Advocare Update: 1 month post-24DC

One of my biggest questions before doing the 24 day challenge, was “What happens after?”


And so I thought I would do a few updates, answering that very question!

Here are a few of my thoughts about 1 month out from my first challenge.

–> Post challenge, it’s not as hard as I thought it would be (except for Memorial Day weekend –> cupcakes = totally worth it). . . it’s all about balance.

Clean eating = 80% And getting pizza on Friday nights with Scott = 20%.


BUT it is still hard. . . and that 20% is super easy to slide to waaaaaay more.

I am still trying to figure out what the best balance is for me. Usually, we eat desserts on the weekends, and start on Friday night. . . however, I have noticed when I wake up on Saturday and Sunday morning, I don’t feel the greatest.

BUT, I think that life is about living and eating cookie and pizza and cupcakes and whatever makes you happy.

So, I am working on finding my perfect balance on the weekends. Enjoying those things, but eating good things for my body most of the time. And clean-eating 95% during the week.


–> I love that because I am eating healthy snacks Luke is eating more healthy snacks. celery sticks, peanut butter, apples, cashews, smoothies.


–> I have been able to go heavier in all my weights in body pump. I had pretty much been at a standstill with my weights for the past 6 months. And now, I have increased on every body part. Amazing.


–> I LOVE when people ask me about Advocare. I love talking about it, I love recommending products to people and I LOVE hearing how awesome people feel after they try it. I mean, it almost sounds too good to be true, right? Lose weight, more energy, feel amazing. Yes, yes and yes. All are possible with advocare. Their tag-line is #truth – “We build champions.”

–> 1 month out from the 24 day challenge, I am down another pound. And my pants fit the same as after the challenge.

–> So,what Advocare products am I using?

I am still drinking spark every morning.


I have had my caramel skim latte (or caramel macchiato from Starbucks) every once in a while – more of a weekend treat than an everyday thing now. And I am using O2 gold before long runs on the weekend. I also love SLAM for an afternoon pick-me-up.


Do you use Advocare products? Any favs?

Are you interested in doing a 24DC – next one is starting on June 9th – email me if you are interested!!



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8 Responses to Advocare Update: 1 month post-24DC

  1. Jackie

    Ah I would miss my morning coffee!!! But I agree it’s all about balance, eat the pizza! 🙂

    • KT

      I thought I would too – but I actually love spark more than I loved my latte – and it makes me feel better!!

  2. Lisa

    Got my 24 day challenge box in the mail yesterday and started the program today! The fiber drink went down easier than I anticipated. It actually tasted good! I am so pumped!

  3. Becky @ Olives n Wine

    I love your entire balance aspect! Life is all about cookies and lattes every once in awhile but it’s also nice to feel awesome when you wake up in the morning 😉

  4. You are doing great post challenge…and I believe those were birthday cupcakes-so totally worth it!! Yay for getting stronger and maintaining the 80/20 rule. I love hearing what others are doing post challege-like the spark and 02 Gold.

    I’m trying to do 80/20 as well and I have kept my no soda rule. It’s amazing how eating bad food makes you feel after the challenge. I never had a problem eating terrible (and delicious) things, but now they make me sick after I eat them or sluggish the next day.
    Leslie @ Life Begins @ 30? recently posted..Motivation ThursdayMy Profile

  5. So awesome to read how you are doing post 24DC! You look amazing and even better, I love hearing how Advocare products have made you feel and have contributed to your life! 🙂
    Kate @ Baking in Yoga Pants recently posted..Advocare Cleanse Do’s & Dont’s!My Profile

  6. I love your advocare shelf!! i have one to! I completely agree with your eating philosophy! Everything in moderation 🙂
    Alex @ Alex Runs For Food recently posted..3rd Wedding Anniversary!My Profile