6 months!

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Luke_6  months 004

I still can’t believe this guy turned 6 months last week! Time is just flying by. ..

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New things this month:

Turning over both directions

Sitting on his own

Wiggling around the living room. . . he doesn’t stay in one spot anymore! The baby gate for the stairs is on it’s way.

Sleeping *mostly* thru the night in his own crib (still gets up for 1 wet diaper per night)

Trying to eat the pages of the book during story time

Playing with things that aren’t toys. . . the handle on the oven, the base of the swing, Abby’s toys!

Eats dinner every night. . . just started fruits this week. Has already had baby cereal, peas, carrots, green beans, squash, pears, bananas and apple sauce

Loves stroller rides, petting Abby, eating paper, anything you have, pulling Mom’s hair and putting it in his mouth.

Give lots of smiles and laughs all day long!

His newest trick: flipping over while getting his diaper changed and playing with the basket that hold his diapers!

Still doesn’t like: wet diapers, when his bottle is all gone, seeing the bottle and not getting fed, and getting ready for bed.


Looking forward to. . .


More new foods!

Thanksgiving art project

Trip to Duluth, MN  (this weekend!!!)


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  1. Oh my goodness – Luke is so cute! He looks like he is the happiest baby. What a doll! Happy 6 months, Luke! 🙂
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