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Friday Favorites: Rain, Legos and Candles

Hey! Happy Friday. I am super pumped for this weekend because tomorrow I am spending the day at the Les Mills Quarterly in Minneapolis. I’m most excited to take a pump class from the “pros” and check out two new to me LM classes – CXWORX and RPM! 


Here are a few of my favorites from this week.. .  

It’s been rainy all week here in MN and instead of getting depressed, I made the most of it with come couch time + hot chocolate + fireplace on.


Also, there is something about listening to the rain that is really nice. One of my favorite sounds. 

Playing Legos.


I never got into legos much when I was younger, but Luke got a bunch of sets for his birthday so we have been working together to put some together.


It is so much fun to see him work thru the instructions (or as he calls them “the constructions”) and be excited when we have a finished product. 

This image popped up on my Facebook feed this week and I shared it but I wanted to post it here too. ..


when I think back to before AdvoCare and spending so much $$$ on coffee, I just shake my head and then smile, because I’m happy that I’ve found something that is so much better. PS – Don’t get me wrong, I still love a good caramel latte, but I’m not buying them every day now! 

This laugh. 25 funny parenting tweets. Yes to #2, #11, #16, #17 (SO true!!), and #18 #truth 

Candle sale at Bath and Body Works.


Yup, I totally have a BBW candle problem. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Use code MORESPRING for an additional 25% off!!

And with that, I’m off – have a good one!

Plans for the weekend? Favorites from the week?

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A Pirate Pizza Party: Luke’s 4th birthday

On Saturday, we had 24 family and friends over to celebrate Luke’s 4th birthday.


Laura’s dog Sadie was into the pirate theme too. .  .


He wanted it to be a pirate party. And really wanted everyone to have swords, eye patches, and compasses. And a huge thank you to my sister, Laura, for making this cute sign!


And a pirate ship cake with a pirate and a shark. Smile 


Since the weather was going to be so beautiful – sunny and 72 – on Saturday, I decided to have some fun with activities in the backyard. And thank goodness for Pinterest for giving me some fun kid activity ideas.

I made a station with baking soda + vinegar colored with food coloring. When the vinegar hits the baking soda, it fizzes. This one was a huge hit with the kids.



It was fun for Aunt Jenny too..  .


They also had fun with sword fights. . .



and walking “the plank”


party fun.  ..


Aunt Laura did pirate tattoos.



Grandma Mary got in on the sword fights. . .


And Luke pouted for a few minutes that it wasn’t time yet to open his presents. . . #beingfourishard


I also made “moon sand” = mixed cornstarch and hair gel. And added black and pinto beans for “rocks”. Add in some dollar store toys = fun for hours.


Scott and his family. . .


Finally. . . time for presents.


And then the best game of all. . . Laura and I filled up balloons with little toys and candy from the dollar store and then the kids got to pop the balloons to get the treats out. Oh man, they had a blast and it was hilarious!











Such a fun day. We are so thankful to have so many friends and family that love Luke and came to celebrate with us!


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Weekending. . . sentence per picture

Happy Monday! Did you survive the weekend?? Mine was all about hanging with my sister, getting ready for Luke’s party and then enjoying a lazy Sunday!

Here’s a quick recap – one sentence per picture style!

I got this cute picture at work of Luke helping Scott check out some road construction.


Abby having fun with a neighborhood cat. . . or maybe the other way around. Winking smile 


Teaching early morning pump with a little flex Friday.




Because someone likes to get up at the crack of dawn on Saturdays, I am SO thankful for fruit punch spark.


Running with Scott while Laura watched Luke (thank you!).


Coffee + craft fair.


Luke’s 4th birthday party! (more details this week!!)



Family Sunday afternoon exploring.


Weekend perfection. Smile 

Hope you had a great one. . . what were you up to?

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Friday Favorites: Grandma’s Marathon 1981

Hey! Happy Friday!!

I’m super excited because my little sister, Laura, came into town early for Luke’s birthday party on Saturday and we are spending today hanging out – including massages! I’m also really looking forward to Luke’s 4th birthday party – Pirate theme – on Saturday and we are having family pictures taken on Sunday. Full weekend ahead!

Here’s a look at the recent things that have made me smile.

Family date night on a Thursday. We went to a local ice skating show together and it will a lot of fun. Luke loved the sparkly outfits .  .. and let’s be honest, I did too! I also loved the little 3 and 4 year olds who could hardly stand up on the ice but were so happy to be on the ice with the “big kids”!


Wearing my Dad’s Grandma Marathon Finisher shirt from 1981! Older than I am! I think he would have liked that I am wearing it. Smile 


Facebook messages from my BODYPUMP peeps about how sore they are. Winking smile 


This post with some awesome marathon signs from the Boston marathon this week.

My girl Becky saying all the things about direct sale companies and why they are really awesome.

And with that, I’m off – have a good one!

Plans for the weekend? Favorites from the week?

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Weekending. . . Luke turns 4 + Ladies Alive

Happy Monday! I’m off to work this morning after a great weekend. . . I don’t think I could have squeezed anything more into the past few days.

Luke celebrated his 4th birthday at school on Friday.


And after school we hit the road for my Mom’s house. And I am SO happy that it’s finally warm enough for iced coffee season!


We celebrated a little early on Friday night because we had such a busy day on Saturday. Luke didn’t mind. Winking smile 


Making a wish. .  . and blowing out the candles.


And I love that my sister shared this on facebook. . . I don’t think I ever saw this post when Luke was born. Love.


On Saturday, I drove down to Rochester for an AdvoCare event – Ladies Alive


It was a fun day hearing inspiring AdvoCare stories and hanging with some lovely ladies.


Another highlight was this cute bag + all the goodies inside!


And then back in the car to join my husband at the wedding of a good friend from high school.

wedding pic

of course. . . cupcakes. Smile 


After the wedding, I drove back to Mom’s house and packed Luke up in the car to head home.

When Luke woke up, he came and snuggled with me and I asked him how it felt to be 4 and was it any different from being 3? “Yup, Mom. My arms are longer now that I’m 4!” Seriously, that kid. Winking smile 

We spent the day with no agenda. . .

we worked on our Lego building skills. .  .


Soaked in some 70 degree sunshine with a 4 mile run + silly faces.


Post-run smoothies.


Haircut! I swear that he grows up by 10 year every time he gets a haircut!


More sunshine = park time. I told Scott (who was spending the day working at the Lake place on staining the new dock), that I would bet money based on what I saw from Luke playing at the park that he will have a broken bone and/or stiches before the summer is out. Kid is fearless. I can’t count the number of times I heard “No Mom! Don’t help me. I got it.” Which was fine. . . until we got to the monkey bars, sorry Luke, I don’t think you “got it” yet. #fourgoingonfourteen


The rest of the night was spent doing laundry (because it never ends), getting ready for the week and playing play d’oh.

Hope you had a great one. . . what were you up to?

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Friday Favorites: Pirate talk

Whooop Whooop. Who’s excited it’s the weekend??!! 

I cannot believe that Luke turns 4 tomorrow!


We aren’t technically celebrating until next weekend with a Pirate Pizza Party, but we obviously have to have cake. Winking smile

Also on tap this weekend, Ladies Alive AdvoCare event. I am SO excited. I’ve heard amazing things about this event and I’m happy that I have a couple of friends coming with me! 

And we have a wedding. Scott’s good friend from high school is getting married on Saturday night. 

Whew. I am tired just thinking about squeezing everything into one day! 

Sunday has no plans. And after two weekends of working plus a super busy Saturday, I am thrilled! 

And now onto a few of my recent favs: 

This combo. Amazing. It’s the perfect afternoon pick me up. 


Family runs. Bonus points that Luke wore his eye patch the entire run and said “arrrggg shiver me timbers” to everyone we passed. 


And then the fact that he wore his eye patch to dinner. And continued to talk in pirate lingo.  


New tanks for teaching pump.


I am in love with the “but did you die though” one. 


AKA my motto for BODYPUMP 97!

Everyday with Rachel Ray.


Honestly, I’m not sure why I love this magazine. There isn’t a whole lot of content to read and I usually only save 1 or two recipes per issue, but for some reason I love it. #randomfacts

Running. Warmer temps this week has made for some great running!


This kid. And our local library. They have a great kids section that has educational toys. Obviously, I really liked this one. Smile 


Ok. .. off to pack for the weekend. Wish me luck!

Plans for the weekend? Favorites from the week?

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Weekending during the week

Hey there! Happy Monday. Smile 

Did you have a good weekend?? 

I had to work all weekend. . . again. .  

But that’s ok, because I had Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off last week, so Scott took off of work and we had our weekend early. 

We headed up to the Lake for some family time. 

But first, I kicked off “the weekend” with some BODYPUMP. I am loving 97 – it kicks my butt every time!! 


And a Caribou treat for me and Abby.


We got to the Lake late Wednesday night and quickly crashed. 

And then on Thursday, Luke and I hit up the children’s museum. 






Lunch with my sisters at this amazing hole in the wall Chinese place. They had the best egg rolls!


Quick 4 mile run.


Unpictured but totally worth the mention was the cookies and cream pancakes I had for dinner. Basically pancakes + Oreos. And yes, they were amazing. 

Then, off to Luke’s first play – The Little Mermaid. 



He did really really good, until about 9:30 and totally crashed and missed the last 20 minutes. Winking smile


And then, we were walking out and I was carrying him, still sound asleep through the noisy lobby. . . and we saw Ursula and the Chef taking pictures and we thought we would snap a quick picture with them and sleeping Luke. And then as we were standing there talking to Ursula (who looked pretty scary!), Luke’s eyes popped open.


And you could see the look of “what the heck is happening. . .” on his face. So, we took a quick picture and hoped we hadn’t scarred him for life. 

Friday started with doughnuts. #sprinklesforlife 


And games with Grandma Mary.


Laura and I went and got coffee and pedicures.


Lunch at Red Robin. 


Road trip stop at DQ. 


And finished the day off with laundry, showers, and an early bedtime. 

“Weekend” perfection. Hope you had a great one. . . what were you up to?

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Running Tips for dressing for the weather

Any other runners out there having a hard time with figuring out what to wear in this weather? 


I don’t know about you but it’s been cray cray here in MN over the past few weeks. 60s and sunny then 30s and windy. And I don’t know about you but a big factor of how successful my run is depends on how I am dressed. Too hot or worse, too cold. . . forget about it, I’m turning back early. 

So, on my last run when I dressed way to warm and had sweat dripping thru my long sleeves of my thin layer coat, I figured out my top 5 tips for dressing for the weather and then promised myself to follow them. . . 

See. . . I have a hard time following them because I hate being cold and that’s my first tip. 

1. you should be a little chilly when you first step out the door. if you walk outside and think “hmmm this is ok” and you feel comfortable in the current weather, turn around and go back inside and take a layer off because trust me, when you start running and heating up, you’ll be happy you did. 


2. that being said, my second tip is to dress in layers, so that you can be a little warmer at the start and then when you heat up, you can take the top layer off. 


3. gloves + hats. so easy to put on and take off and can make a huge difference especially when it is warmer temps but still has a chilly wind.


4. Wear clothes that are adjustable. Think sleeves that can be rolled up or down, jackets zipped or unzipped.


5. Alter your running route to include loops, so you can drop off extra layers, or your hat and gloves if you need. or push your 3 year old in his stroller and use that to hold your extra layers. Winking smile 


Do you have any tips for running in crazy spring weather? I suppose there is always the option of moving to Florida where it is either hot or really hot. Winking smile 

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Weekending. . . the highlights

Hey! Happy Monday. Smile 

Hope you are having a good day so far!!

I started my day dark and early with a 4:30am alarm to get up to teach the 5:15am BODYPUMP at the YMCA. It was my first time teaching the entire 97 release and oh. my. goodness. it is tough! Probably the toughest release ever. And I love it!

So, now I am working on rebuilding my muscles with some protein (chocolate ftw) thanks to AdvoCare and thought I would share my four highlights from my weekend with you . ..

#1 – Luke and I went to the Children’s Museum.


#2 – We launched BP97 with a Hawaiian theme.


And my many faces of teaching. . . lol.


#3 – And a family run in 70 degree sunshine. #perfection


#4 – And then after working all weekend. . . this was the perfect ending – the s’mores blizzard. deliciousness.


Hope you had a great one. . . what were you up to?

I am linking up with Katie (and Erin) for Marvelous in my Monday!


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Friday Favorites: Currently

Happy April! And April Fool’s Day. No jokes or pranks here. . . honestly, I just don’t like them! And most are just silly anyway.

But I am super excited that it’s Friday. I have to work all weekend. . . boo. But we have plans to make this happen,


so it’s all good. Smile 

And we have BODYPUMP 97 launch tomorrow!!

But for today, I thought I’d do a little snapshot post with some of my current things. . .

Current book:  I just finished this one. .. now I need another recommendation!


Current TV show: Survivor. It’s my favorite. I love how even though it is basically exactly the same every season, some how with the different personalities, it is still exciting. 

Current excitement: Luke’s 4th birthday party in a few weeks. Pirate theme. It is so just fun to see him SO excited for his birthday and his party and CAKE! 

Current exercise: Pumping 2x per week and starting to ramp up my running mileage for a half marathon in Green Bay, WI in May! 

Current song: I’ve been listening to BODYPUMP 97 playlist on repeat in anticipation launch this weekend and I am loving the triceps track – Waiting For Love.


Current bane of my existence: These.


They are the one candy I have absolutely no self control around. And yes, the bag I got from my Mom for Easter is totally gone. #noshame

Current outfit: It’s not really an outfit, but OMG, how did I survive without wearing a headband before for working out and running. Seriously, life changing. 


Current food: Smoothies every morning. A huge thank you to my husband for making them every morning! Our go to combo = vanilla non fat yogurt, frozen berries, OJ and chia seeds. 

Current drink: I am still loving fruit punch spark. Can’t stop, won’t stop. 


Current indulgence: I just splurged (i.e. spent more than I usually do) on the Rodan + Fields skin care line. My friend Amy hooked me up!


Fingers crossed that it is amazing. I’ve been using it for a week and so far so good. 

Current photo: I took this photo a few weeks ago and I am still loving it. He just looks SO big!


Your turn – current drink, book, song??

Plans for the weekend?

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