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Weekending. . .

Monday! I had to work all weekend, so today is my day off. ..

I kicked it off with BODYPUMP 98 at the YMCA with Chris.


Planning to make fruit pizza, hopefully go for a run (I haven’t been able to run since the car accident because of my chest hurting!), visiting a friend who just had a baby (and taking her Tator Tot hot dish), and taking Luke to swimming lessons!

Luke and Scott had lots of fun hanging out while I was at work. ..

They went to a fire station open house.



I asked Scott to take a “belly” pic for me. . . and this is what I got:


And then I made him take this one instead. Winking smile 18 weeks!


Family walk before work on Sunday.


They made chocolate cake + a huge mess.



And we had time for a Mexican date night.


And now. . . off to tackle my to-do list!

Hope you had a great one. . . what were you up to?

I am linking up with Katie (and Erin) for Marvelous in my Monday!


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Oh BOY!!

Just one Friday Favorite this week. . .

Baby Boy Thompson #2 due December 24th. Smile



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Thursday Update

Hey there. . . Smile

Is it hot where you are?? It has been crazy here. . . Yesterday it was 90s and sunny and more of the same today. And in MN, that is HOT! Abby and I went for a walk yesterday afternoon and just about melted. Oh man, that air conditioning felt SO good when we got back!


Nothing too much to report here. . . although make sure you check back tomorrow for an exciting announcement!

We went up to the Lake last weekend. Mom made lasagna and fruit pizza. It was amazing.



Iced caramel latte for the win.


My boys and their tractors.


BODYPUMP + new lululemon shorts. Love the pink tie dye print!!


Off to work today.  .. hope you are staying cool. See you tomorrow!


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Friday Favorites: Lukie sayings – 4 years old

Kids say the craziest things. I seriously cannot believe some of things that Luke comes up with. . .

And I thought I would do another post (first one here!) to remember and laugh at some the things that Luke says.

Hope this gives you a laugh for your Friday today! Smile

Daddy, my hands aren’t being nice to each other.


Dad: “how’d this orange get over here?” (on the floor, six feet from the table)
Luke: “well, according to legend, a pirate ghost did it.”


Me: “Did you have fun playing outside.”
Luke: “Yup. But I’m not sure what that girls name is?”
Me: “I think it was Marianna.”
Luke: “Oh, like the Mariana Trench?
Me: Thinking to myself. . . this is the moment when I realize my child is smarter than I am.

Luke talking to Dad: “Can I check those flashlights to see if they’re in working order?”


The day after his birthday, laying in bed. . . .


Me: “So, how does it feel to be 4 years old?”
Luke: “Pretty good.”
Me: “Is there anything different from being 3 years old?”
Luke: “Well. . . my arms are longer.”
Me: “Oh, really?”
Luke: “Yup, see. . .” (and then stretches his arms out wide.)

We are headed back to the Lake this weekend. . . planning for some boat time, taking Luke in the tube again, family lasagna dinner, learning BODYPUMP 98 choreography for launch next week.

Your plans for the weekend?? Favorites from the week?

Linking up for Friday fun with Heather!


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Weekending. . . at the Lake with our Colorado Friends!

Whew. What a long weekend. It was truly a weekend of highs and lows.

High. Getting Luke a haircut on Friday on the way to the Lake.


Low. Our friends having car trouble with their rental car on Friday afternoon on the way to the Lake. Thankfully, they were able to get the car swapped out, but such a pain!

High. Friday night Fish Fry with our friends and my Mom and sisters.

High. Doughnuts on Saturday morning.


High. Trying out the new tube.



And spending time on the Lake.


High. Luke taking his first tube ride!




High. Peggy making her amazing guacamole.


Low. Clouds and rain. . . but we didn’t let that stop us too much. . .


High. watching these boys hang together.



Low. This was the worst one. . . we were headed to dinner out on Monday night while Mom watched the kids and the four of us ended up getting into a car accident. It was pretty scary, we went off the road and then crashed. The airbags deployed and everything. Thankfully, we are all ok, just pretty banged up and sore from the crash. Just a reminder to be safe out there and always wear your seatbelt <—we all were wearing our seatbelts!

High. Even though the car was totaled, with the help of my Mom, we were able to get everyone back to the airport without having to drive 3+ hours to pick up a new rental car. And bonus with good conversation + Caribou Coffee on the way!

Low. No group picture this year.

High. Plans are already in the works for our next family get together.

And despite all the highs and lows, I couldn’t think of better people to spend time with and I’m so thankful for their friendship. Smile


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Friday. . . since we last chatted

Happy Friday!! I am extra excited today because my best friend from medical school and her family are in town! We are headed to my Mom’s Lake place for a long weekend and the weather is supposed to be perfect. #cantwait 

And also, I honestly didn’t mean to disappear on you for the past week! 

Let’s back up to last weekend – Fourth of July. 

We had a great family weekend. I taught BODYPUMP on Saturday morning to a great group, Scott worked on some landscaping in the backyard, we went and saw Finding Dori (super cute!), we went for a family run, we grilled up teriyaki chicken, and then skipped out on fireworks in favor of a good nights sleep. #adulting 

But. . .then I looked at my phone to do a weekend update post and all I had from the whole weekend was this: 


So yeah. . . #bloggerfail 

Anyway, then this week has been crazy busy with work and life.

All good things. .. we had a fun get-together with friends on Wednesday night, I snuck in a pedicure after work one day, and we had Re-Bath come in and update our bathroom shower surround and vanity.

But I am so looking forward to a long weekend of good conversations, food (Peggy makes the best guacamole!), and soaking up some sunshine and Lake time. And pinky swear, I’ll be back next week with a full recap. . .  and more than just one picture! Smile 

What about you – what have you been loving this weekend?

And plans for the weekend? Favorites from the week?

Linking up for Friday fun with Heather!

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Hey!! Happy 4th of July weekend! Do you have a three day weekend?? I’m pumped. I have to work today, but then it’s all about family time, teaching pump on Saturday, and soaking in some sunshine!

Here are some of the things that made me smile this week.  . .

Luke taking over my phone and seeing the results.. .


Enjoying the sunshine with Abby puppy. And pink shoes. They both just make me happy. Smile


Big @ss salads. Filled with Farmer’s Market fresh produce and grilled steak. <love>


More sunshine puppy.


And teaching BODYPUMP 97 and kicking my own butt. Man, that release is TOUGH!


What about you – what have you been loving this weekend?

And plans for the weekend? Favorites from the week?

Looking for my linkup? I’ve decided to take a break from Friday link ups, but I’m still going to link up Friday fun with Heather!

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