BODYPUMP 93 {review}

So, as you all know, I am a Les Mills BODYPUMP instructor and I teach a few times a week at different fitness clubs in Eau Claire.

If you aren’t familiar with BODYPUMP, check out my “what is BODYPUMP? post.” And find a class near you.


Every quarter, Les Mills puts together new moves and music for the latest release.I think that it almost always takes me a few times of doing a new release before I really love it. Now, there is usually a song or two that just aren’t my favorite for whatever reason. . . but overall, I really have enjoyed all the releases so far.

I took my training on BODYPUMP 84. Since then, I have learned the releases since then – 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91 and now 92. (Other reviews here) I also have learned 80, 82 and 83, since some other instructors at the YMCA had those training DVDs.
So, here are my thoughts on the very latest release. . .
#1: Warm up – “Break Free”

Good warm up song. I love when we use plates to warm up the shoulders too. Really gets you ready to get your pump on!

#2: Squats – “Booyah

I actually really like this song and the movement. However, I feel like this squat track is a bit easier than normal – use that as a reason to increase your weight to the next level! I like the combo with an extra hold at the bottom and top. If you concentrate on really pushing through the heels and driving up from the floor, you can feel the burn in the quads.

#3: Chest – “Kings and Queens”  

This track is a big change from the standard chest track. They slowed the pace down and changed the movement to a chest fly with plates. And man, if you take the plates to the full range of motion, you will feel your pecs by the end of the song. Those pulses are killer good. I’m not in love with the song. But I think it is a great switch up to challenge the chest.

#4: Back – “Here Tonight”

Back to basics with this back track. Dead rows, dead lifts, clean and presses and power press. Three sets that are identical. I think it is a great song to go up on weight and work out keeping that form on point.


#5: Triceps – “Bang Bang”

Favorite track of the release. Great song. Great combination of moves. Triceps overhead presses, pushups, and kickbacks. This track has quick transitions so the triceps are burning by the end! Total winner.

#6: Biceps – “Centuries

I love using plates for biceps, so this one is a winner for me. It goes by pretty quick – which is key when those muscles are on fire. Love the song – perfect for getting into the bicep curl groove. And I always joke that during this one you can see your guns getting bigger. Winking smile 

#7:  Lunges – “1941”

So, I’m totally on the fence about this song. Sometimes, I like it, sometimes, I don’t. .. I know, I know. I’m a little cray cray. But what I do love is the non-stop lunges. There are NO breaks, which means the burn is real and intense!

#8: Shoulders – “Twisted (Eptic Remix)”

Whoa. Like Whoa. This track is the hardest shoulder track I have ever done. And I love it. It’s probably my least favorite song, but the killer workout makes up for it! And I love pushups – and since they start and end this track, I am a happy camper!


#9: Core – “All About That Bass”

Super fun song. Not super challenging. I like working the posterior chain with hip bridge but I think hovers are much more challenging.

#10: Cool down – “What Are You Waiting For”

Love love love love love love love this song. Perfect to stretch it out and think about the lyrics – because really – what are you waiting for??


Overall I thought this was a really strong release. The music is overall good – with some great ones in there. And this workout will kick your bootay.

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Have you done BP93??? What did you think?

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8 Responses to BODYPUMP 93 {review}

  1. Tracy

    I love the new release and totally agree with your review. I love tris and shoulders so the challenge of this release is great. If anything, I hope to master those tri pushups 🙂

  2. Fiona

    I actually love the new release ! At first I found squats and chest a little easy but it’s true what you say, just means add more weights and work on form! Plus I love when you get a break from the bar, my hands are little so it’s nice to move from bar work to plate work and give them a break! I’d say for me, lunges and shoulders are the oh man killer! Les Mills just keeps upppin’ the intensity with each new release because now I can’t decided if 92 is harder or 93!

  3. I’ve never done BodyPump, but you can bet that if I am ever in Wisconsin, I’m definitely coming to your class! And then I will continue my tour and go to one of Becky’s classes in Naples, haha 🙂
    Kate @ Baking in Yoga Pants recently posted..Little Things To LoveMy Profile

  4. Thanks for linking my (and ashleyx2’s) review(s)!

    I loved your review, and I mainly agree with it too. I think there were a few tracks that were simply less challenging, even when adding weight (the squats needed bottom halves IMO). I love, love the biceps track! And I think the chest track is legit. The alternate chest track is killer good too-have you tried it? On point.
    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted..BODYATTACK™ Release 88 ReviewMy Profile

  5. I really like this release. Maybe in part because I didn’t like the last release very much. Little J’s favorite song is All About That Bass, so that track always makes me smile, though I agree it’s not that tough. I love love love the lunge track and the song! I think we’re doing a different chest track. I like using plates though, so I kind of wish we were doing the one you reviewed.
    Danielle recently posted..2015 Week 14My Profile

  6. Great review! I’m pretty much with you on all your opinions regarding the workouts and song choices. I didn’t know how I felt about the lunge song initially, but it’s really grown on me and I kinda LOVE it now! 😉
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..Salads, Movies, Cereal, & More FavesMy Profile