2016 . . . goals.

Let’s face it, 2015, just wasn’t my year.

Trying a new job and living apart from Scott for 6 months = terrible. *that being said, I’m SO glad I did it because you never know until you try!

Lost my Dad to leukemia = heartbreaking. Life will never be the same.

But, I am ready for 2016. And I have some big goals for myself. . . 

1. Have a baby. Ha! If only you could plan these things. I have no idea what God’s plan is for our family, but I would love to add another little one. Luke needs a sibling, he is going to be a great big brother some day. And hey, if a baby doesn’t work out, maybe I can convince Scott that we need to get a puppy instead. Winking smile

Newborn photos 051

2. Stay in the same house all year long.


No. more. moving. Thankfully, I am really loving our new little house. Scott has done an amazing job with the remodel. We are still unpacking the last of the boxes and then I’ll share some pictures of the new place with you. But after we unpack those boxes, they are staying unpacked for a good little while. This house isn’t our forever home, so unfortunately, we’ll probably be moving again in a few years, but for now, I am happy to be under one roof and making this house our home. 

3. Help Mom. There are a lot of things to be done around the house and at the Lake since Dad died. It will be a full family effort to help her get everything done over the next few months, and while it is a little overwhelming to think about, I am looking forward to the family time together. 

4. Family meals.


We already have meals together a few times per week, but they are just so important. I remember all the family meals growing up, the conversations around the table and just spending time together. I want Luke to have the same memories. And it’s just nice to sit down together so I want to make sure it is more of a priority this year. 

5. Run more. Easy, simple, and perfect. 


6. Get another exercise certification. I’m thinking either the advanced training certification for BODYPUMP or maybe getting certified in another Les Mills class. . . maybe GRIT? 


7. Eat real food. I know my nutrition could be much better and so this is a big goal for me this year.


Healthy, balanced eating. Eating more of what I know I should – veggies – and less of what I really shouldn’t be – cookies. But I’m all about moderation and balance, there is always room in life for dessert. 

8. Date night.


This one usually falls by the way side because Scott and I would much rather sit on the couch and watch our own TV than go out to dinner or go to a movie, but I would like to make an effort, especially with 2 Grandma’s that are more than willing to watch Luke anytime, to go out and have some fun times together. 

What about you? Big goals or plans for 2016?? Linking up with Amanda for Thinking out loud!


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14 Responses to 2016 . . . goals.

  1. I think those are all awesome goals. I’m trying to switch up my workout routine a little bit this year, so I’ll be taking some barre classes. Another goal that I didn’t publish is to take more of my vacation time. I’m always left with at least a couple weeks that go unused every year and I hate it!
    Kelly @ Kelly RunS For Food recently posted..Sometimes showing up is the most important partMy Profile

  2. My family didn’t really have a lot of sit down meals when I was growing up (aside from the holidays), but we started having them on Sunday nights ever since I moved out, and I really, REALLY love them as a time to chat and catch up. I think that’s an awesome goal!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted..diet rants, a grocery store freakout, and something a little more serious (ToL #164)My Profile

  3. Oh wow, I will be praying that God does bless you with a baby and that you learn to trust Him in the process.
    Emily recently posted..Guest Post: Broken to BeautifulMy Profile

  4. Katie, I hope 2016 is your year! These are awesome goals! Dan and I are totally the sit on the couch and watch TV type as well. It’s so nice to take the time to go out and reconnect though. Anytime we make that effort I’m reminded how important it is.
    Kate @ Baking in Yoga Pants recently posted..New Year, Best MeMy Profile

  5. It sounds like you have your priorities for 2016 and are ready to get after them. Good luck!
    Katie @ Live Half Full recently posted..Make Ahead Western Omelet Egg MuffinsMy Profile

  6. Those are all really good goals – I love how specific you are with them – I need to get mine to be more specific if I’m going to really achieve them 🙂 Family dinners are the best – my family ate dinner together every night growing up and I cherish those memories too!
    Kelsey @ Chatterbox Blog recently posted..Thinking Out Loud – New Year’s ResolutionsMy Profile

  7. Mary

    Oh man. 2015 was so bad for many people… I can only hope 2016 is better, I had a really awful 2015. Hope yours is better as well!!

  8. These are such great goals! And why was 2015 such a bad year for so many people? Bleh – anyway, here is to a wonderful 2016!! And I’m with you on pushing for a puppy if the baby thing doesn’t happen this year. 🙂
    alexandra @ my urban family recently posted..Don’t Forget About Love – Love is…My Profile

  9. Jen @nutcaseinpoint

    Ooo take advantage of those grandmas! We have ZERO family around so doing anything without the kiddo in tow isn’t an option