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Friday Favorites: Bumpin’ in Charleston

Hey hey – Happy Fri- YAY!

I have to work all weekend long but that’s totally ok, because Scott and I just got back from a long weekend in Charleston, South Carolina. I was there for a medical conference and Scott tagged along. My Mom came and watched Luke and they had so. much. fun. And Scott and I enjoyed extra sleep, good food and quality conversation and time together. It was perfect. I think I took a total of 3 pictures. . .

Tour of Fort Sumter.


34 weeks.


Checking out the harbor and watching the dolphins swim.


Food highlights include Lewis BBQ {get the brisket}, King Street Cookies {two words – s’mores cookie}, Old Village Post House {delicious steak}, Another Broken Egg {get the biscuit beignets}, 82 Queen {brunch!}.

And I can’t believe I never shared any Halloween pictures. ..




And doesn’t Halloween seem like forever ago already??

And how is Thanksgiving next week?? This pregnant lady is SO excited for Thanksgiving dinner. I’m most excited for mashed potatoes and gravy. . . and pie. . . and Jennie-O sent me another turkey to make for Thanksgiving this year.


We made it last year and it was SO good. Juicy and delicious.

And SO easy to make!


Other life stuff. . .

I just finished this book and I can’t recommend it enough. SO good!


Trying to find a diaper bag..  . I think this one might be a winner.. .


Every night in our house. Candles forever.


I totally went out of my comfort zone with grey nails. And I love them!


And this latest package from Krusteaz makes me SO excited for Holiday baking!! This baby better stay in until I have a chance to get some baking done! Winking smile


I know Luke and I are going to have some fun with these decorating edible frosting pens!


And I’m still teaching BODYPUMP twice per week and loving it. Fingers crossed that I continue to feel good and can keep teaching until the end! I picked up  these old navy maternity workout pants a few weeks ago. love the subtle design and they are super comfy.

product photo

And now off to work. . . have a great one!

Whatcha up to this weekend? What have you been loving lately??

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Currently: Fall + 31 weeks pregnant

Hi!! Happy Thursday! I honestly didn’t mean to do a disappearing act on you, but #truth, this pregnancy is no joke and these days napping pretty much wins over everything else on my to- do list. . .

I thought I’d check back in with a little currently post. . .

Current book: I just picked up Defending Jacob at the library yesterday. . . I’ve heard good things about it, so I can’t wait to check it out.

Image result for defending jacob

Current [non]-guilty pleasure: Baby kicks and punches. <love>

Current drink: Water with lemon. If I don’t drink enough water during the day, I start to feel lightheaded. . . so I’m drinking water like it’s my job lately, and I cannot get enough of water with lemon! fruit punch spark is a close second favorite right now.

Current food: Apple cider donuts.


Hot and fresh at our local apple orchard. . . just as good as the honey crisp apples!

Current obsession: Christmas pillows. Total random, right? I blame it on the most recent Pottery Barn catalog. . .


I am in love with these plaid pillows from Pottery Barn. And if my living room could look like this, that would be great too. Winking smile

Current craving: A good run. Man, I miss running. Thankfully, BODYPUMP still feels good and I am still teaching twice per week, but it just isn’t running. . . Also, craving Brie cheese and a margarita with lots of salt. #keepingitreal.

Current need: This track pullover. Doesn’t it look comfy and perfect for winter and snuggling a baby? Size large would be great! Smile

product photo

Current indulgence: napping. I hardly ever nap so this pregnancy has been insane with how much I’ve been sleeping. . . Trying to take advantage of the time to sleep now before we have a newborn again!

Current beauty product: My friend starting selling Rodan + Fields about six months ago, and I finally took the plunge to give it a go. . . and I love it. I have been using the Unblemish Regimen.


Current procrastination: Choosing a baby name!! We have a few “contenders” but nothing that seems quite right yet. I think we need to see his little face before choosing his name, so right now, we just call him baby brother.

Current confession: Krusteaz was amazing and sent me a package of muffins and pancake mixes, included two boxes of Pumpkin spice muffins. ..


we ate 1 box the first day and the second box the next day.


Tip – add pecans and make them into mini muffins! SO good!

Current excitement: Starting to get Baby Brother’s room ready. . .


Current mood: content. life is good. Smile

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Fri–YAY– San Diego + Life


Happy Friday!! Plans for the weekend?? I have to work tomorrow. . . but I am looking forward to picking out pumpkins on Sunday and watching some football!

I am already missing the beach in California. . .




The seals in La Jolla.



And hanging with these guys.



Otherwise, we’ve been getting back to life as usual.

Krusteaz sent me some pancake and muffin mixes. . . and these Pumpkin Spice muffins are so good that I’ve made two batches in two days. Tip – add chopped pecans. So good!


Loving my 30 minute BODYPUMP + CXWORX combo on Friday mornings. . . and 30 weeks tomorrow!

30 weeks

And lastly Friday morning snuggles are the best. Smile 


Have a great weekend. . . what are you up to??

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BODYPUMP 98 {review}

So, as you all know, I am a Les Mills BODYPUMP instructor and I teach a few times a week at  the YMCA in Mankato!


Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this release yet! I’ve been teaching it for the past month.

And it is a KILLER!!!


Anyway, here’s the whole review

#1: Warm up – “Strong Ones”

Good standard warm up track and good lyrics. Nothing special but sets a good tone for the workout and release.

#2: Squats – “Techno”

Pretty standard squat track. I like that there are no breaks. Another techno song, which I think works well for squats but I do miss having lyrics in the squat track!

#3: Chest – “Focus”

OMG. This track is TOUGH. Bottom 8’s? Craziness. But then down, hold and then bottom 16’s? Whoa. Pecs are burning. Every time. I’ve been teaching this release for 4 weeks now and it’s not getting any easier!

#4: Back – “Chased”

I like this one. The song has a good beat. I like that there are 2 sets of 8 clean and presses and then the final set ups the challenge to the power presses. Slightly repetitive but not boring.

#5: Triceps – “Two Minds”

Decent triceps track.. . The transitions are a bit too quick for my liking. And the song is just ok. . .

#6: Biceps – “Victorious

Winner. I can almost feel my biceps getting bigger. I love the halfway holds. I think those are super challenging.


#7:  Lunges – “Memories”

I think this is a strong lunge track. The combo of 4 bottom halves and 2 quick singles is killer. The song is fun and upbeat. And that last set of 6 combos in squats is like whoa.

#8: Shoulders – “Redliner”

Longest set of side raise/mac raise ev-er. And I don’t love the song. It is a shoulder burner though and a little different than the last few releases without a ton of overhead presses, so I appreciate that!

#9: Core – “My House”

Love love love this one! I think the combo and using the bench to work the lower abdominals is super challenging and something new to pump. And the song is awesome. Smile

#10: Cool down – “Bird Set Free”

Meh. It’s just ok for me. I’m not a huge Sia fan. But it gets the job done. And after teaching this release, it feels good to stretch it out.


Overall, I thought this was a really really solid and challenging release! BP99 comes out next week!!!

and I can’t believe that BP100 is coming soon!!

Have you done BP98??? What did you think?

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Weekending. . . at the lake

Happy Monday!!

I’m popping in this morning for a quick weekend recap before heading back out on the Lake. Luke just figured out how to jump in by himself off the dock and it is the best and cutest thing ever. Smile 

Started the weekend with BODYPUMP! I am loving 98. Full review coming soon.


Then, we headed to the lake and Luke participated in his first demolition derby. . . for kids. Winking smile 




He drove around for about 3 minutes before deciding that the big kids were being a little rough, so he came and sat on the side with Mom and Dad. . . which was just fine by me!

Besides, he thought the best part of the whole thing was his new dinosaur helmet, holding the finish flag and his cool trophy.


Saturday = doughnuts.


And time at the Bloomer Fair.



Sunday was parade day. . .


And Luke killing time by taking pictures before the parade started. . .




The rest of the day was jumping off the dock



and cruising in the boat.


It was a really great weekend.. .  and I’m super excited because Luke’s school is closed for the next 2 weeks and I took off work to hang out with him! I’ll check in again later this week with some of our adventures!

Hope you are having a great Monday!!

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Weekending. . .

Monday! I had to work all weekend, so today is my day off. ..

I kicked it off with BODYPUMP 98 at the YMCA with Chris.


Planning to make fruit pizza, hopefully go for a run (I haven’t been able to run since the car accident because of my chest hurting!), visiting a friend who just had a baby (and taking her Tator Tot hot dish), and taking Luke to swimming lessons!

Luke and Scott had lots of fun hanging out while I was at work. ..

They went to a fire station open house.



I asked Scott to take a “belly” pic for me. . . and this is what I got:


And then I made him take this one instead. Winking smile 18 weeks!


Family walk before work on Sunday.


They made chocolate cake + a huge mess.



And we had time for a Mexican date night.


And now. . . off to tackle my to-do list!

Hope you had a great one. . . what were you up to?

I am linking up with Katie (and Erin) for Marvelous in my Monday!


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Thursday Update

Hey there. . . Smile

Is it hot where you are?? It has been crazy here. . . Yesterday it was 90s and sunny and more of the same today. And in MN, that is HOT! Abby and I went for a walk yesterday afternoon and just about melted. Oh man, that air conditioning felt SO good when we got back!


Nothing too much to report here. . . although make sure you check back tomorrow for an exciting announcement!

We went up to the Lake last weekend. Mom made lasagna and fruit pizza. It was amazing.



Iced caramel latte for the win.


My boys and their tractors.


BODYPUMP + new lululemon shorts. Love the pink tie dye print!!


Off to work today.  .. hope you are staying cool. See you tomorrow!


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Hey!! Happy 4th of July weekend! Do you have a three day weekend?? I’m pumped. I have to work today, but then it’s all about family time, teaching pump on Saturday, and soaking in some sunshine!

Here are some of the things that made me smile this week.  . .

Luke taking over my phone and seeing the results.. .


Enjoying the sunshine with Abby puppy. And pink shoes. They both just make me happy. Smile


Big @ss salads. Filled with Farmer’s Market fresh produce and grilled steak. <love>


More sunshine puppy.


And teaching BODYPUMP 97 and kicking my own butt. Man, that release is TOUGH!


What about you – what have you been loving this weekend?

And plans for the weekend? Favorites from the week?

Looking for my linkup? I’ve decided to take a break from Friday link ups, but I’m still going to link up Friday fun with Heather!

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BODYPUMP 97 {review}

So, as you all know, I am a Les Mills BODYPUMP instructor and I teach a few times a week at  the YMCA in Mankato!


Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this release yet! I’ve been teaching it for the past month.


And if I had to use one word to describe it – challenging!


I thought that it was tough at the beginning and would get easier over the past month and OMG, it hasn’t. Not. at. all. That shoulder track – just about kills me every time. The chest track – whoa burning pecs!!

The theme for this release. . . “But did you DIE though?!”


Anyway, here’s the whole review

#1: Warm up – “Scars”

meh. it’s not my favorite warm up song ever. I really really don’t like how the music just doesn’t seem to match up with the single rows and single clean and presses. But, it gets the job done. 

#2: Squats – “Derp”

6 minutes and 17 seconds of legs. And it’s awesome. I love that it is a mix of all counts and not just a ton of bottom halves. While bottom halves are awesome, I feel like the other counts, especially the 1/1/2 is really where it’s at for quad isolation. And while I wish they would bring back squat tracks with lyrics, I do really like this song and the beat. 

#3: Chest – “Generation Day”


OMG. This track is TOUGH. Bottom 8’s? Craziness. Those fast bottom 4 pulses are killer too. My pecs are toast every time I teach this one. I love that it is so challenging because I use it to remind my class to focus on form and utilizing their whole body to be successful – shoulders down and next to the spine, core engaged, low back flat to the bench, feet flat on the floor in set position stance. 

#4: Back – “Dark Skies”

So, I like the challenge of 8 clean and presses but this one just isn’t my favorite. I get bored. I do like the challenge of adding weight after the second set to really up the intensity of the last set. 

#5: Triceps – “Waiting for Love”

Love this one. Love the song, love the track. I think the combo of extension/press/push ups and overheads is perfection. You hit the triceps at every angle and keep it going until the end. The song is really fun to sing along to! 

#6: Biceps – “We Don’t Run

Another winner. This song is perfect to build that fitness magic. And I love the combo of 1/3 and 3 pulses.


#7:  Lunges – “How Deep is your Love”

While I like this song, and I think the 8 pulses are a great challenge, this one is just meh for me. I will be coming back to teach it at times because it is a good leg burner. 

#8: Shoulders – “Bumble Bee”

I die. Every time. The combo of 4 overheads with 4 push presses. Whew. That second set is always super tough. And then my deltoids feel like I got a tetanus shot. holy soreness. But if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. right? So, ever though it is super tough and I am slightly concerned that my arms might fall off, I still love it. However, the song isn’t my favorite. . . 

#9: Core – “Young & Stupid”

Yes. Good, fun song. Good mix of core moves. Love working the obliques + pulse crunches. 

#10: Cool down – “Purple”

No. Just nope. I hate this song. I will probably not teach it again. Just isn’t for me. But after a tough class like this one, I’d probably be happy cooling down to nails on a chalkboard because that means we are done. #truth 

Overall, I thought this was a really solid release. Challenging! I liked the 8 bottom halves in the chest track and the 8 clean and presses in the back track. New challenges with the same moves.  

But, I’m not going to lie, I am already looking forward to getting the music for 98 in a few weeks (after doing it at the SuperQ, I am extra excited!)


and I can’t believe that BP100 is coming soon!! 

Have you done BP97??? What did you think?

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Friday Favorites: Extra time

Happy Friday!!! Smile

I have the day off from work today so I am extra excited about the weekend. We are headed up to the cities today to spend some time working at my Mom’s house to get her ready to move. . . she is going to be selling her house in the city and moving up to the Lake place full time! It’s a big change but I think it’s a really good one for her. Anyway, my Mom and Dad have lived in that house since I was in 6th grade, so needless to say, there is a lot of stuff to go thru. Last time I was there, I found my prom dresses from high school! So. many. memories.

Other plans for the weekend include teaching BODYPUMP, going on the Mankato Builder Association Tour of Homes, and dinner with Scott’s family on Mother’s Day. 

And now on to my favorites from the week. . . 


Getting a sneak peek at our family photos from last weekend. Love them!! 



Extra time with Luke. . . poor guy got strep again this week, so he and I had a few days together while he was out of school. Thankfully, he’s doing much better and being a total trooper about his medicine which he does not like! 


And for Netflix. Luke had to come to work with me for the morning and thanks to Chuggington, he was happy as a clam to sit next to me for the morning.


Sunshine and warm days. 


Facebook memories. <love>


Teaching pump. I just love it. The members energy. The music. The workout. It’s just awesome. I went back to 96 this week and it’s been a good one!


And with that, I’m off – have a good one!

Plans for the weekend? Favorites from the week?

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