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Friday Favorites–Carrot juice and spring weather

Happy Friday!

I have lots of happy endorphins from my PUMP/CX class this morning!


I’m also super excited to be heading up to the cities to spend the day with my sister. We are shopping, eating and going to see Wicked!!

Finally, I am on Day 10 of an AdvoCare 24 day challenge. I have a love/hate relationship with the fiber drink. . . don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, but after doing it for 10 days, I’m ready for a break. . . and for max phase! Smile


Otherwise, I’ve been enjoying my last few weeks of working a part time schedule hanging with my boys. . .

Legos and snuggling are my life.


And carrot juice. My fav combo – carrots, apples and lemon.


Just hanging.


4 months old!! time. slow. down.



that face. seriously.


Running in the sunshine.


Practicing letters for Kindergarten. Seriously, someone hold me. Winking smile


Trip to the park.


Evening stroll.




Alright, I’m off to shower and get ready for the day!

Hope you have a great Friday and an awesome weekend! Whatcha up to??

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Friday Favorites – first smiles + Pinterest

Hey there. . . happy Friday!! Smile

Super excited for the weekend. . . well, as soon as we are finished with getting our taxes done this morning. meh.

But then, we are celebrating with a trip to Trader Joe’s. Winking smile

And my sister is coming tomorrow!

And now, because of Friday, here are my favorites from this week . . .

My treadmill. And baby nap time. I am so thankful that running just feels good right now and I’m slowly starting to build my distance back up.


Luke 3 months vs almost 5 years old in the same bouncer.  . .


And this boy. Jake giving me some serious looks before. . .


giving me his first smiles. heart melting.


Daydreaming about building our next house. . . thank you Pinterest for stealing hours of my life. ..


Including a 2 story great room.


an amazing kitchen with a huge island.


and keeping track of all good ideas. an extra storage area for garbage bags right next to the garbage bins?! = genius.


random favorite, but super important for my dry, cracked winter skin. darn Minnesota winters.


and spark. helping mothers function every day. Smile


and now off to the tax guy. . .

and then Trader Joe’s! –> any favorites I should make sure and pick up???

Plans for the weekend? Favs from the week??


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Weekending. . .

Happy Monday!

Today is my first day alone with the boys!

So far, so good.


Both kids are dressed and fed. Winning. Smile 

We had a great weekend of doing nothing around here!

Friday snuggles while watching the Inauguration coverage.


Up bright and early Saturday morning. Thank goodness for spark.


My running partner.


One month old!


Saturday night date with friends at Pizza Ranch.


Sunday morning muffins. Thanks to Krusteaz for sending me yummy muffins!


I haven’t posted anything about Abby in a while. . . she is doing good! You can usually find her in “her spot” on the couch. Smile 


Sunday morning started with a quick run and BODYPUMP 100. I am in love with the triceps, biceps and lunge tracks. I cannot wait to get back to teaching to teach it!


Followed by track building. #lifeofamom


Baby wearing for the win to get dinner ready while taking care of 2 kids.


Evening nap on the living room floor.


It was a great weekend with my little family!

Wish me luck for the rest of my first day at home with the boys! Goals for the day include running during nap time, taking a shower, and tummy time. Smile 

Hope you have a great Monday! How was your weekend??

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Currently. . . August

Happy Monday!!

It has been a hot minute since I shared some current favorites. . . so here’s a little glimpse into life lately in my house!

Current book: Red Rising by Pierce Brown.

Image result for red rising trilogy fan art

So far so good. It’s part of a trilogy, so I’ll report back when I finish all 3 books!

Current TV show: Scott and I are watching Person of Interest together (thanks again for the recommendation Sarah and Matt!). And of course, the Olympics!!

Image result for person of interest

Current excitement: Baby Boy #2! And baby kicks. <– seriously the best. 


Current exercise: Pumping 2x per week. Plus practicing CXWORX all. the. time. I’m filming my video TONIGHT!! before my belly gets too big! And I think I might be done running during this pregnancy. . . I had to stop after the car accident because my chest hurt so darn much and I was able to do a few runs without too much pain, but over the past week, the belly has been hurting with running. I’m hoping to try a belly band support so I can keep running for at least a while longer. .. but if not, walks with Abby are good too! 


Current bane of my existence: Coming up with boy names! We had tons of girl names, but boy names are SO tough! If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!!

Current outfit: Workout clothes. If I’m not working, you will find me in black lululemon shorts and a workout tank!

Current food: Anything chocolate, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Chipotle.


Current drink: Thank goodness for spark.


I am still so tired all. the. time. I was hopeful that it would get better in the second trimester, but since I’m just over 22 weeks and it isn’t any better, I just keep on drinking my spark every morning.

Current indulgence: Daydreaming about building our next house.

Current photo: This. After school date with my favorite boy.


Your turn – current drink, book, food??

I have the day off of work today. .  we have an ultrasound and doctor appointment for baby boy plus filming my CXWORX video tonight <– wish me luck!!


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Friday Favorites: Grandma’s Marathon 1981

Hey! Happy Friday!!

I’m super excited because my little sister, Laura, came into town early for Luke’s birthday party on Saturday and we are spending today hanging out – including massages! I’m also really looking forward to Luke’s 4th birthday party – Pirate theme – on Saturday and we are having family pictures taken on Sunday. Full weekend ahead!

Here’s a look at the recent things that have made me smile.

Family date night on a Thursday. We went to a local ice skating show together and it will a lot of fun. Luke loved the sparkly outfits .  .. and let’s be honest, I did too! I also loved the little 3 and 4 year olds who could hardly stand up on the ice but were so happy to be on the ice with the “big kids”!


Wearing my Dad’s Grandma Marathon Finisher shirt from 1981! Older than I am! I think he would have liked that I am wearing it. Smile 


Facebook messages from my BODYPUMP peeps about how sore they are. Winking smile 


This post with some awesome marathon signs from the Boston marathon this week.

My girl Becky saying all the things about direct sale companies and why they are really awesome.

And with that, I’m off – have a good one!

Plans for the weekend? Favorites from the week?

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Weekending. . . Luke turns 4 + Ladies Alive

Happy Monday! I’m off to work this morning after a great weekend. . . I don’t think I could have squeezed anything more into the past few days.

Luke celebrated his 4th birthday at school on Friday.


And after school we hit the road for my Mom’s house. And I am SO happy that it’s finally warm enough for iced coffee season!


We celebrated a little early on Friday night because we had such a busy day on Saturday. Luke didn’t mind. Winking smile 


Making a wish. .  . and blowing out the candles.


And I love that my sister shared this on facebook. . . I don’t think I ever saw this post when Luke was born. Love.


On Saturday, I drove down to Rochester for an AdvoCare event – Ladies Alive


It was a fun day hearing inspiring AdvoCare stories and hanging with some lovely ladies.


Another highlight was this cute bag + all the goodies inside!


And then back in the car to join my husband at the wedding of a good friend from high school.

wedding pic

of course. . . cupcakes. Smile 


After the wedding, I drove back to Mom’s house and packed Luke up in the car to head home.

When Luke woke up, he came and snuggled with me and I asked him how it felt to be 4 and was it any different from being 3? “Yup, Mom. My arms are longer now that I’m 4!” Seriously, that kid. Winking smile 

We spent the day with no agenda. . .

we worked on our Lego building skills. .  .


Soaked in some 70 degree sunshine with a 4 mile run + silly faces.


Post-run smoothies.


Haircut! I swear that he grows up by 10 year every time he gets a haircut!


More sunshine = park time. I told Scott (who was spending the day working at the Lake place on staining the new dock), that I would bet money based on what I saw from Luke playing at the park that he will have a broken bone and/or stiches before the summer is out. Kid is fearless. I can’t count the number of times I heard “No Mom! Don’t help me. I got it.” Which was fine. . . until we got to the monkey bars, sorry Luke, I don’t think you “got it” yet. #fourgoingonfourteen


The rest of the night was spent doing laundry (because it never ends), getting ready for the week and playing play d’oh.

Hope you had a great one. . . what were you up to?

I am linking up with Katie (and Erin) for Marvelous in my Monday!


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Friday Favorites: Pirate talk

Whooop Whooop. Who’s excited it’s the weekend??!! 

I cannot believe that Luke turns 4 tomorrow!


We aren’t technically celebrating until next weekend with a Pirate Pizza Party, but we obviously have to have cake. Winking smile

Also on tap this weekend, Ladies Alive AdvoCare event. I am SO excited. I’ve heard amazing things about this event and I’m happy that I have a couple of friends coming with me! 

And we have a wedding. Scott’s good friend from high school is getting married on Saturday night. 

Whew. I am tired just thinking about squeezing everything into one day! 

Sunday has no plans. And after two weekends of working plus a super busy Saturday, I am thrilled! 

And now onto a few of my recent favs: 

This combo. Amazing. It’s the perfect afternoon pick me up. 


Family runs. Bonus points that Luke wore his eye patch the entire run and said “arrrggg shiver me timbers” to everyone we passed. 


And then the fact that he wore his eye patch to dinner. And continued to talk in pirate lingo.  


New tanks for teaching pump.


I am in love with the “but did you die though” one. 


AKA my motto for BODYPUMP 97!

Everyday with Rachel Ray.


Honestly, I’m not sure why I love this magazine. There isn’t a whole lot of content to read and I usually only save 1 or two recipes per issue, but for some reason I love it. #randomfacts

Running. Warmer temps this week has made for some great running!


This kid. And our local library. They have a great kids section that has educational toys. Obviously, I really liked this one. Smile 


Ok. .. off to pack for the weekend. Wish me luck!

Plans for the weekend? Favorites from the week?

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Day in the Life. . . March 30, 2016

Happy Thursday!

I don’t know about you, but I always am sorta interested by other bloggers who do day in the life posts. . . we all know that no days are “typical” but I think it is interesting to see a glimpse into their day to day life. So, today, I thought I would share with you my day from yesterday.

Since I started working Urgent Care back in October, I work three 12 hour shifts in a week, so the days that I work are obviously very different from the days that I don’t. . . I like this new schedule because I have quite a bit more time to hang out with Luke!

5:00 AM – Scott’s alarm clock goes off. He goes downstairs for a run on the treadmill. I roll over and go back to sleep.

6:45AM – Scott has finished his workout, showered, gotten dressed and made smoothies. Luke and I are still sleeping. He comes in and kisses me goodbye and leaves for work.

7:15 AM – I hear “Mooooooooommmmmmm” from Luke’s room. He is normally up around 7, so this is typical for us. I head to his room and he wants to snuggle. So, I crawl into bed with him and rub his back while we talk about our dreams from the night before and our plans for the day.

7:30AM – Up and at ‘em. I get Luke set up with some breakfast – this morning it’s yogurt, some grapes and a granola bar. I feed Abby who is tap dancing at my feet.

8:00 AM – Luke and I watch an episode of Paw Patrol and get him dressed for the day. This morning the pups save a walrus. It’s very exciting. Winking smile 


8:15 AM  – off to school. I load Abby and Luke into the car and we make the 2 minute drive to Luke’s school. I am looking forward to being able to walk him to school when the weather is nice!


8:30 AM – We answer the question of the day.


Hang up his coat. Wash hands. And then I help him pick something to play with. . . this morning it’s making a track with the wood blocks. I let him know that I’ll be back to pick him up before the lights turn out for rest time.

8:45 AM – Back home. Abby gets a treat for being a good girl in the car. I mix up my spark – the newest limeade flavor.


And yup, it’s awesome. I cannot wait for it to get back in stock! And I get going on my to-do list. This morning it’s cleaning the bathrooms, calling to order tickets for a play at the Children’s Theater next week and laundry.

9:30 AM – Usually I wait until closer to lunch to go running, but the dishwasher repair guy is coming sometime between 10-2, so I jump on the treadmill for 4 miles while watching The West Wing.


I finish with a core workout from Becky’s core boot camp. And practicing BP97 for Saturday.

11:00 AM – Shower and a smoothie. I finally eat the smoothie that Scott made this morning. It’s SO good! I sit down and watch a little TV before picking up Luke.

12:00 PM – Pick up Luke. He’s always super excited to see me! He says thank you to his teachers and good bye to his friends.

12:15 PM – Back at home. Abby gets another treat for being good in the car.


She sure is spoiled. Winking smile Luke says he’s hungry, so I set up a little snack plate for him. Peanut butter, grapes, crackers.

12:30 PM– While he’s snacking, I make my lunch. Today it’s 3 scrambled eggs (with eggs from my co-workers chickens – so good!) with some diced turkey.

12:45 PM – We are both finished with lunch/snack, I wipe off Luke’s hands and we head to his room to play. Pirates and fires and rescue and policeman. We cover it all. Smile 

1:15 PM – the repair guy is finally here! Luke wants to watch.


1:45 PM  – the guy is done. He has to order a part. Boo. We set up another time in a week for him to come back to actually fix it.

2:00 PM – I find a spot that I think Abby threw up (gross) and text Scott a picture of the cleaning solution to make sure I am using the right stuff.


2:15 PM – I send Scott a video of a dripping faucet in our bathroom and ask what I should do to stop it. We Facetime for about 5 minutes while he talks me through it.


2:30 PM – Luke is getting pretty whiny while we are playing, so time for a quiet time. Sometimes he sleeps, sometimes he rests, sometimes he reads books. But it’s a good time for him to re-set! Today, he ends up falling asleep.

2:40 PM – I mix up another spark and watch Madame Secretary while reviewing my BP choreo for tonight’s class – going old school with 85.

3:40 PM – I add my pre-workout mix to the little bit of spark I have left. I am loving catalyst + arginine extreme + mass impact.


3:45 PM – I wake Luke up. . . easier said than done. Kid takes after his Mom and is a totally bear when waking up. I bribe him into the car with a sucker. #truth

4:00 PM – By the time we get to the YMCA, he’s back to his normal happy self. We get there super early because he loves to help me set up my weights.


4:20 PM – I take him downstairs to Child Watch. He always seems to have a really good time when he’s playing there, so it makes me feel good about bringing him with me to play while I teach

4:30 PM – BODYPUMP time. Class is a nice mix of regulars and a few newbies. 85 is a great release too. I challenge everyone to go heavier on the triceps track and we all feel it!

5:35 PM – class is done. equipment cleaned up. I go get Luke and he’s busy playing cars and doesn’t want to go. I promise him some time in the ball pit.


5:40 PM – I realized that I probably should find this kid some bigger shirts. #lookatthatbelly


6:00 PM – Back to home. Dad’s home! We all chat about our days and get Luke started on dinner. Some nights we eat as a family and some nights Luke eats first and then we eat after he goes to bed. Tonight, he gets to eat first. Mac and cheese, grapes, yogurt and chocolate milk.

6:30 PM – Bath time.

7:00 PM – PJs, books, prayers, lights out.

7:20 PM – I get started on dinner. Tonight it is super easy thanks to a kale salad mix I picked up from Sam’s Club. I add in some leftover chicken from Easter dinner and mandarin oranges = dinner is served.

7:30 PM – Wednesdays are Survivor night, so we eat on the couch while watching!

8:00 PM – I mix up some Oasis and we watch the rest of Survivor.


8:30 PM – We have some phone calls with our relator about our house in Eau Claire – good news we have an offer!

8:45 PM – we are both tired, so we start getting ready for bed. Brush teeth, let Abby out one more time, tuck Luke in and give him one more kiss and comment on how adorable he is when sleeping.

9:00 PM – Bed! But not really, Scott usually cruises the internet, while I read one of my books. Tonight I finish this one. . .


9:35 PM – Goodnight kiss and lights out.

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Foodie Favorites

Happy Wednesday!

HUMP DAY! LOL. That always make me laugh. Yup, I am a 13 year old boy on the inside. Winking smile 

Anyway, I wanted to share some of my recent eats and favs because I love seeing what other people are eating and making to get new ideas!

Fruit punch spark has been my jam lately.


Usually I’m an orange spark while working out, fruit punch in the morning and then sometimes an afternoon grape spark. #sparkproblems but lately, I’ve been loving fruit punch all. the. time. I will say that I am super excited to try the new limade flavor which is on it’s way to my house right now. I’ve heard amazing things about it. 

This smoothie combo from Carrots ‘n’ Cake. I’ve been trying to cut down on my caramel latte addiction and this smoothie is a great way to get a little taste of espresso without spending $5 at Caribou. And anything with almond butter is a winner for me. 

Pick-Me-Up Smoothie

Speaking of almond butter. . . why did it take me so long to jump on the date + almond butter train?


Deliciousness. It *might* be the perfect after dinner snack to satisfy my sweet tooth. 

And thanks to my friend Chris, I finally found a chia seed pudding recipe that rocks. And it’s super easy. 1/4 cup chia + 1 can light coconut milk. Mix well. Sit overnight. The perfect snack with berries. 

You know what is the easiest meal ever? Frittatas. Seriously, why don’t I make them all the time? I have been loving roasted sweet potatoes + veggies sauteed with a little coconut oil. Topped with eggs and finish in the oven for about 10 minutes. Dinner perfection. And it makes great leftovers! 

These. Crunchy. Salty. Perfection.


And you guys, have you tried RXBAR yet?


They are amazing. They are super yummy. I love eating them for an afternoon snack or after my workouts for some extra protein. And no B.S. ingredients. I don’t love how spendy they are, but that’s probably for the best. . . otherwise I might eat 6 per day. Winking smile I would highly recommend the chocolate coconut or chocolate sea salt. 

And carrot juice.


Honestly, I probably wouldn’t drag out the juicer as often as I do if it weren’t for Luke asking to make carrot juice. Seriously, kid wants to make it every day..  . so, I try to make sure we have the ingredients on hand to make it a few times per week. I always have to make 3 juices – one for me, one for Luke and one for Scott. Bonus points if there is extra for Luke to keep him from drinking mine after he drinks all of his. My go to combo is carrots (lots – probably about 1/2 of a big bag) + 2 apples + 1 lemon. 

Ok – your turn! Recent favorite eats??


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Wednesday Things

Seriously? It’s already Wednesday? I guess that’s a good thing, right? Friday is almost here.  .. happy dance.

Life has been life over here lately. Just the usual things. . .

teaching bodypump.


playing in the snow (we got 9 inches last Tuesday!)



making carrot/apple/lemon juice. . . Luke’s favorite thing to make and drink right now!


enjoying some down time with abby puppy.


these two. . .


enjoying 40 degree weather with a family run.


gearing up for the next big AdvoCare challenge.


early morning GRIT class that kicks my bootay every time!


so that’s been life lately and I’ve been loving every minute of it. Smile 

What have you been up to??


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