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Friday Favorites: 2/27/15

woo hoo for Friday! I am headed back to Mankato for the weekend after work today. Smile The drive hasn’t been too bad yet. . . good thing I love audiobooks – listening to The Storyteller right now. I’ll let you know if I like it! Looking forward to teaching Saturday morning BODYPUMP at the YMCA (7am!!), getting lots and lots of Lukie hugs and getting some quality time with Scott. 

Here are my favorites from this week. Feel free to play along either by linking up with your Friday post or sharing what made you smile in the comments. 


Scott’s goofy faces during face time. Yup. He’s all mine. Winking smile 


random lukie hugs. we were walking thru Sam’s club last weekend and he just stopped and turned to give me a hug. heart melting. 


New to me foods – btw – sumo citrus = amazingsauce 


pomegranate arils. yum. 


Play time. 


Birthday cupcakes courtesy of Laura’s 27th birthday!


Hope you have a great one! Whatcha up to??

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Virtual Date II: Life Update

Hi! Happy Thursday. Smile 

Want to grab a coffee/spark/tea/water/pop/margarita?

If we were having a date, I’d tell you all about how life is going right now. . .

Work is going great.


I finally finished with orientation! I started seeing patients on Tuesday. The process is a little different at the new clinic, but medicine is still medicine. It’s nice to be back to doing what I love. And everyone is SO nice! I share my office with one other doctor and we get along really well.

Living apart is going as good as I could have hoped. Luke is surviving.


He is doing better than just surviving. He is doing really good with Dad during the week. And puts up with extra Mom snuggles and kisses during the weekend. He is still 2 (almost 3 in April) and is really really good at throwing fits, being stubborn and pushing boundaries. Good thing he is so cute. Smile We chat every night at bedtime with Face time and talk on the phone in the morning when he is in the car on the way to school. And the end is in sight. We found a great daycare for Luke. He will be starting just after his 3rd birthday in April.

I am loving cross fit.


Trying something new was a great decision after moving to a new place. It is a great distraction. Something to do after work so I don’t just go home and miss Scott and Luke. . . Everyone at FitELITE has been super nice. And it’s just fun!

I have officially been hired at a new gym for BODYPUMP.


They don’t have any classes open right now, but I am on the sub list. And I subbed my first class last night – it went really really well! I have been trying to get to all the classes to introduce myself to everyone. I have been co-teaching a few classes to try to build my pump street cred = i.e. so the instructors know that I know what I am doing and I am a good BP instructor! I am also excited to check out some new classes – BODY ATTACK and RIPPED!

I am really enjoying the new town. I went to undergrad at UWEC, so some things are the same and some things are different. I mostly know my way around town and haven’t gotten lost (yet!). I really really like being closer to my sisters. Hanging out watching The Bachelor and making dinner for each other = awesomesauce. Thankfully the pups are ok snuggling together on the couch. . .


And the Whole30. I am sure you want to know how that’s going. . . it’s almost done. I like it and will probably continue an 80/20 plan after I am done. I haven’t decided if the 80% will be Whole30 or more clean eating. . . honestly, I haven’t missed grains as much as I thought I would. .. every once in a while, I want some rice – like from Chipotle, or a big plate of pasta. . . but not very often. Roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes have been my favorite things lately. Weekends have been SUPER hard. Like, whoa, SO hard. That’s usually when we eat dessert and I missed it. A LOT. But I survived. And I still feel really good. I’ve been able to kill it in WODs, my clothes fit good and my energy level and sleep are still going strong.


And finally – a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little sister Laura!

030 (3)

Whoa. That’s a lot of life going on right now. But enough about me – what’s new with you? Smile

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Breakfast Night

Breakfast for dinner is one of my favorites.

It tends to be quick, easy, delicious and a family winner.

When Krusteaz contacted me to participate in #BreakfastNight, I was all in. And they hooked me up with some great mixes.


First up to try: Blueberry!


One of my favorite things about the Krusteaz mixes is that all you have to add is water! Super easy.


Another bonus to breakfast for dinner = Luke can totally help.


And Scott can do the cooking. Win – win. Smile 

Pancakes + fruit = quick and easy dinner . . .


But the best part is the syrup. Luke loves to help. . . very serious business to make sure each piece gets an equal amount of syrup.




And Krusteaz  has offered to do a giveaway for R4C readers –>

Giveaway includes Krusteaz mixes: Buttermilk Pancake Mix (1), Blueberry Belgian Waffle Mix (1), Chocolate Chunk Muffin Mix (1) and Honey Wheat Pancake Mix (1) as well as Krusteaz coupons for free product

Awesome, right?

There are 4 ways to enter. Please make sure to leave a separate comment below for each entry.

1 –> leave a comment below telling me which mix you would be most excited to make!

2 –> Follow Krusteaz and Running4Cupcakes on Instagram.

3 –> Follow Krusteaz and Running4Cupcakes on Facebook.

4 –> Tweet the following with a link back to this post:
I want to win an amazing #BreakfastNight prize pack from @Krusteaz and @runs4cupcakes *insert link*

The contest closes at midnight on March 3rd and I’ll announce the winner shortly after. If I don’t hear from the winner within 48 hours, I’ll pick someone new.

Good luck!


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Weekend Update: 2/22/15

Hi! Happy Monday!

Did ya have a good weekend??

Here’s a quick recap of what I was up to. ..

Cross Fit class on Friday morning. My first official WOD. It. was. awesome. Smile 


Date night with this guy at Hu Hot.


BODYPUMP on Saturday morning. Trying to get to all the classes at the new gym to introduce myself to all the BP instructors.


Car buying. Well, actually, Scott went and did all the negotiating on our brand new 2015 Toyota Highlander Limited Platinum.


And he did awesome. Smile Unfortunately, the car has to be ordered, so I won’t have it for another 6 weeks or so. . . but still, super exciting. I have never owned a brand new car before!

Pippin with my sisters on Saturday. Let’s just say it wasn’t what we were expecting. . . it was very sexual. . . #awkward


But still super fun to hang out with the sisters.


Grocery store shopping on Sunday morning. Luke’s favorite part – getting to pick a toy out of the treasure chest. Bubbles for the win.


5 mile treadmill run.


Meal prep = chicken salads. Shredded chicken, diced carrots and diced apples with homemade mayo.


And then we finished off Sunday night with two of my favorites – steak on the grill and Revenge. #perfection.


How was your weekend?? What was the best part?

And because it was pretty marvelous, I am linking up with Katie (and Erin) for Marvelous in my Monday!


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Friday Favorites: 2/20/15

Man, Friday already? This week flew by! And Scott and Luke are in Wisconsin! We are headed off to look at some potential day care options for Luke today – wish us luck. Smile 

Here are my favs from this week: 


Cross Fit.


Last night was my last “Essentials” class. Now I am ready to join the regular classes. And I am SO excited. I am totally loving it.  It is nice to do something completely different to challenge myself. I can’t recommend FitELITE enough – everyone is super nice and very helpful. The only downside – the price! $150 per month is steep! 

BODYPUMP – 3 classes so far this week.


I took a class on Tuesday, taught a interview class on Wednesday and then co-taught another class on Thursday. It’s been fun to meet new participants and instructors who love PUMP as much as I do! 

Whole30. Eating better just makes you feel better, ya know? And I think that eating better and doing the Whole30 {+spark} is making the current transition process to the new job and new town much easier. I am feeling good, sleeping good and that is huge! 

My sisters.


I cannot say enough good things about my sisters. It is SO nice to have them in town. Getting together for dinner, meeting up at the gym, going to my sister’s church {she’s the youth pastor}. All reasons why I made this move! 

SPARK. I have gotten up before 5am every single day this week. And I am beat.


Thank goodness for spark. I don’t know what I would do without it. 

My new job. Last day of orientation today!


I am really looking forward to start seeing patients next week. My co-workers and support staff have all been super nice and welcoming. 

Running4Cupcakes – today is my 4th anniversary of starting R4C.


Last year I reflected on what a journey blogging has been and this year those words still ring true. {Check it out here} Thank you all so very much for reading. Cheers to another year! 

Whew – now on to the weekend!! I am going to see Pippin with my sisters tomorrow then spend some time hanging out at home with my boys. 

Hope you have a great one! Whatcha up to??

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No matter what you think of the Whole30. . . good or bad, we can all use new (to us) recipe ideas, right? Bonus points if they are made with good for you ingredients!

So, I am about 2 weeks in (day 18 to be exact) on the Whole30 {+spark} and I have been eating some super good meals. And I thought I would share in case you are looking for some new recipes or meal inspiration.

Here are some of my recent winners. those recipes that I will be making again!

Slow cooker carrot and beef stew {minus wine and cabbage. Add more onion, carrot and chicken broth}


Meatballs with sauce and spaghetti squash {Laura made this for dinner my first week in Eau Claire and it was seriously like sitting down to a huge plate of pasta. Totally comforting and satisfying.}


Easy Baked Chicken Fajitas {served over lettuce}

Chicken Fajitas

Slow cooker chicken coconut curry {perfect over oven baked potatoes}


Garlic roasted carrots {omg so good!}

Garlic Roasted Carrots - This is really the best and easiest way to roast carrots. All you need is 5 min prep. It's just that quick and easy! 59.5 calories.

Butternut squash bake. {recipe from Well Fed}


I’ve also been loving

  • roasted sweet potatoes, drippy eggs and avocado.
  • Chicken salad with either homemade mayo {seriously, so good} or avocado.
  • Bananas with coconut flakes and nuts.
  • Steak on the grill.
  • Salads.

What have you been eating lately?? Feel free to share links in the comments!

I am linking up with Peas & Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday this week.


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Weekend Update: 2/15/15

Hey! Happy Monday. How was your weekend??

Mine was excellent. . .

First workout at the new gym.


Reunited with this face. . .




Early morning BODYPUMP class at the YMCA. A huge class. It was so good to see everyone!


My little Valentine.



My Valentine’s Day present = amazingly soft and cute PJ pants (from Gap Body)




Puppy happiness is a empty jar of almond butter.


Abby’s latest thing is to guard our windows. . .


Whipped up a batch of this tomato sauce for dinner later this week.


And had an amazing feast for Sunday dinner. Steak on the grill, roasted balsamic garlic carrots and roasted potatoes. So good!


And now it’s Monday. . . More orientation this week for me at the new job. Looking forward to spending more time in my department and getting to know my new co-workers. Also, I have a couple of BODYPUMP classes to teach at new places! A few co-teaching gigs and one audition class. Hope you have a great day!

And because it was pretty marvelous, I am linking up with Katie (and Erin) for Marvelous in my Monday!


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Friday Favorites: 2/13/15

Happy Friday the 13th! Does that mean anything to you? Me neither. Just another day. . . but a great one because it’s Friday!

And after I am done with work today, I am making the drive back to MN to see the family. It’s been a long week without them. Other than teaching BP tomorrow morning (7am at the Mankato YMCA for the locals!!), we don’t have anything planned. Weekend perfection.

Here are the little things that made me smile this week. . .


1. Sliced banana + nuts + unsweetened coconut flakes. The perfect breakfast, pre-workout snack or after dinner treat.


2. Abby sleeping with me.


When Abby was a puppy and I was living alone in Des Moines during medical school, Abby would always sleep with me. She would curl up behind my legs and we would sleep butt to butt. Then, the bed got a little fuller when I married Scott. She will come snuggle with us at night before we turn off the light, but then hop down and sleep on her blanket on my side of the bed. Now, that it is just me and her in my bed at night again, puppy snuggles are back. She is just a bit bigger than she when she was a puppy. . . and OMG is such a bed hog. But I love it.

3. This book.


I totally brought it on vacation to Texas but didn’t end up reading it at all. Finally started it a few days ago with reading a bit before bed. I am just a couple chapters in but I am loving it!

4. AdvoCare face cream. You guys know I love my spark, but I was a bit skeptical when Advo came out with their skin care line last year at Success School.


But I decided to give it a try. I have always wanted a moisturizer with sunscreen but have just never found one that I liked. . . until now. You guys, this stuff is amazing. It goes on smooth, no oily residue and keeps my skin moisturized but not oily all day. And this bottle seems to last forever. Total winner.

5. Stitch Fix. Yup, I did it again. And I am so excited. Smile

stitch fix

I asked for some longer tops to pair with the black skinny pants I got with my last fix. Don’t worry, I’ll share the details with you when it comes! And ask for advice. #fashionchallenged

What about you? What made you smile this week? Plans for the weekend??

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Housewarming present

My sister, Laura, is so creative and thoughtful and totally making this transition way better. . . 

She gave me the cutest basket filled with the perfect things for a “Welcome to Eau Claire” present.


It had dog treats.


Cute spatula. #truth


Candle, hair ties, chapstick and a lint roller.


Whole30 goodness.


Her delicious balsamic vinegars.


Schedules for the gym and application for the dog park.


And so smart – information and numbers for her favorite hair and massage people. Great idea, right?


And a take out menu for the best Chinese place in town.


Plus she left me a cute note when she stopped by to let Abby out for me.


Tell me – what’s one nice thing someone has done for you this week??


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My first day

I did it. Smile I survived day 1.

It was a fairly decent day. Orientation is never very fun and can be quite boring. . . thankfully orientation wasn’t too bad.


I started my day with general Mayo Clinic orientation. We watched a video about how Dr. Mayo got his start in medicine and how with his boys, started the Mayo Clinic. It’s a really cool story.

Then, off to meet with the benefits specialist.

Then, self directed training – Outlook, parking pass, Electronic Health Record, etc.

Lunch and a quick stop to make sure Abby was doing ok all alone in the new place.


Afternoon was more of the same orientation.

And then, after work. . . I headed to my first cross fit class!

I had checked out boxes in Eau Claire ahead of time and called a few to get more information. The guys at FitELITE were super nice and helpful and I just got a good vibe.

So, for $150 I get 1 month unlimited membership which included a Cross Fit Essentials Class – which is 6 days over the first two week.

And last night was the first one.

I was super nervous. But they were super nice and friendly. AJ lead our essentials class. There were 4 of us at all different levels. We went over the basics of Cross Fit and then reviewed a few moves – proper rowing technique, air squats, unassisted sit ups (UASU), pushups and ring pullups. And then we put them all together and completed our first WOD.

500 m row
40 air squats
20 pushups
10 ring pull ups

And I was the first to finish. Fist bump. Smile 

Next class is on Wednesday – I am super excited to learn more! I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.. . .

Then, I headed to Gold’s Gym to meet up for a potential BODYPUMP teaching job. We chatted, she showed me the facility, I taught 2 tracks of BP (warm up and squats from 84). And then she hired me! They don’t have any classes available right now, but I can start on the sub list and when one opens up, jump in!

Finally, if the day hadn’t been exciting enough. . . I was invited to Laura’s for dinner. We are both doing the Whole30 together and she made salads plus amazing meatballs with sauce and spaghetti squash.


So good. Seriously. And we ate while watching The Bachelor. No spoilers – but if you watched it last night, how excited are you with that ending?? So happy.


Plus her dog sits on the ottoman and keeps my feet warm. Smile 

Day 2 of orientation today. . . Lots of meetings and learning. Plan to fit in some bodypump in my living room too. What are you up to today??


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