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Friday Favorites: Life Lately

Hey there! Happy Friday!

Even though I have an all-day training (ACLS renewal) and have to work all weekend, I am still happy to see the weekend. Scott and I have tickets to see Lewis Black on Saturday night and I’m excited to check out a new breakfast place on Sunday!

Here’s a look at life lately and some of my recent favorites:

Little boys + haircuts. Except for the fact that it makes Luke look like he’s way older. . . time slow down!!


These Luna bars. Delicious.


Passing my CXWORX training!! And teaching the class. It is only 30 minutes but is a total killer!


Popcorn + movie afternoons.


Roasted veggies.


This walking workout.


This boy.


Fall decorations. Including this one!


My fall decorations helper. . .


Sunday afternoon on the couch with a baby bump + Abby puppy + football.


Getting Luke’s room set up for the new baby. We got him a new nightstand and moved a new dresser into his room when we took out his old dresser that we will use as a changing table in the baby’s room.


#reallife. sometimes you eat brownies directly out of the pan to avoid doing more dishes.


Luke doing CXWORX with me. Laughing is a good core workout, right?


Day date with Luke. And a good latte. Smile


Your plans for the weekend?? Favorites from the week?

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2nd Pregnancy Confessions at 26 weeks

This second pregnancy is no joke.

22 weeks _3

Honestly, with Luke, I loved being pregnant. While I was nauseous a lot, otherwise I felt good. I taught aerobics and ran until 39 weeks. And was back to running 2 weeks after delivery.

And while this pregnancy is similar, it’s also so different. 4 years may not seem like much, but I can definitely tell that I am 4 years older this time around. My body remembered being pregnant, so the baby belly showed up a lot sooner. . .  I was still in my normal jeans with Luke until about 16 weeks, but with this one, by 10 week, they were getting pretty tight and 12 weeks, I was into maternity clothes full time. . . which is hard! It’s hard to get bigger and wonder how big this belly is going to get by the time he’s ready to come out!

24 weeks with Luke vs 25 weeks with baby boy #2

25 weeks _3

But, then you start feeling the little kicks and punches of that sweet baby, and it’s all worth it.

I am definitely trying to remember and enjoy all the little moments of this pregnancy, knowing that it will probably be my last.. . because let’s be honest, I don’t want to risk have 3! boys! Winking smile

I’m still working out! I’m teaching BODYPUMP at least twice per week.


I’ve recently added in CXWORX (I passed my certification video!!). I’ve stopped running already. It just doesn’t feel good. I’m not sure if that has to do with my belly growing bigger faster this time around or if my body is just different. I’m sad about it and I miss it. I enjoyed running with Luke for as long as I did and I’m sad that I won’t be able to do that this time around. So, walking is where it’s at.

And OMG, my sweet tooth is out. of. control. Chocolate, cookies, ice cream. Anything and everything. Moderation is definitely the name of the game. Thankfully, I am also loving fresh veggies from the farmer’s market – carrots and cucumbers are my favorites. And random craving – fruit snacks. I can’t even tell you the last time before I was pregnant that I ate a fruit snack, but I have been eating them daily lately.

And while early on I fought wearing maternity clothes, I actually love the baby bump and my maternity clothes.


It’s kinda fun to have a whole new wardrobe. And who doesn’t like stretchy pants? Smile

Starting to think about getting ready for baby. Getting his room ready! I just bought this cute sign.. .

brother sign

Pregnancy brain is a real thing. I usually pack Luke’s bag for the Lake and this summer we went two weekends in a row. The first weekend, I forgot to pack socks. . . and then the second weekend, I forgot to pack shirts! After that, Scott took over packing for the summer. Winking smile

We still don’t have his name yet . .. we both loved Luke’s name so much that it’s tough that we haven’t been able to find another one that is just as awesome.

And December feels equal parts super far away and too close all at the same time. But I know it will be here before we know it! And I’m already so excited to meet this little guy! And for baby snuggles. . .

Luke Mom_couch_2

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Weekending. . .

Happy Monday!

Guess who actually remembered to take pictures of the weekend? Smile

Kicked off the weekend teaching BODYPUMP at the YMCA and taking 25 week bump pictures with my favorite little man. . .


Followed by half caf latte + real clothes.


and a trip to the Farmer’s Market.


And cookies.


waiting is hard work.




nap time.


furniture shopping. . . need a new nightstand for Luke’s room. He thought we should totally get the bunk beds.


Trip to the park.


Sunday morning = cinnamon rolls + puppy snuggles.


Followed by CXWORX class at the YMCA x 3 . . . Some of my fellow instructors were videotaping their assessment videos, so we did the class three times in a row! I was t.o.a.s.t. afterwards!

And promptly came home and spent the next 4 hours on the couch watching football. It. was. glorious. Winking smile


Finished off the weekend with crockpot pot roast + apple cheesecake bars.


Hope you are having a great Monday!! What were you up to this weekend??

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Labor Day Weekend: Photo Recap

How on Earth is it Thursday already?

With Labor Day on Monday, I’ve been off a day all. week. long. But even though it was a short week, I am still looking forward to the weekend and no plans!

Here’s a quick photo recap of our Labor Day weekend at the Lake. . .

Packer colors always make doughnuts taste better.


Fun at the Children’s Museum.




And lots of boat time.




Hope you’re having a great week! Smile

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Fri – YAY–Things I’m loving lately

Happy Friday!!  Smile

Just one day of work between us and the long weekend, right?!

We are hitting the road to the Lake this weekend for one last splash, boat ride and soaking in the summer sun.

But first, some of my recent favorites. . .

Sunshine + walks.


Puppy chow. Thanks to my MIL!


Fresh veggies. Thanks to Chris for sharing her CSA share with me this week!


This dress. And a big thank you to my friend Jodi for recommending the “Julia” style to me.


Daydreaming. Checking out lots for our potential next house.


BODYPUMP. Still pumping it up twice a week with my baby belly!


Your plans for the weekend?? Favorites from the week?

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