. I can check out my new job – is it as good as my current one? 

#3. I can find a new BODYPUMP job – of course, that will never compare to the awesome people at the YMCA. .. 

#4. I can be closer to my sisters – and Luke can get extra Aunt Laura and Aunt Jenny time. –> Laura is already planning on come over on Monday nights for The Bachelor. Winking smile

#5. Scott can continue to work while watching for job options in WI. Plus we have the new house to sell. . .

And of course, if at any point, this is negatively impacting Luke, we will change our plans. He will always come first. 


And yes, we (me and Luke) are super excited to be moving to Packer country! Smile 

And Abby will live with me too. Smile  She is my puppy after all. Fun fact – she is from a small town just outside of Eau Claire (Mondovi). 

So, that is the BIG news lately. 

It all starts in February. Wish me (us) luck!!

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