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Friday Favorites: Bumpin’ in Charleston

Hey hey – Happy Fri- YAY!

I have to work all weekend long but that’s totally ok, because Scott and I just got back from a long weekend in Charleston, South Carolina. I was there for a medical conference and Scott tagged along. My Mom came and watched Luke and they had so. much. fun. And Scott and I enjoyed extra sleep, good food and quality conversation and time together. It was perfect. I think I took a total of 3 pictures. . .

Tour of Fort Sumter.


34 weeks.


Checking out the harbor and watching the dolphins swim.


Food highlights include Lewis BBQ {get the brisket}, King Street Cookies {two words – s’mores cookie}, Old Village Post House {delicious steak}, Another Broken Egg {get the biscuit beignets}, 82 Queen {brunch!}.

And I can’t believe I never shared any Halloween pictures. ..




And doesn’t Halloween seem like forever ago already??

And how is Thanksgiving next week?? This pregnant lady is SO excited for Thanksgiving dinner. I’m most excited for mashed potatoes and gravy. . . and pie. . . and Jennie-O sent me another turkey to make for Thanksgiving this year.


We made it last year and it was SO good. Juicy and delicious.

And SO easy to make!


Other life stuff. . .

I just finished this book and I can’t recommend it enough. SO good!


Trying to find a diaper bag..  . I think this one might be a winner.. .


Every night in our house. Candles forever.


I totally went out of my comfort zone with grey nails. And I love them!


And this latest package from Krusteaz makes me SO excited for Holiday baking!! This baby better stay in until I have a chance to get some baking done! Winking smile


I know Luke and I are going to have some fun with these decorating edible frosting pens!


And I’m still teaching BODYPUMP twice per week and loving it. Fingers crossed that I continue to feel good and can keep teaching until the end! I picked up  these old navy maternity workout pants a few weeks ago. love the subtle design and they are super comfy.

product photo

And now off to work. . . have a great one!

Whatcha up to this weekend? What have you been loving lately??

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Currently: Fall + 31 weeks pregnant

Hi!! Happy Thursday! I honestly didn’t mean to do a disappearing act on you, but #truth, this pregnancy is no joke and these days napping pretty much wins over everything else on my to- do list. . .

I thought I’d check back in with a little currently post. . .

Current book: I just picked up Defending Jacob at the library yesterday. . . I’ve heard good things about it, so I can’t wait to check it out.

Image result for defending jacob

Current [non]-guilty pleasure: Baby kicks and punches. <love>

Current drink: Water with lemon. If I don’t drink enough water during the day, I start to feel lightheaded. . . so I’m drinking water like it’s my job lately, and I cannot get enough of water with lemon! fruit punch spark is a close second favorite right now.

Current food: Apple cider donuts.


Hot and fresh at our local apple orchard. . . just as good as the honey crisp apples!

Current obsession: Christmas pillows. Total random, right? I blame it on the most recent Pottery Barn catalog. . .


I am in love with these plaid pillows from Pottery Barn. And if my living room could look like this, that would be great too. Winking smile

Current craving: A good run. Man, I miss running. Thankfully, BODYPUMP still feels good and I am still teaching twice per week, but it just isn’t running. . . Also, craving Brie cheese and a margarita with lots of salt. #keepingitreal.

Current need: This track pullover. Doesn’t it look comfy and perfect for winter and snuggling a baby? Size large would be great! Smile

product photo

Current indulgence: napping. I hardly ever nap so this pregnancy has been insane with how much I’ve been sleeping. . . Trying to take advantage of the time to sleep now before we have a newborn again!

Current beauty product: My friend starting selling Rodan + Fields about six months ago, and I finally took the plunge to give it a go. . . and I love it. I have been using the Unblemish Regimen.


Current procrastination: Choosing a baby name!! We have a few “contenders” but nothing that seems quite right yet. I think we need to see his little face before choosing his name, so right now, we just call him baby brother.

Current confession: Krusteaz was amazing and sent me a package of muffins and pancake mixes, included two boxes of Pumpkin spice muffins. ..


we ate 1 box the first day and the second box the next day.


Tip – add pecans and make them into mini muffins! SO good!

Current excitement: Starting to get Baby Brother’s room ready. . .


Current mood: content. life is good. Smile

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Currently. . . August

Happy Monday!!

It has been a hot minute since I shared some current favorites. . . so here’s a little glimpse into life lately in my house!

Current book: Red Rising by Pierce Brown.

Image result for red rising trilogy fan art

So far so good. It’s part of a trilogy, so I’ll report back when I finish all 3 books!

Current TV show: Scott and I are watching Person of Interest together (thanks again for the recommendation Sarah and Matt!). And of course, the Olympics!!

Image result for person of interest

Current excitement: Baby Boy #2! And baby kicks. <– seriously the best. 


Current exercise: Pumping 2x per week. Plus practicing CXWORX all. the. time. I’m filming my video TONIGHT!! before my belly gets too big! And I think I might be done running during this pregnancy. . . I had to stop after the car accident because my chest hurt so darn much and I was able to do a few runs without too much pain, but over the past week, the belly has been hurting with running. I’m hoping to try a belly band support so I can keep running for at least a while longer. .. but if not, walks with Abby are good too! 


Current bane of my existence: Coming up with boy names! We had tons of girl names, but boy names are SO tough! If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!!

Current outfit: Workout clothes. If I’m not working, you will find me in black lululemon shorts and a workout tank!

Current food: Anything chocolate, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Chipotle.


Current drink: Thank goodness for spark.


I am still so tired all. the. time. I was hopeful that it would get better in the second trimester, but since I’m just over 22 weeks and it isn’t any better, I just keep on drinking my spark every morning.

Current indulgence: Daydreaming about building our next house.

Current photo: This. After school date with my favorite boy.


Your turn – current drink, book, food??

I have the day off of work today. .  we have an ultrasound and doctor appointment for baby boy plus filming my CXWORX video tonight <– wish me luck!!


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Weekending. . .

Monday! I had to work all weekend, so today is my day off. ..

I kicked it off with BODYPUMP 98 at the YMCA with Chris.


Planning to make fruit pizza, hopefully go for a run (I haven’t been able to run since the car accident because of my chest hurting!), visiting a friend who just had a baby (and taking her Tator Tot hot dish), and taking Luke to swimming lessons!

Luke and Scott had lots of fun hanging out while I was at work. ..

They went to a fire station open house.



I asked Scott to take a “belly” pic for me. . . and this is what I got:


And then I made him take this one instead. Winking smile 18 weeks!


Family walk before work on Sunday.


They made chocolate cake + a huge mess.



And we had time for a Mexican date night.


And now. . . off to tackle my to-do list!

Hope you had a great one. . . what were you up to?

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Picky Toddler Eating–My #1 tip

It’s official.

Luke is a picky eater.

But, honestly, who isn’t?

I don’t like to eat peas or fish and if someone put them on my plate, I would probably whine and complain too.

But, those little taste buds are still developing, so I want him to try new things and eat a balanced diet.

So, how do you do it?

Thankfully, I had a Dad who was a genius with dealing with picky kids, specifically three little girls.

The answer – > Surprise plates.


Say what now? What the heck is that?

It’s the key to a quiet and happy meal time.

A surprise plate is a plate of food that you make while your child can’t peek (hence the surprise). Winking smile Usually, it’s a mix of different foods, basically, whatever you want them to eat that day or leftovers from the fridge.


**Yes – those are frozen peas on his plate.. . he loves them. Smile

Then, the key with a surprise plate – the rules.

There are 2 rules.

#1. You don’t have to eat everything on your plate, only what you want.

#2. No whining.


It’s amazing. As soon as my 3 year old knows it’s a surprise plate and that he’s in control of what he eats, he will eat and try more foods than if I gave him a standard dinner plate.

My Dad was the master of surprise plates. . . well, I guess he still is..  . I think at least once a summer, he will make all three of his girls surprise plates.

As a parent, it’s a great way to use up leftovers in the fridge. Dad would always use toothpicks to make turkey and cheese seem more exciting and he would always add sprinkles to something on the plate. Sprinkles makes everything better, right?

My best friend has three kids and they come up to the lake with us every year and a few years ago we introduced the kids to surprise plates (basically to cut down on the whining that always happens at meals times) and now every time they come to the lake, they ask for surprise plates – and they follow the rules!


Meal time success. Smile

Do you have kids? How do you deal with picky eating or meal time whining?

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Trip Recap–Wisconsin Dells

For Luke’s 3rd birthday, we took a family trip to the Wisconsin Dells. For non-WI folks, the Dells is basically an area in the middle of WI that has tons of water parks, attractions, shows, restaurants, and is a total touristy summer vacation destination, especially for families.

We stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge. It was overall decent. Obviously, the outdoor water park area isn’t open yet, but the indoor part was more than enough to keep Luke entertained. We totally lucked out and went in the middle of the week, so there weren’t too many people around. The front desk people told us that the following weekend, they were 100% booked. Crazy!

Anyway, we got there on Wednesday afternoon. Luke got Wolf ears.



We hit up the water park for a few hours. Luke loved that they had water slides that were small enough that he could go down alone with Scott or I catching him at the end. He also did pretty good “swimming” around a bit in his life jacket.

Afterwards, we hit up Famous Dave’s for dinner.


Luke wanted a drink of Scott’s beer, and so we figured for his 3rd birthday, why not. .. . haha. He took the smallest drink ever and then spit and wiped his tongue. Hilarious.




Water park = amazing naps.



And for Luke’s birthday dinner, we took him to a train restaurant where all food and drinks are delivered via train. It was basically a 3 year olds best day ever.


And it delivered birthday ice cream.


And no birthday trip is complete without birthday doughnuts with sprinkles, right?


It was a great family trip!!

We got there on Wednesday afternoon and headed out Friday morning which was a good amount of time for us and Luke. The Great Wolf Lodge was just ok – the water park was pretty good, but since there are SO many options at the Wisconsin Dells, I would probably check out another place before going there again.

Have you ever been to “The Dells”??

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Things being a Mom has taught me

Today, my little baby boy is 3 years old.


#1 – where does the time go?

#2 – I literally cannot imagine life without him.

And I am so grateful for all the things he has taught me over the past three years.

1. patience. I wasn’t the most patient person before Luke was born and I’m still not the greatest, but I am much better. Because you cannot survive motherhood without taking a deep breath and practicing being patient every. single. day.


Lately, I’ve had to be patient while Luke picks out the perfect pair of socks for the day, or picks out a toy before we get in the car, or because “Mom, I just gotta. . .” And, so I take a deep breath, and smile. Because all too soon, Luke will be big enough to pick out socks without Mom’s help, he won’t need to take a toy to school. . .

2. appreciation for early mornings.

IMG_1869 (2)

I would tell you that the number one thing I was worried about before having Luke was about sleep. I really really really liked sleep. I liked to sleep in, I liked to sleep uninterrupted and it wasn’t a good thing when that didn’t happen. Now, there has been a shift. Don’t get me wrong – uninterrupted sleep and sleeping in = still awesome. But there is something special about being up before the sun, listening to baby babbling or playing trucks with your 3 year old. And it is always a nice feeling to look at the clock at 9am and be amazed that it is only 9am and you still have the rest of the day to do things.

3. love for afternoon nap time. see #2. it’s all about balance. Winking smile


4. the joy that a simple kiss, hug or an “I love you” can bring. heart melting.


5. the beauty of a solo trip to Target. enough said.

6. that there is nothing better than a sleeping baby. Literally nothing.


7. you are never quite prepared for the next step in your child’s life – whether that is rolling over, walking, or the terrible twos. . . it all goes by too fast! Way too fast. And there is nothing you can do about it.


8. Being in the bathroom alone is overrated.

9. ponytails are #necessary. I was referring to my ponytail. . . but around 18 months, Luke went thru a phase where he loved having a “pony” in his hair.


10. it’s the journey not the destination. And all you have to do it smile and enjoy it.


I love you Lukie more than I ever thought possible. I love watching you grow and become your own little person, an amazing mix of me and your Dad. There isn’t anything better.


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Luke’s 3rd Birthday Party {fire truck theme}

On Saturday, we had friends and family over to celebrate Luke’s 3rd birthday.

This boy is all about trucks and has been especially loving fire trucks lately. So, this party was everything fire trucks.

A huge thank you to my little sister, Laura, for helping with the party and for making all the decorations. She did such an amazing job. If you are interested in someone making super cute decorations or crafts for an upcoming birthday party or event, just shoot me an email and I’ll get you in touch with her!!

She made this cute welcome sign that I put on the front door.


Luke was SO excited for his birthday party. It didn’t start until 4, so for the whole day; “Mom, is it my birthday party yet?”


For the party favors, I bought kids fire chief hats online and then Laura put their names on the back.



And then I found these cute puppies online too. And Laura made the adorable sign to go with them.


And what is a fire truck theme party without some flames. Check out what Laura did on the window!



And finally, she made the banner. So adorable. And amazing that I have a sister who is that crafty. Love it!!



And OMG, I can’t believe I almost forgot – she also made his shirt! A fire truck with a “3” on it with his name.


At one point, Scott said to me “Thanks for organizing Luke’s party and for hiring Laura as the party planner.” Winking smile


And then it was time for the party. . .

play time with friends.





We had pizza for dinner, with fruit salad and chips with dip.

Then, presents.





And then cake! Jodi made the cake for us again this year and it turned out super cute.







And all the kids. . .


It was just wonderful. So much love and friendship for us and Luke. Thanks to everyone for coming and the great afternoon.

After everyone left, we let Luke play with his new toys for a little while and then it was time for bed.. .  while he wanted to take all his new toys with him to bed, we let him pick one. And he picked his new big fire truck.. . And we found him sleeping like this 5 minutes after turning off the lights.


Such a big boy but still my little boy all at the same time. <love>

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Weekend Update: 4/12/15

Whew. Monday already? Man, this weekend flew by!

Saturday morning started bright and early (well – early-ish) with the launch of BODYPUMP 93 at the YMCA. All of the instructors were there = awesome! And I loved our matching shirts – “Show Your Body Who’s Boss – Les Mills


I taught the super challenging shoulder track. Man, that’s a good one.

It was nice to be back at the YMCA. I miss my class and my fellow instructor – Chris. We taught two classes in a row – 8:15 and 9:30. The early class was the biggest class I have ever taught with 55 pumpers. The energy was awesome.


And Laura came to the first class!


A stop at Caribou was a must after 2 classes!


A little morning play time.


And then it was party time. Luke’s 3rd birthday party was so much fun – full recap coming tomorrow!


Low key Sunday morning.


Family run.


Another 3 year olds birthday party.


Complete with a bouncy house. #ftw


Nap time + family time.

Then, it was time for Luke and I to hit the road back to EC. He played with his new fire truck the whole way. Winking smile 


How was your weekend?? What was the best part?

And because it was pretty marvelous, I am linking up with Katie (and Erin) for Marvelous in my Monday!


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Friday Favorites: 3/20/15

Man, I have no idea why but this week flew by for me. I cannot believe it’s Friday already. I am headed to MN after work this afternoon to hang with my 2 favorite boys. Plan to teach BODYPUMP tomorrow morning at the Mankato YMCA (7am – come join me!!), some meal prep (chicken salad and homemade mayo), maybe take Luke to the pool and enjoy some couch time with the hubby.


My favorite thing from this week was a conversation I had with Luke while driving home from playing at the YMCA.


Luke: Mom you should close Abby’s window cause she’s cold.

Me: Oh, she’s not cold. She loves to stick her head out the window.

Luke: Why?

Me: Because she likes to sniff everything.

Luke: Why?

Me: Because God made her with a big nose perfect for sniffing everything.

Luke: <pause> Did God use big tools when he made Abby?

Me: Yup, God used big tools to make Abby.

Luke: <cautiously> did it hurt Abby?

Me: Oh no. God is very gentle when he uses his tools.

Luke: Oh ok. Did God use my tools?

Me: God has his own set of tools that are very special so that he can make Abby puppies.

Luke: Oh. I would share with him. I’m a good sharer.

Oh my goodness. My heart melted like 6 times during that conversation. Little boys are just the best. Smile


Hope you have a great one! Whatcha up to??

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