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Brinner with Krusteaz {+giveaway}

Anyone else love breakfast for dinner? Or Brinner?

Serioulsy, it’s one of my favorites.

Easy, quick, delicious, kid friendly. Winner winner breakfast dinner.

Luke is in l.o.v.e with pancakes lately. And he loves to help in the kitchen.


So, when Krusteaz approached me about doing a review of their pancake mixes for their breakfast night program, I honestly couldn’t say yes fast enough.


For Krusteaz, every Wednesday night is Breakfast Night, where the family can spend quality time together and enjoy a meal that’s easy, familiar, and delicious.


{amen to that!}

And you guys, breakfast night couldn’t be any easy than with Krusteaz products. Their mixes are complete and all you have to do is add water, mix and cook.

And thankfully, I have the perfect 3 year old helper.





And EAT. Smile


And Krusteaz  has offered to do a giveaway for R4C readers –>

Giveaway includes Krusteaz mixes: Buttermilk pancake, Belgian waffle, Blueberry pancake, and wild blueberry muffin. PLUS a squeeze bottle, a spatula and a coupon for free product.

Awesome, right?

There are 4 ways to enter. Please make sure to leave a separate comment below for each entry.

1 –> leave a comment below telling me which pancake mix you would be most excited to make!

2 –> Follow Krusteaz and Running4Cupcakes on Instagram.

3 –> Follow Krusteaz and Running4Cupcakes on Facebook.

4 –> Tweet the following with a link back to this post:
I want to win an amazing breakfast night prize pack from @Krusteaz and @runs4cupcakes *insert link*

The contest closes at midnight on October 4th, 2015  and I’ll announce the winner shortly after. Good luck!


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Saturday lazy eats

Happy Saturday!

We are enjoying a lazy day over here. . .


Scott is over at his brother’s house today working on a home improvement project, so Abby and I had the couch to ourselves all day! Chopped, American Idol, Biggest Loser, Project Runway All Stars, oh my!

My morning started with a fiber one bar on the way to the YMCA to teach water aerobics.


I was pleasantly surprised that my normal one piece swimsuit still fit over my growing belly. I always forget how a water workout can be so good because I really don’t teach it very often any more. . . hopefully can get back into it after the baby is born.

After class. . . a caramel skim latte (in my new mug from the husband for Christmas) and some couch/TV time.


And my new favorite snack: Justin’s maple almond nut butter with banana slices.


So delicious and so easy. . . thanks to Tina at Carrots’N’Cake for the idea. Smile 

Lunch was leftovers from this week. I made cheese stuffed meatballs that I saw on Kristin’s blog a few weeks ago, except I served mine over fettuccini.




The rest of the afternoon was doing chores around the house and enjoying the fact that I had nothing that had to do!

Hope you are having a great Saturday – did you do anything exciting???


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Scones redone

Last night was a perfect Saturday night in my house: Papa John’s pineapple pizza and Season 5 of Dexter!

And some peppermint bon bon ice cream for dessert!

This morning, all I could think about was the scone I had for breakfast yesterday. . . but I wasn’t going to get dressed and drive all the way across town. . .

So, the next best thing: make something up!

Thankfully, we had some bisquick in the pantry. So, I made some biscuits. I made a mesh between the standard biscuit recipe on the box and the recipe for the ‘shortcake’ biscuits on the box. Basically, I just added a few tablespoons of sugar to the regular biscuit dough. I also sprinkled sugar on top too.


Hit the spot. . . topped with a smear of strawberry jam. Perfectly sweet, doughy, and delicious!


Abby wasn’t sure if she wanted to play ball or have some biscuit. . .


Hope you are having a great Sunday! Smile

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2 weeks!

It’s been a lazy Saturday morning here at our house.

Abby and I went on a coffee run to Panera this morning.

My first caramel skim latte in 2 weeks!


A scone sounded really good too, so a quick stop by Dunn Brothers – just down the street from Panera – to get a delicious mango scone.


Except that it wasn’t mango. . . I think it was mandarin orange??? Actually I have no idea what flavor it was, but it was soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside. The filling in the middle – whatever it was- was sweet and fruity.  Smile Perfect Saturday morning breakfast.


Scott and Abby had some play time. . .


well more play for Scott and pouting for Abby. ..


Other than a run later this afternoon, not sure what else is planned for today. . . which is really nice for an end of the summer weekend!

Also, just finished watching the Packers v Colts pre-season game from last night – awesome finish Packers! Go Pack Go! Can’t wait for the regular season. Smile 

Hope you are having a good weekend! What are you up to???

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Teddy bear treats

Happy Thursday. . . one day closer to Friday, right?

This morning started out with waffles and syrup x 2.


Abby was very interested in breakfast. . .


Lunch was leftover hamburger with Colby cheese (and lots of ketchup) and bbq potato chips

. DSC04201

And some of this. . . Winking smile 



This afternoon, Abby and I went to Petco to pick up some more puppy treats for her. Well, I guess I should say that I went to Petco this afternoon. I tried to take Abby in, but she wasn’t going anywhere near the store. It might smell like the place we take her to be groomed, which I know she hates. . . so she hung out in the car and left the treat picking to me.


Look at these cute teddy bear treats I got!


Scott and Abby are now outside planting a tree in our backyard and I am watching Jeopardy Teen tournament – which I love cause I actually know some of the answers! Smile 

Hope you had a great day! See ya tomorrow for 5 Things Friday.


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Last CTI

Last night I taught my last CTI class for a while. Sad smile

I am going to switch to a kettle bell class for the fall and winter schedule.

It’s nice to switch it up, but I have been teaching the Monday night CTI class for over a year now, so it was hard to say goodbye to the class and all the members that take it on a regular basis.

I did a similar class to this one.

This morning, after a quick bagel and cream cheese with blue Gatorade <—best flavor!



I had to drive to my new clinic for a provider meeting. I am starting my new job in just 2 weeks! I can’t believe that it is almost here. It was nice to meet everyone that I will be working with. It was also hard to jump into a meeting after no meetings for almost 2 months!

Lunch was leftover cheese hotdog and BBQ kettle chips from this weekend at the Lake.


Now Abby is being super cute while taking her afternoon nap. Smile 



It is super hot and humid today so happy to be inside with the AC!

Just checked my Google reader – 311 unread! Where to begin??? Well I guess I know what I am doing this afternoon!

Hope you are having a great Tuesday. Smile

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Jenny’s birthday present

For my sister Jenny’s birthday, I gave her a trip to the Mankato Farmer’s Market. She loves hand made soaps and treats that I know are always at the farmer’s market.

So, last Saturday, when she was in town, we finally went!

It was a gorgeous morning. It had rained earlier in the morning, so it wasn’t humid yet.

Quick stop at Starbucks!



There was lots of soap to look at and smell!




The most delicious apple cider doughnuts.. .



And, of course, another raspberry cream cheese roll to share with Scott later!


Jenny also picked up some jam


And we had to get a few cookies


Snicker doodle for me!


And Jenny found some good soap from Willow Creek Soap Co.



After all of our fun at the farmer’s market: we picked up the dogs for a trip to Minneopa state park to show Jenny the waterfalls.



I was a very good driver! Winking smile 






We all had lots of fun! Smile

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My caramel skim latte was very artistic this morning. . .


I’m off to the gym in a few minutes for another NROLW workout.

Somehow, I only got one workout in last week. . . aurg how did that happen?

Unfortunately, this week will not be any better.

I have friends coming from Colorado for the week and we are headed to the Lake, so no gym time then! Just lots of swimming, boating and grilling. Smile 

I better make today count!

Hope you are having a great start to your Monday. Did you have a good weekend???

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Chobani Pancakes

Scott and I are off to the cities today to help his brother move. . . pray for cooler temps, low humidity and no rain for us! I know, I know, I don’t ask for a lot! Smile 

But, I wanted to tell you about the awesome breakfast I had yesterday morning.

Chobani Perfect Pancakes! <—click for recipe!


The recipe was super easy. The only swap I made, was the recipe called for plain yogurt, but I only had strawberry chobani… so I used that. They had just a slight strawberry flavor. yum!


Topped with maple syrup and paired with my iced caramel skim latte = good breakfast!


And now, I will leave you with ‘Abby being cute’ pictures!










Hope you are having a great weekend so far. .. what are you up to???


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Hello all –Happy Wednesday! One day closer to the weekend, right?

I had planned to go to the YMCA yesterday for another New Rules of Lifting workout, but my calf/hamstring in my right leg was so tight from all my bosu ball work on Monday! So, I decided to take it easy and delay my workout until today. I thought that was a good idea, until I woke up this morning and my calf is even worse (more tight) today! I have been stretching like crazy, even sitting here typing up this post, I have it stretched out on the coffee table in front of me.

Back to yesterday. . .

Lunch was a leftover pineapple brat with green bean french fries –> seriously can’t get enough of these lately – love to put sea salt on them! And serve with ketchup.


And blueberries!


This was the view from my end of the couch yesterday afternoon!




When Scott got home from work, we went for a 3.5 mile run. It was a mix between being horribly hot and humid when the sun came out and then occasionally, the sun would go away and the wind would give a nice breeze and then it was *almost* nice out!

Dinner was leftovers from the fridge: and that meant salads!


Mine had lettuce, carrots, radish, cucumbers, tomatoes, and drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

And I ‘made’ garlic toast. Easiest thing ever: just take a regular piece of bread, lightly butter, sprinkle with garlic powder. Put under lo broil for a few minutes until golden brown –> 5 minute garlic toast!


A glass of lemonade while I participated in #fitchat.


That was craziness! I had a hard time keeping up with all the comments and what everyone was talking about, but so much fun! And it was cool to hear what everyone had to say about each topic. Already looking forward to next week. Thanks PinkRunner for telling me about it!

I woke up this morning, soooo hungry!

So, I made some whole wheat frozen waffles topped with chia seeds and syrup.


Of course paired with a caramel skim latte. Smile 


Apparently, someone didn’t get enough sleep last night, but still wants to play with bear!



Seriously, sometimes she is just too adorable! I know, I know – totally biased!

Off to the YMCA for a NROLW workout. . . wish me and my calf luck!

Do you eat leftovers?

When I first married my husband, he hated leftovers, would never eat them! Now, I make leftovers into something different. . . chop up pork chop and put it on a salad, or quesadilla, or sandwiches, etc. And now, we have no problem with leftovers!


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