8 months!

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When we were having our cookie palooza last weekend, Laura said to me “Can you believe you have an 8 month old?” My response “Nope!”

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It is just crazy to even try to remember life without his smiling face. What it was like in the morning to just have to worry about getting myself ready without chasing a crawling! baby boy. And the joy I have *most* mornings when I go to his crib and see his smiling face. This last month, he has grown and changed so  much. He is so interactive and busy. His personality is coming out – he will tell you what he wants and doesn’t want! Smile 

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New things this month:

    • Crawling! Everywhere. Into everything.
    • Favorite things to ‘get into’ include: Abby’s water dish, the kitchen cupboards (especially the one with all the Tupperware), the Christmas tree (loves the bells on the bottom branches), Abby’s tail, and cords – to the laptop, fan, anything!
    • Furniture surfing. He can make his way all the way around the coffee table. Nothing is safe!  
    • First tooth! Lots of tears with this one. No fun at all. Sad smile
    • Had his 3rd ear infection. Boo.
    • Still loves bath time – especially likes to crawl around the tub after his toys.
    • He loves eating puffs and cheerios – he could probably eat them all day long!

Still hates:

  • getting his diaper changed
  • seeing his bottle and not getting it
  • running out of puffs
  • generally, not getting what he wants
  • getting out of the bath

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Looking forward to. . .

  • Baby’s 1st Christmas
  • ?Walking – eventually – no rush!
  • Starting to eat more of what Mom and Dad eat
  • Family meals
  • Looking at baby swim class at the YMCA this winter


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2 Responses to 8 months!

  1. Grandma B

    Monday can’t get here soon enough. Seeing his 8 months pics makes me want to smooch him up one side and down the other. So cute.

  2. He seems like the happiest baby. I remember my nephews when they were first crawling – you literally couldn’t take your eyes off them for a second! My nieces weren’t quite as….adventurous. haha! Boys are busy, but so much fun!

    I hope you guys have a wonderful first Christmas with Mr. Luke!