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Friday Favorites–2 months + sunshine

Happy Friday! It has been a crazy weather week here in MN. 66 degrees on Tuesday and 20 degrees and snowing right now. . . we are supposed to get 10+ inches!

Jake and I have been enjoying the last few weeks of my maternity leave together.

This is my current favorite photo.


2 months old!


First stroller ride outside in the sunshine!




Family run.


And this photo from Luke’s school Valentine’s Day. Adorable, right?!


And I could not resist when an adorable girl scout stopped by the house this week to sell cookies. I’m most excited about the s’mores cookies!


It’s going to be a low key weekend around here. . .  Dinner with friends tomorrow night. I’m making this amazing Chipotle corn dip that my friend, Leah, made when she brought dinner shortly after Jake was born. I’ve made it three times already because it is SO good. I’ll be sure to snap some pics to share the recipe with you next week! Otherwise, planning for some play time in the snow and baking something yummy – any suggestions? I am thinking cookies. Maybe these??

What are you up to this weekend? Favorite thing from the week??


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Friday Favorites–Coffee and smiles

Happy Friday!

It is supposed to be in the 50’s this weekend and I am SO excited. Lots of outside time planned – running, a trip to the park, riding bikes!


I’m also teaching BODYPUMP for the first time after having Jake tomorrow morning (locals – 8:15 at the YMCA – BP99!)

Right now, I am just drinking a caramel latte while Jake chills in the swing. It’s a good day. Smile 


This week has been all about the smiles. It’s amazing how something so simple can bring you so much joy.



And this picture comparing Luke and Jake. . . #twins


My sister, Laura, came and visited last weekend. It was a super short visit, but awesome to have her spend time with us.


And OMG these cookies from Trader Joe’s. SO good. And good for teaching letters to Luke!


And it happened. I got sucked into the Gilmore Girls.

I’m on season 4. . . Although I’m not sure I want to finish it, everyone who finishes the series, complains about being so depressed when it is done. What I don’t know is if they are just sad that the show is over or sad because of how it ends?! Should I keep watching it?? Ahhhhh. Decisions. Winking smile 

Alright, I’m off to make silly faces at Jake to get more smiles. #momlife

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend. . .. what are you up to??


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Postpartum fitness update

Postpartum fitness is tough.


If there was one piece of advice I could give any new Mom about postpartum fitness, it would be to have patience, because it will get better and easier, you just have to give it time.

Now, if are you came to this blog post to see some crazy before and after pictures, sorry, you won’t find any here. I didn’t take any.


Also, each person’s postpartum fitness journey is unique. I am sharing my own personal experience, which should not replace your doctor’s advice and recommendations.

That being said, with both Luke and Jake, it was important for me to start exercising as soon as I felt ready, and thankfully, my doctor agreed and encouraged me to start as soon as I felt I was ready.  In my case, that meant starting with walking at about a week postpartum. I started slow and then slowly increased my speed over the course of the next week. By two weeks postpartum, I felt ready to start running. Slowly. And for short distances. I started with a run/walk and then slowly increased from there. I also wore a maternity support band to help support my core.

Over the past 6 weeks (I’m 8 weeks postpartum), I’ve increased my mileage and speed. I am back to pre-baby standard miles for me (about 20 per week), but still working on getting my speed back. Again, time and patience.. . I’ve been mindful of my body, if something hurts or didn’t feel right, I’d slow down, decrease miles for the day, or just stop and try again tomorrow.


I’ve done that same process for BODYPUMP and CXWORX. Thankfully, I have a bar, weights and a band at home. So, I started BODYPUMP with a light bar and doing a few tracks at a time. And slowly increased the numbers of tracks and then increased my weight. I’m still working back up to my pre-baby and pre-pregnancy weights. . . man, it is amazing how quickly you lose your strength!


And then last to return was core work. I waited the full six weeks before doing core work. I tried a few times between 4-6 weeks, but it just didn’t feel great, so I waited for my incision to heal further and then tried again. Now, no strange twinges and it is strange to do hovers without a huge belly pulling me down. Winking smile 

32 weeks_1

I started teaching again this week. BODYPUMP this week and then CXWORX next week. That’s just how it worked out with the schedule. I probably could have gone back to pump a few weeks ago, but in addition to making fitness a priority, sleep and baby snuggles are also a priority!


And now since the baby is sleeping, I’m going to go jump on the treadmill for a few miles. . . the fitness journey continues. . . Smile

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Friday Favorites – first smiles + Pinterest

Hey there. . . happy Friday!! Smile

Super excited for the weekend. . . well, as soon as we are finished with getting our taxes done this morning. meh.

But then, we are celebrating with a trip to Trader Joe’s. Winking smile

And my sister is coming tomorrow!

And now, because of Friday, here are my favorites from this week . . .

My treadmill. And baby nap time. I am so thankful that running just feels good right now and I’m slowly starting to build my distance back up.


Luke 3 months vs almost 5 years old in the same bouncer.  . .


And this boy. Jake giving me some serious looks before. . .


giving me his first smiles. heart melting.


Daydreaming about building our next house. . . thank you Pinterest for stealing hours of my life. ..


Including a 2 story great room.


an amazing kitchen with a huge island.


and keeping track of all good ideas. an extra storage area for garbage bags right next to the garbage bins?! = genius.


random favorite, but super important for my dry, cracked winter skin. darn Minnesota winters.


and spark. helping mothers function every day. Smile


and now off to the tax guy. . .

and then Trader Joe’s! –> any favorites I should make sure and pick up???

Plans for the weekend? Favs from the week??


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Currently – 2.8.17

Time and Place: 7:43am. I’ve been up since 5:15am. Jake didn’t want to go back to sleep after eating. I’m on the couch with Luke watching Jake and the Never land Pirates before school and Jake is in his swing.

Eating: I’m drinking a caramel latte. #necessary after getting up at 5:15!


I made a quick run to Caribou while Scott was getting ready this morning. . . it is dangerous that there is a drive thru location literally blocks from our house.

Enjoying: Our morning routine. I’ve enjoyed having more laid back mornings while on maternity leave. A little extra time for breakfast and snuggles before taking Luke to school in the morning.

Loving: Baby smiles.  I haven’t been able to capture it, but Jake has started to give us some smiles!


Practicing: After taking about two months off from teaching BP and CXWORX, I’m back at it next week, so I’ve been brushing up on choreography and making sure I can hold my plank again!

Craving: A really good piece of cheesecake.

Purchasing: Plane tickets for our trip to Disney in March!

Anticipating: I’m already thinking ahead to having to go back to work after maternity leave. I am so lucky that I’ll have 12 weeks off with Jake, but I’m already sad about going back to work and not being able to snuggle him all. day. long.


Sporting: I’ve been living in these Fabletics leggings.

Missing: The newborn stage. Jake is already growing and changing SO fast!


Discovering: Disney tips and tricks. Thank goodness for my amazing friend Angie who has told me everything I need to know about planning a Disney trip. I was feeling so overwhelmed with making dinner reservations (did you know you can make these 180 days in advance?!?) and Fast Passes! Also, I got a great tip from Becky to take a rest day in the middle of our vacation to recover a bit, I am equally looking forward to Cinderella’s castle and down time at the pool. Smile

Writing: My postpartum fitness update. Each person’s post partum journey is different, and I had a reader request to share mine. Spoiler alert – patience and time are the keys to success.


Current thing I can’t live without: The Baby Shusher. It is magical to help Jake fall asleep or calm him down when he’s fussy – especially in the car!


Celebrating: First trip out of the house with both boys by myself. We went to Caribou and the Children’s Museum. Smile 


Snacking: Chia Peanut Butter Power Bars. yum!!


Expecting: My sister, Laura! She is going to come visit this weekend and I cannot wait! I haven’t seen her since Christmas. . . Looking forward to some crafting, shopping and playing with the kids. Smile 

And now it is 8:23.  .  . off to get the boys dressed and Luke to school.

Hope you have a great Wednesday!


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Friday Favorites–Twizzlers and Treadmill


Time is just flying by. . . but life is good. Smile

Looking forward to another low key weekend around here. The benefit to having a newborn in the winter is that you can stay home and snuggle and not miss out on anything. . .  or at least that is what I am telling myself!

Here are some of my recent favorites. . .

This mug that I got my sister for Christmas. . . and yes “aisle” is spelled wrong. Thankfully the lady that I ordered it from on Etsy sent me a new one. But #truth, right?!


Movie date.


The fact that he calls Twizzlers “radishes” for some reason just makes me laugh.


Playing in the snow.


How is my boy old enough for chapter books?? I have heard good things about the Magic Tree House books, any other suggestions for a almost 5 year old??




Treadmill for the win during baby and puppy nap time.


Having extra time with Luke in the mornings to play with him at school.


6 weeks old. SO big!


Valentine’s Day decorations. It’s no secret that pink is my favorite color so it’s totally my favorite holiday to decorate for. . . my favorite is the hurricane glass filled with candy hearts! So simple and so cute!!


Alright I’m off to kick off the weekend with coffee Friday (#necessary) and baby snuggles. #momlife

Hope you have a great one! Any plans? Favorites from the week?

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