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Weekending. .. 10th annual Country Fest!

Hey there! Happy Tuesday!

I am extra happy today because I finally figured out my picture situation. . . well . . .unfortunately, I really don’t know what the problem was, all I know, is that it’s working now! Winking smile 

I almost had a heart attack last week when I realized that was scheduled to work this last weekend – Country Fest weekend! In the past 9 years, Fest has always been the last weekend in June. . . and this year, they switched it. .  . but I never double checked the dates! Laura randomly texted me about getting ready for the weekend, and then I realized, OMG, I am scheduled to work all weekend. Thank goodness, I have some amazing co-workers and it just happened that one gal wanted an couple extra shifts, so I was able to have the weekend off.

And it was awesome. Beautiful weather. Great times with my sister. And Carrie Underwood!

Here’s a look at the weekend.. .

Sprinkle doughnuts.


Special K bars. .. means Abby gets to lick a peanut butter jar.


Driving the tractor.


Picnic lunch on the boat.


Squirt gun fights.


All tuckered out.


Park time.


Country Fest time!




Craft time. . .. just wait until you see the wreaths we made – SO cute!!


And the total highlight of Fest this year – Carrie Underwood!!


And Sam Hunt.


Whew. Such a good weekend. . . and now back to work!

How was your weekend?? Highlight??


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Friday Favorites: Extra time

Happy Friday!!! Smile

I have the day off from work today so I am extra excited about the weekend. We are headed up to the cities today to spend some time working at my Mom’s house to get her ready to move. . . she is going to be selling her house in the city and moving up to the Lake place full time! It’s a big change but I think it’s a really good one for her. Anyway, my Mom and Dad have lived in that house since I was in 6th grade, so needless to say, there is a lot of stuff to go thru. Last time I was there, I found my prom dresses from high school! So. many. memories.

Other plans for the weekend include teaching BODYPUMP, going on the Mankato Builder Association Tour of Homes, and dinner with Scott’s family on Mother’s Day. 

And now on to my favorites from the week. . . 


Getting a sneak peek at our family photos from last weekend. Love them!! 



Extra time with Luke. . . poor guy got strep again this week, so he and I had a few days together while he was out of school. Thankfully, he’s doing much better and being a total trooper about his medicine which he does not like! 


And for Netflix. Luke had to come to work with me for the morning and thanks to Chuggington, he was happy as a clam to sit next to me for the morning.


Sunshine and warm days. 


Facebook memories. <love>


Teaching pump. I just love it. The members energy. The music. The workout. It’s just awesome. I went back to 96 this week and it’s been a good one!


And with that, I’m off – have a good one!

Plans for the weekend? Favorites from the week?

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Day in the Life. . . March 30, 2016

Happy Thursday!

I don’t know about you, but I always am sorta interested by other bloggers who do day in the life posts. . . we all know that no days are “typical” but I think it is interesting to see a glimpse into their day to day life. So, today, I thought I would share with you my day from yesterday.

Since I started working Urgent Care back in October, I work three 12 hour shifts in a week, so the days that I work are obviously very different from the days that I don’t. . . I like this new schedule because I have quite a bit more time to hang out with Luke!

5:00 AM – Scott’s alarm clock goes off. He goes downstairs for a run on the treadmill. I roll over and go back to sleep.

6:45AM – Scott has finished his workout, showered, gotten dressed and made smoothies. Luke and I are still sleeping. He comes in and kisses me goodbye and leaves for work.

7:15 AM – I hear “Mooooooooommmmmmm” from Luke’s room. He is normally up around 7, so this is typical for us. I head to his room and he wants to snuggle. So, I crawl into bed with him and rub his back while we talk about our dreams from the night before and our plans for the day.

7:30AM – Up and at ‘em. I get Luke set up with some breakfast – this morning it’s yogurt, some grapes and a granola bar. I feed Abby who is tap dancing at my feet.

8:00 AM – Luke and I watch an episode of Paw Patrol and get him dressed for the day. This morning the pups save a walrus. It’s very exciting. Winking smile 


8:15 AM  – off to school. I load Abby and Luke into the car and we make the 2 minute drive to Luke’s school. I am looking forward to being able to walk him to school when the weather is nice!


8:30 AM – We answer the question of the day.


Hang up his coat. Wash hands. And then I help him pick something to play with. . . this morning it’s making a track with the wood blocks. I let him know that I’ll be back to pick him up before the lights turn out for rest time.

8:45 AM – Back home. Abby gets a treat for being a good girl in the car. I mix up my spark – the newest limeade flavor.


And yup, it’s awesome. I cannot wait for it to get back in stock! And I get going on my to-do list. This morning it’s cleaning the bathrooms, calling to order tickets for a play at the Children’s Theater next week and laundry.

9:30 AM – Usually I wait until closer to lunch to go running, but the dishwasher repair guy is coming sometime between 10-2, so I jump on the treadmill for 4 miles while watching The West Wing.


I finish with a core workout from Becky’s core boot camp. And practicing BP97 for Saturday.

11:00 AM – Shower and a smoothie. I finally eat the smoothie that Scott made this morning. It’s SO good! I sit down and watch a little TV before picking up Luke.

12:00 PM – Pick up Luke. He’s always super excited to see me! He says thank you to his teachers and good bye to his friends.

12:15 PM – Back at home. Abby gets another treat for being good in the car.


She sure is spoiled. Winking smile Luke says he’s hungry, so I set up a little snack plate for him. Peanut butter, grapes, crackers.

12:30 PM– While he’s snacking, I make my lunch. Today it’s 3 scrambled eggs (with eggs from my co-workers chickens – so good!) with some diced turkey.

12:45 PM – We are both finished with lunch/snack, I wipe off Luke’s hands and we head to his room to play. Pirates and fires and rescue and policeman. We cover it all. Smile 

1:15 PM – the repair guy is finally here! Luke wants to watch.


1:45 PM  – the guy is done. He has to order a part. Boo. We set up another time in a week for him to come back to actually fix it.

2:00 PM – I find a spot that I think Abby threw up (gross) and text Scott a picture of the cleaning solution to make sure I am using the right stuff.


2:15 PM – I send Scott a video of a dripping faucet in our bathroom and ask what I should do to stop it. We Facetime for about 5 minutes while he talks me through it.


2:30 PM – Luke is getting pretty whiny while we are playing, so time for a quiet time. Sometimes he sleeps, sometimes he rests, sometimes he reads books. But it’s a good time for him to re-set! Today, he ends up falling asleep.

2:40 PM – I mix up another spark and watch Madame Secretary while reviewing my BP choreo for tonight’s class – going old school with 85.

3:40 PM – I add my pre-workout mix to the little bit of spark I have left. I am loving catalyst + arginine extreme + mass impact.


3:45 PM – I wake Luke up. . . easier said than done. Kid takes after his Mom and is a totally bear when waking up. I bribe him into the car with a sucker. #truth

4:00 PM – By the time we get to the YMCA, he’s back to his normal happy self. We get there super early because he loves to help me set up my weights.


4:20 PM – I take him downstairs to Child Watch. He always seems to have a really good time when he’s playing there, so it makes me feel good about bringing him with me to play while I teach

4:30 PM – BODYPUMP time. Class is a nice mix of regulars and a few newbies. 85 is a great release too. I challenge everyone to go heavier on the triceps track and we all feel it!

5:35 PM – class is done. equipment cleaned up. I go get Luke and he’s busy playing cars and doesn’t want to go. I promise him some time in the ball pit.


5:40 PM – I realized that I probably should find this kid some bigger shirts. #lookatthatbelly


6:00 PM – Back to home. Dad’s home! We all chat about our days and get Luke started on dinner. Some nights we eat as a family and some nights Luke eats first and then we eat after he goes to bed. Tonight, he gets to eat first. Mac and cheese, grapes, yogurt and chocolate milk.

6:30 PM – Bath time.

7:00 PM – PJs, books, prayers, lights out.

7:20 PM – I get started on dinner. Tonight it is super easy thanks to a kale salad mix I picked up from Sam’s Club. I add in some leftover chicken from Easter dinner and mandarin oranges = dinner is served.

7:30 PM – Wednesdays are Survivor night, so we eat on the couch while watching!

8:00 PM – I mix up some Oasis and we watch the rest of Survivor.


8:30 PM – We have some phone calls with our relator about our house in Eau Claire – good news we have an offer!

8:45 PM – we are both tired, so we start getting ready for bed. Brush teeth, let Abby out one more time, tuck Luke in and give him one more kiss and comment on how adorable he is when sleeping.

9:00 PM – Bed! But not really, Scott usually cruises the internet, while I read one of my books. Tonight I finish this one. . .


9:35 PM – Goodnight kiss and lights out.

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Weekending. . . Easter

I don’t even know what happened to Monday. The day just flew by! 

But I think I’m also still on a sugar high from the weekend. . . 

started with a fro yo date with the husband on Friday night. . . Luke was hanging with Grandma Mary (my Mom) and I had to work late so an after work date night with fro yo + Sam’s Club + the grocery store. #adulting


On Saturday, quick treadmill run and then we were on the road to the cities. 

First stop – Mall of America to have lunch with Scott’s family. 




And then to my Mom’s house for Easter dinner and hanging out. The highlight is always the pistachio dessert. . . which Luke decided he needed 2 pieces. Yup – he definitely is my kid! 


And then we got Luke’s Easter basket ready – new Paw Patrol shoes + socks + gardening tools + new shark bath towel + a new book 


Picked a good hiding place.


The next morning. .. looking for his Easter basket (with help and adult supervision. Winking smile




Abby was tired from all the celebrating and eating her new bone. 


Afternoon play d’oh date.


Practicing BP 97 for the launch this weekend. Whoa – holy bottom 8’s!


Easter dinner. Tablescape by Luke. 


Pineapple soufflé


Cheesy broccoli orzo


And my first ever baked chicken


Dinner success. 

Un-pictured –> eating my bodyweight in Cadbury eggs. #yolo Winking smile 

And Easter success. Smile 

Hope you had a great one! Highlights??


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Weekending. . . sunshine + snow

Hey there! Happy Monday. And happy Leap Day!

Did you have a good weekend??

Ours went by way to fast!

Nice enough weather to walk home from school on Friday!


Errands on Saturday = Target + Sam’s Club


52 degrees = family run!


Dinner with Scott’s family on Saturday night at Red Robin. Bonsai burger ftw.


Sunday morning was windy + snowy. So we stayed inside and played play d’oh.



The rest of Sunday included: laundry, Scott fixing a leaky downstairs shower facet, 3 mile treadmill run and catching up on the Amazing Race.

And Abby thinking she should be fed dinner at 3pm. Smile


Hope you had a great one. . . what were you up to?

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Weekending. . . Valentine’s Day

Oh Monday . . .

Am I right?

Oh well, at least it was a good weekend around here!

I kicked off the weekend with my first run of half marathon training.


I haven’t actually signed up for a race yet . . . thinking the Eau Claire half marathon in May, but figured I should start getting in some more miles.

Coffee surprise from the husband. Made my day.


Luke and I got ready to go visit Grandma Mary.


Scott, Luke and I went out to dinner with her on Friday night.


Kicked off Saturday with a BODYPUMP class. Went back a few releases to 90 – love that triceps track. Any P!NK song is a winner in my book.


Afternoon movie.


Trip to TJ’s.


Picked up some dangerous things.


Including these. . .


Valentine’s morning.


Low key Sunday = lots of Scandal + laundry. Seriously, that show is SO addicting. On Season 4 now.

And a Valentine’s Day dinner courtesy of my amazing husband.


My favorite’s – grilled steak, roasted asparagus and

these sweet potato tots.



And Abby always puts herself to bed about 9pm. Cutest thing ever. 


Hope you had a great one. . . what were you up to?

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Wednesday Things

Seriously? It’s already Wednesday? I guess that’s a good thing, right? Friday is almost here.  .. happy dance.

Life has been life over here lately. Just the usual things. . .

teaching bodypump.


playing in the snow (we got 9 inches last Tuesday!)



making carrot/apple/lemon juice. . . Luke’s favorite thing to make and drink right now!


enjoying some down time with abby puppy.


these two. . .


enjoying 40 degree weather with a family run.


gearing up for the next big AdvoCare challenge.


early morning GRIT class that kicks my bootay every time!


so that’s been life lately and I’ve been loving every minute of it. Smile 

What have you been up to??


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Friday Favorites: Blizzard!

Happy Friday!! Anyone else pumped that it’s almost the weekend??

Other than teaching BODYPUMP tomorrow morning, we don’t have any plans and I am loving it. Smile

On Tuesday this week we had a fun day of snow. Pretty much everything around here closed early because of the snow + wind. When I picked Luke up from school he said “Mom, there is a major blizzard out there!!”

I was able to pick him up early and we came home and he played and played and played. I couldn’t help but smile that he was playing on the beach with sand earlier this week and then he was just as happy in the snow in our front yard.





Abby had fun too.



It was the perfect afternoon with no other obligations and just having the time to play.


And then Luke went out again to “help” Dad shovel. . . aka more snow play time. Winking smile


And now off to work and then the weekend!

Have a great one! Whatcha up to??

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Friday Favorites: Headed to Des Moines!

Happy Friday!!

I’m headed to Des Moines this weekend for an AdvoCare event. I’m excited to hear more about AdvoCare. .. I’ve been involved with the company for about 2 years now and still love them. Hello SPARK. . . And if it’s anything like success school was, then I’m in for a good event. AND Laura is coming with me! She’s building her business too and I’m so excited for her. Plus we are going for the whole weekend – pedicures, shopping + hanging out. I. can’t. wait. 

Speaking of my little sister. . . she did this to her dog’s tail last week. I know, right?


Apparently, she was trying to cut out some matting and then all of the sudden, her tail was basically gone. Pretty sure any girl who has tried to cut their own bangs can understand how you are just cutting a little hair and then the next thing you know, they are all gone. Totally happened to me in 6th grade. It was awful!

Anyway. . . here are a few of my recent favs. . .

I’m super excited about my new running calendar. Pink + chevron = winning.


Afternoon lunch date with my boys.


Cookie baking buddy.


BODYPUMP + pink everything. Smile 


Seeing my top 10 clean eating recipes getting shared with the newest group of AdvoCare challengers. . . and psst – you don’t need to be doing any sort of challenge to make and love these recipes!


A haircut. Finally. It had seriously been a year. It was just a trim, but it feels so much better!


And this. I just had to laugh. Yup, that’s a container of play d’oh in my coffee. And yes, I took it out and still drank it! Winking smile #reallife #momlife


Extra time with this guy. Fun at the Children’s museum.


A good visit to the vet for Abby. She’s had this weird lump on her neck for a while and it started to get bigger, so I took her in to get it checked out and feared the worst, but thankfully, it’s nothing to be worried about. Thank goodness!!


Now, off to the weekend. . .

Have a great one! Whatcha up to??

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NYE + life these last few days

Tuesday already? Life needs to slow down just a bit. . . 

You guys already heard about my very exciting NYE – sparkling apple cider (that stuff is awesome) cheers with my boys.


Papa Murphy’s pizza + Asti + Netflix = perfection . ..


and yes, as Chris pointed out, not a whole lot different than our typical Saturday night, but the Asti was a nice addition. Smile

I was at work on New Year’s Day, but got lots of pictures from home. 



And this. .. the blanket fell off the back of the couch and onto Abby and she just went with it. 


Kicked off the weekend teaching BODYPUMP with some of my favorite people.


Followed by play d’oh and coffee. 


And a quick treadmill run.


Afternoon movie time = popcorn + selfies.


And finished the evening with more of this. So good. 


Sunday was projects around the house. 


Plus snuggles + selfies.


And more fun pictures while I was at work. . . 



And this ah-mazing Hello Fresh meal.


Steak au Poivre with cheesy hasselback potatoes, creamed kale and shallot-peppercorn sauce. Seriously, probably the best one yet! And yourself a huge favor and use this code: QTHC5N to get $40 OFF your first box.

Whew. It’s been a busy few days. Looking forward to a little routine over the next few days. . . school, work, laundry, dinner, bodypump, etc. . .

What have you been up to??


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