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Easter Treats from Shari’s Berries


A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Shari’s Berries and offered the opportunity to try out a few items from their Easter Collection.


Duh, of course I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

I was totally drooling over all of the options.

And I was tickled pink when I came home from work on Friday to a huge box sitting on my front step.


Of course, Shari’s Berries, is known for their berries, so I had to try the chocolate dipped strawberries. The dozen Easter strawberries included

  • 4 Strawberries Dipped in Milk with Green & Yellow Swizzles
  • 4 Strawberries Dipped in Dark with Chocolate Chips
  • 4 Strawberries Dipped in White with Easter Sprinkles

They were almost too pretty to eat. . .


Almost. Winking smile


These were probably some of the best chocolate covered strawberries I have ever had. I am partial to when Scott makes them at home, so those will always be the best. . .. but these were humongous. And the strawberries were perfectly ripe and sweet.


And next, I chose chocolate covered Oreos. Because, hey, why not?


Also, super cute and perfect for Easter. They would look great on a dessert table at Easter brunch. Some of them even had a cute little bunny one them. Adorbs.


And I also splurged on some mini cheesecakes. (I actually got the combo of strawberries and cheesecake = best idea ever)

  • 3″ Classic New York Cheesecake
  • 3″ White Chocolate Cheesecake
  • 3″ Rocky Road Cheesecake

Again, super impressed with the quality and taste. The white chocolate was the winner for me. Love the chocolate dipped layer. The only downside – they are gone way too quickly. Winking smile No way these babies were going to last until Easter next weekend.


I received one more item from Shari’s Berries. A personalized dinosaur Easter basket. OMG it is adorable. I’ll share pictures and thoughts on that after Easter. . . it is currently in hiding from the 2 year old. . . who may or may not have already found it from it’s first hiding place. Seriously, I am in trouble – this kid is a ninja. Winking smile

But, honestly, I did receive all of these items for free in exchange for taking pictures of the products. They did not ask me to do a full blog post. .. but I really wanted to share my thoughts with you guys. . . If you are looking for a hostess gift for Easter dinner or just a special treat for you or the family. I would highly recommend checking out Shari’s Berries. They will not disappoint.

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Weekend Update: 3/29/15

The last Monday of March? How did that happen? Craziness.

Kicked off the weekend with a walk and play time at the park.



And we came home to the most wonderful box of treats from Shari’s Berries. . . strawberries, Oreos and cheesecake. SO good. Rocky Road and White Chocolate amazingness.


Totally kicked cross fit bootay on Saturday morning. . . row, push press, box jumps, ring rows and wall balls. Killer. Pic from my Instagram. . .


Then, more house hunting = caribou + selfies.


Plus finally got some Cadbury mini eggs. . . just a small bag, because I cannot be trusted. Winking smile 


Nap time cuteness.


Sunday = more play time. Checking out new parks.


Followed by Dairy Queen. And the biggest blizzards ever.


And topped off the weekend with dinner with my family at Texas Roadhouse.


How was your weekend?? What was the best part?

And because it was pretty marvelous, I am linking up with Katie (and Erin) for Marvelous in my Monday!


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AdvoCare–Are you IN?

Hey guys!!

I’ve had some people asking about the next BIG AdvoCare challenge dates.

And great news. . . it’s almost here.

The next 24 day challenge is starting right after Easter on April 6th!!


Not sure what the 24 day challenge is? Check out this video for an overview.

Or check out my AdvoCare page with my 24 day challenge results.


There is also private Facebook group that you can be part of during and after your challenge. Everyone shares recipes, meal plans, workout ideas, tips and offer up a ton of support and encouragement.  The group over 1700 supportive members and new group challenges are beginning monthly.  It’s never too late to join us!

The perfect kick start to improve your health, wellness, fitness, and a better you.

Concerned about cost? There are SO many different options with AdvoCare. We can work together to find the perfect products for your goals and price point.

Are you ready to take it to the next level? AdvoCare can help. Email me for details –

Interested in hearing more about AdvoCare? Check out this video!

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Friday Favorites: 3/27/15

Friday. Finally. Am I right? Scott and Luke are in WI this week. They got in late last night. Looking forward to checking out some activities around town this weekend, taking a second look at a promising house, and just hanging out with my favorite boys.

Orange spark.


Ok, so fruit punch is my total favorite, but man, I have just been loving on the orange lately. Especially for before/during my workouts. I fill up a big blender bottle and drink about 1/3 before the workout, 1/3 during and then finish it off after the workout. It’s especially good for early morning workouts. I don’t like to eat anything before working out, especially when it is a 5am class. .. but a little bit of spark is enough to keep my tummy from growling and gives me the energy boost to get it done. Virtual fist bump. Winking smile

This boy.


He told me “Mom, I’m just going to sit here {on the end of Dad’s trailer} and have a picnic.” Ummm ok, bud, have fun.

Bunny Bait.


Ok, I have already talked about this trail mix like a bazillion times, but SERIOUSLY. Best stuff ever. We have gone through 3 bags in our house already and it’s not even Easter yet.



I cannot even tell you how much I love their leggings. They are simply amazing. They fit perfectly, stay put during the workout, and are just cute. My most recent pair – standard black salar capris.


This Easter craft Laura and I made with Luke for his first Easter.

011 (2)069

This article. All about that crazy love you have when you are a Mom. Thanks to Melanie for sharing it on her blog this week!

Hope you have a great one! Whatcha up to??

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Cross Fit Newbie Thoughts

Oh my goodness. 

I really had no idea what I was getting myself into when I signed up for Cross Fit Essentials a few weeks ago. . . 

While I liked the Essentials class and understand that it is 100% necessary to go through before jumping into workouts, it wasn’t my fav. The pace was slow to go over the movements, which looking back, was really good to have those building blocks in place, but I just wanted to get in to the workouts! And now. . .

I am loving (like seriously loving!) workouts. The best part of my day. I’m smiling even when I am on minute 17 of whatever WOD craziness we are doing. 

I can’t even remember the last time I’ve had such a killer workout. And the workouts every day are killer. Even when they look super easy. Ummm no. Killer. every. time. 


I was super nervous going in about being able to do everything and not look like a total idiot. I mean, I figured I would be ok – I work out, I’m pretty strong and fit, but handstand pushups, pull-ups, something about kipping craziness, olympic lifts, all things I have read about on other blogs, that had me second guessing myself. . . but that is probably the best part of cross fit. Everything, like seriously, every. single. thing. can be modified and scaled to whatever fitness level you are at. . .  and with the challenge to go to the next level when you are ready. So, the person who hasn’t worked out for the past year, me and the guy that’s been doing CF for the last 2 year and has biceps like whoa, we all can do the workout together and each get a killer workout. Amazing.


The other thing that has been repeated a few times, you don’t just get weight, you EARN it. Which as a fellow fitness instructor, I love that. Form and function before adding weight.

And if you are local, I cannot say enough amazing and awesome things about the team at FitELITE. They are wonderful. Super welcoming, helpful and just plain nice.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love me some BODYPUMP and running. But this is different. And different is good. 

I also think it was one of the best decisions I made to jump right into something new the week of moving to Wisconsin. It immediately gave me a new group of people to get to know and make a connection, which is something that can be challenging in a new town. 

But don’t worry, this isn’t going to turn into a cross fit blog. But if you are thinking about trying cross fit, do it. It is worth the money. Seriously. I don’t say that lightly, because it’s a good chunk of change, but really it’s that good. And fun. And muscles on fire. And challenging. And you’re welcome. 

What about you – have you tried cross fit? Love it or hate it?

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Chocolate Protein Energy Balls

Man, do I have an amazing recipe for you today!


The addition of chocolate protein powder takes the standard energy ball to the next level. It’s like protein powder mixed with Lara bar goodness.


3/4 cup nuts (I did one batch with cashews and another with walnuts = both awesome)
1 1/3 cups pitted dates (either whole or chopped)
1 t vanilla
1 t sea salt
1 scoop chocolate protein powder

1. Place all ingredients in food processor
2. Pulse until mixture resembles coarse crumbs

3. Form mixture into ball shapes
4. Keep in refrigerator

Perfect for a protein boost after your workout or snack or healthy dessert.



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Weekend Update: 3/22/15

Another Monday? Oh well, at least it was a pretty great weekend around here, so I can’t complain. Smile 

After work on Friday, I hit the road for MN. Thankfully, it is a fairly quick 2 1/2 hour drive back home.

Nothing too exciting Friday night.


Dinner. Snuggles. The Blacklist. Cupcakes. Bed.

Saturday morning started with BODYPUMP. It was a great group for 7am on a weekend.


And Caribou afterwards. Caramel latte ftw.


My secret for a successful trip to the grocery store with an almost 3 year old. Bribery with cookies. Works every time. Winking smile 


New recipe for protein energy balls. Super yum. Coming your way this week!


Sunday morning = family pancake breakfast.


Sunday was a low key day. Snow outside. Snuggles inside.


Finished off the weekend with one of my favorite crockpot meals –> cream cheese chicken chili.


And cornbread perfection. Drizzled with honey = awesomesauce.


How was your weekend?? What was the best part?

And because it was pretty marvelous, I am linking up with Katie (and Erin) for Marvelous in my Monday!


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Friday Favorites: 3/20/15

Man, I have no idea why but this week flew by for me. I cannot believe it’s Friday already. I am headed to MN after work this afternoon to hang with my 2 favorite boys. Plan to teach BODYPUMP tomorrow morning at the Mankato YMCA (7am – come join me!!), some meal prep (chicken salad and homemade mayo), maybe take Luke to the pool and enjoy some couch time with the hubby.


My favorite thing from this week was a conversation I had with Luke while driving home from playing at the YMCA.


Luke: Mom you should close Abby’s window cause she’s cold.

Me: Oh, she’s not cold. She loves to stick her head out the window.

Luke: Why?

Me: Because she likes to sniff everything.

Luke: Why?

Me: Because God made her with a big nose perfect for sniffing everything.

Luke: <pause> Did God use big tools when he made Abby?

Me: Yup, God used big tools to make Abby.

Luke: <cautiously> did it hurt Abby?

Me: Oh no. God is very gentle when he uses his tools.

Luke: Oh ok. Did God use my tools?

Me: God has his own set of tools that are very special so that he can make Abby puppies.

Luke: Oh. I would share with him. I’m a good sharer.

Oh my goodness. My heart melted like 6 times during that conversation. Little boys are just the best. Smile


Hope you have a great one! Whatcha up to??

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My favorite Egg Cups

I love eggs for dinner.

Quick, easy, healthy.

Customizable for what I have in the fridge.

Good for re-heating for leftovers, I love taking them for lunch the next day.

My favorite egg cups are a variation of this recipe:

#1. Day old bread (I love buying day old bread from Jimmy John’s – you can get a whole loaf for $0.49!) –> cut into cubes.


#2. Sausage. Whatever you like – maple sausage, low-fat, turkey, veggie sausage. Cooked and cut up into bit sized chunks. You could also sub in bacon. Or leave it out all together.


#3. Add veggies. Whatever you have in the fridge will do. I made some last week with leftover roasted broccoli. I also like using the pepper/onion frozen veggie mix.

#4. Whisk a bunch of eggs together. Again, you can do the whole egg or egg whites. And pour over top of bread/sausage/veggie mixtures.


#5. Top with cheese. I love cream cheese – it adds a creamy texture to the egg cups. But you can use any cheese you want!



#6. Bake in 350 degree oven for about 20-30 minutes or until eggs are set and cooked thru.


#6. Dinner is ready!


Do you cook with eggs? What’s your favorite combination?

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Pinterest: Crafts Edition

So, I have a problem.

And it’s called Pinterest.

I’ve been spending way too much time, pinning way to many things.

Lately, it’s been crafts. . . .

How adorable is this?

Bath Bomb Easy Birthday Gifts - A super easy gift to make and give! #birthdaygiftidea #bathdiy

And this would look so good in my kitchen!

DIY Kitchen Tablet Holder---  So much less expensive than the Pottery Barn one...yep onto the to do list - luv it

Adorable for my next party. . .

DIY Chalkboard Tray!  Perfect for summer parties!  So doing this!

And love this. . . luscious and easy.

Coconut Body Butter Recipe ~ A Gift In A Jar

And how cute would these be for storage?

make your own storage bins (coordinate fabric to match room)

Now, I just have to convince one of my sisters to do these projects with me. . . Jenny. . . Laura.. . who’s in? Smile

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