AdvoCare–1 year later

It was just about a year ago that I finally said yes to trying an AdvoCare 24 day challenge. And I am so glad I did.

I started with the 24 day challenge. You can read my recaps here and here. And my results here.


After I did the challenge, I loved the way I felt and I really loved spark, so I signed up to be a distributor.


Basically for $79, you immediately get 20% off all AdvoCare products, plus you get a distributor kit that includes 14 day supply of spark + a case of SLAM + more information on becoming part of the AdvoCare family (i.e. the business side). At first, I was content with my 20% discount and continuing with products. I was drinking spark most days, using catalyst with my workouts and O2 gold for my long runs.

You can read my 1 month post – 24 day challenge post here.


Over time, I started slipping into my old ways of eating. . . summertime is hard and you know how I love my sweets. . . so, I convinced Scott to do a 10 day challenge in July.


You can read about the details here. That was a pretty good challenge, but I didn’t love just doing a 10 day one. . .  It just isn’t quite long enough to reset for me. BTW – Scott still drinks spark almost daily.

So, in October I did my 2nd full challenge. It went pretty well. It wasn’t as amazing for me as the first one was. . . but that was really to be expected because I was already eating much better than I had been before my first challenge. BTW – that’s one of the things that I love about Advo – it’s not just about the products that help you to be at your best, it really is about the clean eating too.


Along the way, I got more into the business side of AdvoCare. At first I signed up just because I wanted the discount. . . no one should have to pay full price for spark. Winking smile


And then, I realized how amazing I felt with AdvoCare products and clean eating and I wanted to share that feeling with family, friends and blends via the blog. I’m never pushy about AdvoCare. . . I just share what it’s done for me and what it might do for you. . . and I have grown my business to a discount level of 40% (if you want more deets on how that happens, just shoot me an email) and my goal has to been to pay for my own AdvoCare products.

AdvoCare has been a part time endeavor for me. Obviously, I am already pretty busy – full time job + teaching BP + family + life. So, Advo is a nice option because it is not really an extra thing that I have to do, it’s a piece of my life. I chat with people at Cross Fit about the spark I am drinking, or tell people who ask at BODYPUMP about the catalyst I am taking before the workout. Or I write blog posts about the latest challenge start dates or options with AdvoCare to share with you.

I know that some direct sales companies can sometimes be pushy and high intensity (and some aren’t!), but I just want to be clear, if you are interested in AdvoCare at all for the nutritional and health benefits, or as a business option, it is a great company to be involved with at any level. I’ve always had great support from Becky, and Success School last year was a great event to be involved in.


This blog post isn’t meant to persuade anyone into becoming involved with AdvoCare, but if anything I mentioned or said, got you thinking about the opportunities with AdvoCare, I would be more than happy to chat with you about it. And per usual, no pressure, ever.


I just want to share AdvoCare with people, because of what it’s done for me. And I think everyone should be able to feel awesome. Smile


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6 Responses to AdvoCare–1 year later

  1. Nicole

    I have my second challenge planned and stuff ordered!!

  2. I love AdvoCare! I will say that my 24-Day Challenge ended a few weeks ago and I unfortunately fell right back into my bad old habits BUT AdvoCare has given me the knowledge on how to jump right back on … which I’m doing today! Wish me luck. And I think I need to order this catalyst stuff – everyone loves it!
    Jessie @ Just Jessie recently posted..(Late) Weekend Recap #11My Profile

  3. Love Advo and so happy that you’ve had such a great experience with the company and products! It’s the best 🙂
    Kate @ Baking in Yoga Pants recently posted..Favorites Of The WeekMy Profile

  4. Wow! You got great results. I have NEVER gotten that great of results from a lifting/strength program. But I still enjoy it.
    Emily recently posted..Thursdays are for Thinking and MEETING!My Profile