Advocare Update

So after my recap for the 1st three days. . . I headed into the last 7 days of the Advocare cleanse phase.


Days 4-7:

  • Upon Waking: Spark mixed in 20 oz water + Probiotic Restore + 2 Catalyst, wait 30 minutes
  • Breakfast
  • Morning Snack
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Snack with 2 catalyst
  • Dinner
  • Before Bed: Herbal Cleanse tablets

Days 8-10:

  • Upon Waking: Fiber Drink mixed with 10 oz water + 2-16 oz water, wait 30 minutes
  • Spark mixed in 20 oz water + Probiotic Restore + 2 Catalyst, wait 30 minutes
  • Breakfast
  • Morning Snack
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Snack
  • Dinner
  • Before bed: 2 Catalyst

The rest of the cleanse phase went well. I still hate that darn fiber drink. Winking smile And I am glad that it is done (I have heard the peaches and cream is better?).


I still feel about the same as before. Good. Not great or awesome. I like that my pants still fit well, nothing is too tight. My weight is back to where it was before Hawaii. I feel like I am looking more toned. Hello guns! Smile

Life is SUPER busy right now. Work was probably the most busiest it has been in forever last week. PLUS trying to do my regular running + BODYPUMP. PLUS trying to coordinate moving and finalizing house details. So, I think that played a role in how I was feeling. I felt fine, mostly good? I’m not sure if I wasn’t doing the 24DC, if I would have felt worse or differently?

It was hard on the weekends with clean eating. We normally get pizza on the weekends and eat desserts on the weekend, so I definitely missed that! And our local Dairy Queen that closes for the winter, opened up, and of course, I have to drive past there on my way to teach at the YMCA! #tough

I have talked with a lot of people about Advocare. People I didn’t know who have done the 24DC or love Spark too or who sell Advocare –> I always think that is SO cool to make connections with people that you might not have had before.

I have continued with clean eating.. .

meaning no:
– coffee (and most caffeine, except the allowed “Spark” drink)
– ALL dairy
– ALL gluten
– white sugar
– processed foods
– salt/sodium

I have been eating:
– fruits
– veggies
– chicken, lean ground beef
– sweet potatoes, quinoa, and brown rice
– nut butters, EVOO
– spices other than salt (curry powder!)


And now I am onto the last phase of the 24DC = Max Phase!!


14-Day Max Phase Schedule:

  • Upon Waking: Spark mixed with 20 oz water + 2 Catalyst + “Pre-breakfast” supplement pack, wait 30 minutes
  • Breakfast + 2 “with breakfast” supplement packs
  • Morning Snack
  • 30 minutes before lunch – “pre-lunch” supplement pack
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Snack
  • Dinner
  • 2-3 Catalyst with water before bed


Max phase update coming!!

Linking up with Becky for treat yourself Tuesday because Advocare is definitely treating yourself!!

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10 Responses to Advocare Update

  1. Jackie

    You look great! I would miss pizza too!

  2. I totally agree with you that clean eating is especially difficult during the weekend! And DQ opening up again definitely creates an added level of difficulty! You look great and I love how committed you’ve been to the 24DC. And, of course, Spark is amazing! 😀
    Kate @ Baking in Yoga Pants recently posted..Wedding Do’sMy Profile

    • KT

      I know – I just LOVE spark. . . I am trying to figure out which flavors to order more of – I just love them all – ok well like 5 of them! 😉

  3. Yay for the max phase!!!!! Doesn’t it feel nice to be done with the cleanse phase? Do you feel more energized now that you’re on the max phase? During my first challenge I didn’t think I was feeling more energized until the end and I stopped taking the mns then I noticed I was dragging.
    Alex @ Alex Runs For Food recently posted..Friday Favorites Oatmeal Edition!My Profile

  4. The weekends were the hardest but I found the results worth it! Keep it up 🙂
    Christina recently posted..The Perfect BrunchMy Profile

  5. You have seriously been swamped with life events, lady! I’m impressed you’re functioning at all. But seriously, you’re doing so well with the challenge – such willpower!
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted..#31 Treat Yourself TuesdayMy Profile

  6. Wow-you sound so busy!! Good luck with the max phase!
    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted..My Eating Habits LatelyMy Profile

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