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MN State Fair – 2016


On Sunday, we went to the MN State Fair. Fun fact – Luke as been there every year, even when I was about 8 weeks pregnant with him! 

We did a ton of walking and exploring. . . 


Food highlights: 



Corn on the cob.




Strawberry smoothie. +baby


Adventure highlights: 

A trip to the Oink booth in the pig barn and petting a baby pig. 


Checking out tractors with Dad. 


Getting free sunglasses at the Kare11 booth. 


Doing the Little Farmhands experience. 


And getting to pick out one treat. BATMAN!


It was a HOT day and after about 5 hours at the fair.. . we were done. Smile

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CXWORX training

A few weekends ago, I had the opportunity to take my second Les Mills Training class in CXWORX. It is a 30 minute core workout that is amazing.


From the Les Mills website:


Exercising muscles around the core, CXWORX provides the vital ingredient for a stronger body. A stronger core makes you better at all things you do, from everyday life to your favorite sports – it’s the glue that holds everything together.

All the moves in CXWORX have options, so it’s challenging but achievable for your own level of fitness. During the 30-minute workout trained instructors guide you through correct technique as you work with resistance tubes and weight plates, as well as body weight exercises like crunches, and hovers. You will also get into some hip, butt and lower back exercises.

The weekend was very similar to my BODYPUMP training weekend. . .

It started with getting access to the choreography and music about 2 weeks before the weekend, with the instructions to learn 2 of the tracks. I had to learn track 2 and 4 of release 23.

*Tip for new instructors – the better you know your tracks and the more comfortable you are with the choreography and timing, the better the weekend will go for you. So, put in the time and effort ahead of time to really nail those tracks.

Then, the weekend was scheduled for 8-6 on Saturday and Sunday. Being on time is very important for these trainings. Our penalty if you were late anytime over the weekend was a 1 minute plank. We ended up being there from 8-5 on Saturday and 8-4 on Sunday.

Saturday started with introductions, expectations for the weekend and then we jumped right into the master class. This is where our trainer lead CXWORX 23 and kicked out butts. Smile


Then, we headed into learning about what makes Les Mills so special – from their key elements in each class to choreography. Then, we got into the science behind CXWORX and learned about the muscles involved.


Then, we had a technique clinic where we had a chance to review the basic moves involved in a CX class and to make sure that our form was on point to be instructing.

**I was nervous about being 5 months pregnant and taking the training. Overall, it went fine. There aren’t any modifications for pregnancy, like BODYPUMP, because they don’t recommend the class after the 3rd trimester. Thankfully, for the prone exercises I still felt comfortable lying on my belly. Also, just like with any other training, I listened to my body and took the lower level when I felt I needed to. The trainer was supportive but also made sure to challenge me as well.

After lunch, we talked about coaching a CX class and giving appropriate cues.

Then, it was time to give our 1st presentations. While we were told to prepare 2 tracks, we had 1 track to focus on (usually the first one listed) and then the 2nd track is a “shadow” track.

So, for me, I had track 4 and 2. 4 was my focus for the weekend. I was able to present this track 3 times over the course of the two days. The other track, track 2 in my case, I shadowed a fellow instructor for one of the presentations.

We had a few minutes here and there throughout the day to listen to our tracks and practice, but not a whole lot of time. There are always a bunch of nerves the first time you present your track to the group.

A couple of things that I like to keep in mind:
1. everyone is in the same boat. No one has taught this class before and we all have things to improve on.
2. even if you mess up, it actually helps the group learn from your mistakes and makes us all better instructors.
3. no one is judging you. I think Les Mills has one of the most supportive training environments, from the master trainer to the other participants, we all have the same goal: to become great CX instructors!
So, take a deep breath and do your best!

We got feedback from our presentations, chatted a little more about coaching and then that was the end of Day 1. We were given homework to work on that night with regards to our specific tracks and we headed home.

Day 2 started bright and early. I hit up Caribou to drink some coffee and nail my choreography.



We spent some time chatting about Les Mills.


And then right back into doing another presentation.

More technique and coaching work. . . key in Les Mills classes!


And our final presentations!

After our final presentations, we found out of we passed the initial training. . .


And then comes the hard work. . .

Learning the rest of the release. Nailing choreography 100% + the appropriate cues for each track.

Then, once you have that down, you videotape yourself teaching a class and submit it to Les Mills for final certification.

I am quickly working on learning the rest of release 23 and am hoping to videotape my class as soon as possible before my belly gets too much bigger and I can’t lay prone anymore!!

Overall, I think CXWORX is an awesome class. It is only 30 minutes, but those 30 minutes are TOUGH and challenging!! I’m especially excited to teach a 30 minute pump class followed by the 30 minute CX class this fall – I think that will be a great combo.

It was a great weekend. I really enjoyed Barb, our trainer, we had a great group of instructors, and I learned a lot! I would highly recommend any Les Mills instructor trainings if you are interested in teaching. Smile

Now, off to practice teaching!!

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Currently. . . August

Happy Monday!!

It has been a hot minute since I shared some current favorites. . . so here’s a little glimpse into life lately in my house!

Current book: Red Rising by Pierce Brown.

Image result for red rising trilogy fan art

So far so good. It’s part of a trilogy, so I’ll report back when I finish all 3 books!

Current TV show: Scott and I are watching Person of Interest together (thanks again for the recommendation Sarah and Matt!). And of course, the Olympics!!

Image result for person of interest

Current excitement: Baby Boy #2! And baby kicks. <– seriously the best. 


Current exercise: Pumping 2x per week. Plus practicing CXWORX all. the. time. I’m filming my video TONIGHT!! before my belly gets too big! And I think I might be done running during this pregnancy. . . I had to stop after the car accident because my chest hurt so darn much and I was able to do a few runs without too much pain, but over the past week, the belly has been hurting with running. I’m hoping to try a belly band support so I can keep running for at least a while longer. .. but if not, walks with Abby are good too! 


Current bane of my existence: Coming up with boy names! We had tons of girl names, but boy names are SO tough! If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!!

Current outfit: Workout clothes. If I’m not working, you will find me in black lululemon shorts and a workout tank!

Current food: Anything chocolate, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Chipotle.


Current drink: Thank goodness for spark.


I am still so tired all. the. time. I was hopeful that it would get better in the second trimester, but since I’m just over 22 weeks and it isn’t any better, I just keep on drinking my spark every morning.

Current indulgence: Daydreaming about building our next house.

Current photo: This. After school date with my favorite boy.


Your turn – current drink, book, food??

I have the day off of work today. .  we have an ultrasound and doctor appointment for baby boy plus filming my CXWORX video tonight <– wish me luck!!


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BODYPUMP 98 {review}

So, as you all know, I am a Les Mills BODYPUMP instructor and I teach a few times a week at  the YMCA in Mankato!


Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this release yet! I’ve been teaching it for the past month.

And it is a KILLER!!!


Anyway, here’s the whole review

#1: Warm up – “Strong Ones”

Good standard warm up track and good lyrics. Nothing special but sets a good tone for the workout and release.

#2: Squats – “Techno”

Pretty standard squat track. I like that there are no breaks. Another techno song, which I think works well for squats but I do miss having lyrics in the squat track!

#3: Chest – “Focus”

OMG. This track is TOUGH. Bottom 8’s? Craziness. But then down, hold and then bottom 16’s? Whoa. Pecs are burning. Every time. I’ve been teaching this release for 4 weeks now and it’s not getting any easier!

#4: Back – “Chased”

I like this one. The song has a good beat. I like that there are 2 sets of 8 clean and presses and then the final set ups the challenge to the power presses. Slightly repetitive but not boring.

#5: Triceps – “Two Minds”

Decent triceps track.. . The transitions are a bit too quick for my liking. And the song is just ok. . .

#6: Biceps – “Victorious

Winner. I can almost feel my biceps getting bigger. I love the halfway holds. I think those are super challenging.


#7:  Lunges – “Memories”

I think this is a strong lunge track. The combo of 4 bottom halves and 2 quick singles is killer. The song is fun and upbeat. And that last set of 6 combos in squats is like whoa.

#8: Shoulders – “Redliner”

Longest set of side raise/mac raise ev-er. And I don’t love the song. It is a shoulder burner though and a little different than the last few releases without a ton of overhead presses, so I appreciate that!

#9: Core – “My House”

Love love love this one! I think the combo and using the bench to work the lower abdominals is super challenging and something new to pump. And the song is awesome. Smile

#10: Cool down – “Bird Set Free”

Meh. It’s just ok for me. I’m not a huge Sia fan. But it gets the job done. And after teaching this release, it feels good to stretch it out.


Overall, I thought this was a really really solid and challenging release! BP99 comes out next week!!!

and I can’t believe that BP100 is coming soon!!

Have you done BP98??? What did you think?

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Weekending. . . in pictures

Hey! Happy Tuesday. . . I am still smiling from a great weekend at the Lake with friends. I thought I’d pop in today and share some pics from the weekend!

All good weekends start with ice cream. . .


And a trip to the splash pad. . .



It was overcast Saturday morning. . . but then the sun came out for a beautiful afternoon on the water. . .






Sunset boat cruise with best friends.


Sunday morning fishing. . .






I’m already looking forward to next year’s weekend! Smile 

What did you do this weekend??


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Fri-YAY. . . Summer Vacay: 2

Hey! It’s been way to long!! I know, I know. . . it’s all my fault. Winking smile

Anyway, I’m here today to share a little recap of our second week of vacation. Spoiler alert, we’ve gotten really good at just hanging out and not actually doing much of anything. . . #staycation

We had a play date . . . complete with ice cream.


I attended CXWORX training.


And passed!!


Now..  .just working on quickly learning the rest of the release so I can videotape while I can still lie on my growing belly!

I finally framed our family photos and had Scott hang up a picture ledge.



Lots of park play time.



And puppy walks + a baby belly. Winking smile


We are headed to the Lake this weekend with some friends. Looking forward to sunshine, boat rides and lots of laughing. Smile

Your plans for the weekend?? Favorites from the week?

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Fri- YAY . .. Summer Vacay

Happy Friday!! Smile

We’ve had a great week of vacation here. . . it’s been nice to not have any plans! I am looking forward to the weekend because I am taking Les Mills CXWORX training. ..  I’ll be honest that I’m a little bummed to be spending a summer sunshine filled weekend in the gym, but fingers crossed that it will be fun and worth it. I’ll be back next week with a recap for you!!

Here is a few of the things we’ve been up to this week:

Abby went to the groomers.


We checked out a new beach in town.



I went to the Lion King with my Mom, sister and Aunt.


Luke and I went to the Children’s Museum.


And #reallife happens. Chocolate milk everywhere.


Also, I’ve been running, teaching BODYPUMP – still loving 98, getting ready for CXWORX training, and going for family walks.

Your plans for the weekend?? Favorites from the week?

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Weekending. . . at the lake

Happy Monday!!

I’m popping in this morning for a quick weekend recap before heading back out on the Lake. Luke just figured out how to jump in by himself off the dock and it is the best and cutest thing ever. Smile 

Started the weekend with BODYPUMP! I am loving 98. Full review coming soon.


Then, we headed to the lake and Luke participated in his first demolition derby. . . for kids. Winking smile 




He drove around for about 3 minutes before deciding that the big kids were being a little rough, so he came and sat on the side with Mom and Dad. . . which was just fine by me!

Besides, he thought the best part of the whole thing was his new dinosaur helmet, holding the finish flag and his cool trophy.


Saturday = doughnuts.


And time at the Bloomer Fair.



Sunday was parade day. . .


And Luke killing time by taking pictures before the parade started. . .




The rest of the day was jumping off the dock



and cruising in the boat.


It was a really great weekend.. .  and I’m super excited because Luke’s school is closed for the next 2 weeks and I took off work to hang out with him! I’ll check in again later this week with some of our adventures!

Hope you are having a great Monday!!

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