Body Pump Instructor Training

Last weekend I took the initial training certification class for Les Mills BODYPUMP. You can read a little more about what Body Pump is here.

Overall, it was an awesome weekend! We had a great group of about 14 people and an awesome, energetic instructor. It was a 2 day class, 8 hours each day. And we worked hard. We did the entire body pump class (about an hour) 5+ times over the course of 2 days. . . using decent (i.e. hard/challenging) weights. And I was feeling it! It has been a while, since I have really pushed myself and been that sore, so it was actually nice. There was a mix of activity and lecture time. But overall, we were up doing the workouts, practicing moves, form, technique, choreography, and teaching ques.

I am not sure what I expected from the weekend, but it wasn’t what I expected at all… I didn’t expected to have so much fun, to laugh as much as I did, and to feel challenged by learning the new material. I have been teaching aerobics for 3+ years and this class really challenged me to improve my technique and cueing skills. I had the hardest time learning to keeping on the beat while giving out instruction on form and providing encouragement. We had lots of time to practice during the weekend (thankfully). We presented our tracks 3 times over the 2 days, which was the most helpful to actually get up there and just do it.

*”Studying” at Caribou on Sunday morning*

When I say ‘our tracks’ I mean, that we were given the music and choreography about a week ahead of time and told to memorize 2 of the songs and the choreography that went with it. Then, we had to actually teach that ‘track’ (song) to our group. I had the lunge track – which has lunges, squats, and jump squats in it! Thankfully, I did well enough to pass. πŸ™‚ I totally goofed on my last time teaching it, so I was super nervous that that would hold me back, but I did well enough the other 2 times.. . And the instructor reminded us that we aren’t perfect, we are going to miss a cue or transition at times, but the key is, knowing where to pick it back up and get back on track.

And now, I move on to team teaching at least 4 classes, and then I am off to teach on my own. .. **I’ve already team-taught twice this week and it is awesome! I have been nervous, but I just love love love body pump so much, that is has been fun too. And good for my guns. Winking smile 

Unfortunately, the training doesn’t end there. Les Mills wants all their instructors to be awesome (duh!), so within 2 months of passing the initial certification class, I have to videotape myself teaching one of my body pump classes and send it in for review. Only after that has been reviewed and given the “thumbs-up,” will I be a certified Les Mills body pump instructor. So, I still have a little more to do and I am working now on learning all of the choreography for this release (84), to get ready to teach my own class and get that videotape done!

Have you ever taken Body Pump? Or do you have any exercise certifications?


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  1. Oh my goodness, that is a lot of body pump in a weekend! You are my hero. the training sounds really fun with all the people that you get to know who also like to work out. I am tired just thinking about it though. πŸ™‚
    Jade recently posted..Free fitness classes + foods for joint healthMy Profile

  2. Kim

    That’s awesome, congrats!


    ps Came across your blog a little while ago and am enjoying it πŸ™‚
    Kim recently posted..Merry (Belated) Christmas!My Profile

  3. I don’t have any certifications but I ran cross country and track in college. Does that count lol? Jk. I have done body pump and it helped SO MUCH with strength. I haven’t done it since having my son but I’d love to try it again.
    Elizabeth @ My Neon Running Shoes recently posted..We did the unthinkable.My Profile

    • KT

      Totally counts! πŸ˜‰ That’s one of the reasons I love body pump is it makes you so strong and helps to develop those sweet muscles!

  4. hey! Just found your blog πŸ™‚

    Found this so interesting – BEST of luck on getting your certification!
    I love body attack, I used to go 4 times a week at my gym. I have never tried bodypump – really, really, reaaally want to..but it seriously intimidates me because I’d be going on my own and new to everything. I hope to break out of my shell and just DO it one day though!
    TorontoRunner recently posted..Allergic to cross-training / Phone??My Profile

    • KT

      Welcome!!! Oh my goodness – you totally need to go to body pump – like today! If you did body attack, you will love body pump too! Let me know what you think when you go. πŸ™‚

  5. umm… 5 hours of body pump? I would need a wheelchair! That is awesome, girl!

    I’ve heard Les Mills requires a lot of work to become certified, but I think it is cool because that means all the teachers are totally legit.

    You’re going to make an awesome body pump instructor! I hope your classes over the next few weeks go good! πŸ™‚

    • KT

      I totally agree! I would rather have the certification be totally legit and more work than the other way. That way you always know if you go to a Les Mills class – you know you are going to get your @** kicked!!! πŸ™‚

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  7. DD

    stumbled across your blog! I’m doing my BP training next month as well, any extra tips, advice? How do you learn your cues, choreography etc, do you script them? I love love LOVE body pump also, totally want to show others how great of a class it is and what it can do for you! πŸ™‚

    • KT

      it is such a good workout!!! Good luck with your training. You will be just fine. Just make sure that you have enough time the week before your training to watch the video and practice before the training weekend. They send you a video and booklet with all that information about cues and choreography. Les Mills does a really good job of making sure you are prepared and know everything you need to know! πŸ™‚

  8. G-Rant

    I have lost tons of weight (250lbs to 180ish) doing all the Les Mills programs and now my gym wants me to go be a trainer for a few of them. But reading all this is kinda scary haha. Bodypump86 is about to come out. Did you have any men in your training class? Any tips to memorize this stuff?

    • KT

      Yes the Les Mills programs are awesome – although I am partial to bodypump!! There were a lot of gyus in my training class! And for me, repetition was key for learning the material – I probably did my tracks 10+ times before my class!