BODYPUMP 88 {review}

So, you already know how much I LOVE bodypump, right?


Well, the love-fest continues with the latest release – 88.

I’ll be honest, it took me a bit to love it. When I first listened to the music, I actually thought it was horrible. I only recognized 2 of the songs and they just sounded not quite right for a bodypump release. I complained to Chris about it. ..  and she said she felt the same way, but once she started putting the choreography to it and did it a few times, it got way better. And she was totally right.


I think that it almost always takes me a few times of doing a new release before I really love it. Now, there is usually a song or two that just aren’t my favorite for whatever reason. . . but overall, I really have enjoyed all the releases so far.

I took my training on BODYPUMP 84. Since then, I have learned the releases since then – 85, 86, 87 and now 88. I also have learned 82 and 83, since some other instructors at the YMCA had those training DVDs.


I guess what my rambling is supposed to tell you is that if you go to a bodypump class and don’t love it, give it a few more classes before you make up your mind!

So, now onto my review of the latest BP release – 88. . .


#1: Warmup –“Tonight”

This track gets you warmed up and ready for the rest of the class. You spend a few moves on each part of the body. Lightest weight of the class. I don’t love the quick transitions too much, but it is a nice variation for this release.

#2: Squats – “Killer (Crush Remix)”

At first I really hated this song, but once you start squatting to it, that changes. It is a great squat song (I guess those BODYPUMP guys know what they are doing?!). It does get a bit repetitive at the end, with 3 sets of work that are all the same. So, by the time we get to the end, I am done. I like that there is a squat combo that we do 2 singles and then 1 x 1/1/2. . . and we see that repeated in the chest track and shoulder track.

# 3: Chest – “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Go)”

Great track, good moves, awesome music!! You start with the bar for the 1st half (go heavy!) and then you switch to hand weights (or plates) for an A-press. Super good isolation for the chest!

# 4: Back – “Somebody (Cc. K Remix)”

Nice combo of hang cleans, clean & press and power press. This track makes me feel strong with some great combos. I like the little bit of active recovery with the wide deadlifts at the end of each set.

# 5: Triceps – “Can’t Hold Us”

LOVE this track!! It is face paced and the burn keeps going right from the beginning. I really do love that it is basically a song of overhead extensions with killer triceps pushups – 16 in a row!! Good song for this track too.

# 6: Biceps – “Up In The Air

Good variation with this one – you start with the barbell and then finish with hand weights (or plates). Good match of moves to the beat of the song too.

# 7: Lunges – “Play Hard”

Love this song! It’s a challenging track, not quite as challenging as 87 but the burn is still there. Still back to basics with wide squat to start and standard lunges to finish. I love the work hard/play hard words in the song. I say work hard, and then I have the class say play hard. Always nice to get the class involved in the song, definitely makes us all work harder during the track.

# 8: Shoulders – “Raving (G! Remix)”

Ok, so this track is INSANE!!! But I LOVE it. It is a super challenging track and they mix it up from the standard shoulder moves. I think my favorite is the very end when it finishes with standing overhead presses (instead of the normal push presses), this forces you to continue to isolate the shoulders (and make them BURN!) to the end of the track!

# 9: Core – “Only You”

I think overall, this is a bit easier than other core tracks, however, the pulse crunches – especially 32 in a row, really bring on the burn!

# 10: Cooldown – “Give Me Love”

Ahhhh cool down. Per usual, always a good full body stretch that is much needed at the end of class. A good time to reflect on how your body feels after going through another awesome BP class.


Overall, I really love this release. I think it is challenging in all the right ways. I feel totally worked out after I finish teaching this release. . . and that’s the goal, right?

Interested in reading another review? Check out Annette’s post about BP88.

Have you done the latest release? What did you think??


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10 Responses to BODYPUMP 88 {review}

  1. I just started to teach Group Centergy (BTS class similar to the Les Mills classes). I feel you on the music. I’ve been kind of iffy on releases in the past, but once you match the moves to music and get into it, I always find I really love it. Whoever puts these together is some kind of genius. 🙂
    Nikki @ grab your kicks recently posted..Exciting News x2 + WIAWMy Profile

  2. Squats, back and shoulders are my favorite… I love that the shoulders literally go out with a BANG and are burning by the end.

    I hate/like the tricep track… I really like to switch my weights for different moves during triceps if we aren’t using the bars and the quick transitions force you to either use the same weight or miss out on one or two of the reps- not a fan. I like to do 15lbs overheads but 10 on the kickbacks so I end up doing a quick rep before I switch over to the plates so I don’t miss anything.
    Cori @ olivetorun recently posted..Stuck in HTMLMy Profile

  3. I haven’t gone to a bodypump class in forever. This post makes me want to go, though! I think music is totally key to making a workout fun and to stay motivated!
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs For Food recently posted..Bibimbap and PB cupsMy Profile

  4. Chris Schull

    LOVE Body Pump – every release has it’s good points and it’s “not so good points”….88 is by far the toughest overall track front to back. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in 89! Body Pump Strong Baby!

  5. Thanks for sharing this info about Body Pump. I’ve never heard of it. I don’t know if we had it at our YMCA in San Francisco, but now I’m in Denver and currently not a gym. But if I do ever come across it, I’ll have some information about it thanks to you!
    Marnie @ SuperSmartMama recently posted..Currently Inspired By…My Profile

  6. I love that they give you new releases to mix things up, but I am very picky about what music I have in classes, so I’m not sure I’d be okay with their music, I do want to try a BP class soon!
    Katie recently posted..Swim Session 3: Practice and TriMy Profile

  7. I loved the music when I first tried it but hated the triceps/lunge part, haha! It is growing on me though and it is definitely a killer workout. And now we’re all going to have rockin’ triceps 😉
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted..#21 Treat Yourself TuesdayMy Profile

  8. Jackie

    I love this release too!

  9. I wish I could take this! We should have body pump by the summer at our Y!!
    Ashley@cupcakesncrunches recently posted..Things I’ve Been Meaning to Tell YouMy Profile