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Friday Favorites–Goodr, Zella, Spark

Happy Friday. . . of Labor Day weekend <—seriously, how??

We are headed to the Lake. . . looking forward to fruit pizza, swimming, and family time. Smile

I thought I’d pop in today to share a few of my recent favorites. . . Friday favorites are always my favorite posts to write and read!

Ever since my previous running sunglasses decided to take a swim in the lake. . . I’ve been looking for a new pair.  .. that won’t break the bank. I’d love to splurge on a pair of Oakleys. . . but I just can’t do it. Thank goodness, a friend told me about Goodr running sunglasses! They were sold out when I first heard about them, so, I preordered these cute pink ones!


Cherry spark. OMG you guys. It’s like drinking a cherry popsicle. While I don’t think anything can beat fruit punch as my favorite flavor, this is a really really close second!


Zella leggings. So, in my closet, I have lululemon, Athleta and Fabletics leggings. And to be honest, I love them all. But, I have another pair to add to the list. Zella are comfortable, figure flattering and cute! I snagged two pairs at the Nordstrom sale.


S’mores blondies. These are the ultimate summer BBQ dessert. I have made 3 batches in the last month. So good.


And super easy to make. And do yourself a favor and buy the box of graham cracker crumbs vs making your own. Total game changer. Smile

This book. <—but only if you want to cry big alligator tears


Hope you have a great weekend!! What are you up to??

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Life Favorites–Jumping into the BIG pool!

Happy Wednesday! I am a busy bee today trying to get ready for the family to head to Disney World! This will be my first time at Disney World and I could not be more excited. . . full recap next week when we get home! If you have any suggestions for our first time, please share!! Smile 

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in, so I have lots of favorites.  ..

One of the biggest ones was Luke jumping into the BIG pool at swimming lessons all by himself {to a noodle}. He was so excited and proud of himself. . . and I’ll be honest, this Mom was too!



Nice weather! It appears that spring has finally made an appearance in MN. I am loving the 50s and 60s and running outside!


Baby smiles and coos. Heart melting every day.


He is getting too big too fast!


And he looks just a little bit like his brother. . .
Luke on the left, Jake on the right!


Aunt Jenny came to visit!


Mom and Dad selfies with Jake.


A little too much fun with snap chat filters.


Luke continues to be the best big brother. It is amazing how much he thinks of his baby brother and how he wants to make sure that all activities include him!


Back to teaching at the YMCA. Both BP and CXWORX.


Aunt Laura came to visit!


Cupcakes from the new place in town – Bluebird Cakery. Delicious! The cookie dough one was amazing.


Sunday morning coffee run in PJs.


Framing the newborn pictures of Jake {print from Shutterfly} . . it already seems so long ago that he was that little and new. It seems like he has been part of our family for a long time already! <—that might be part of the sleep deprivation. Winking smile And I am loving my new Easter bunny sign. ..


I am looking forward to the weekend at Disney. . . and hoping that I don’t melt in the 90+ degree heat!!

Hope you are having a great week – any highlights to share? Plans for the weekend? Have you ever been to Disney? Advice for us??

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Friday Favorites–2 months + sunshine

Happy Friday! It has been a crazy weather week here in MN. 66 degrees on Tuesday and 20 degrees and snowing right now. . . we are supposed to get 10+ inches!

Jake and I have been enjoying the last few weeks of my maternity leave together.

This is my current favorite photo.


2 months old!


First stroller ride outside in the sunshine!




Family run.


And this photo from Luke’s school Valentine’s Day. Adorable, right?!


And I could not resist when an adorable girl scout stopped by the house this week to sell cookies. I’m most excited about the s’mores cookies!


It’s going to be a low key weekend around here. . .  Dinner with friends tomorrow night. I’m making this amazing Chipotle corn dip that my friend, Leah, made when she brought dinner shortly after Jake was born. I’ve made it three times already because it is SO good. I’ll be sure to snap some pics to share the recipe with you next week! Otherwise, planning for some play time in the snow and baking something yummy – any suggestions? I am thinking cookies. Maybe these??

What are you up to this weekend? Favorite thing from the week??


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Friday Favorites–Coffee and smiles

Happy Friday!

It is supposed to be in the 50’s this weekend and I am SO excited. Lots of outside time planned – running, a trip to the park, riding bikes!


I’m also teaching BODYPUMP for the first time after having Jake tomorrow morning (locals – 8:15 at the YMCA – BP99!)

Right now, I am just drinking a caramel latte while Jake chills in the swing. It’s a good day. Smile 


This week has been all about the smiles. It’s amazing how something so simple can bring you so much joy.



And this picture comparing Luke and Jake. . . #twins


My sister, Laura, came and visited last weekend. It was a super short visit, but awesome to have her spend time with us.


And OMG these cookies from Trader Joe’s. SO good. And good for teaching letters to Luke!


And it happened. I got sucked into the Gilmore Girls.

I’m on season 4. . . Although I’m not sure I want to finish it, everyone who finishes the series, complains about being so depressed when it is done. What I don’t know is if they are just sad that the show is over or sad because of how it ends?! Should I keep watching it?? Ahhhhh. Decisions. Winking smile 

Alright, I’m off to make silly faces at Jake to get more smiles. #momlife

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend. . .. what are you up to??


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Friday Favorites – first smiles + Pinterest

Hey there. . . happy Friday!! Smile

Super excited for the weekend. . . well, as soon as we are finished with getting our taxes done this morning. meh.

But then, we are celebrating with a trip to Trader Joe’s. Winking smile

And my sister is coming tomorrow!

And now, because of Friday, here are my favorites from this week . . .

My treadmill. And baby nap time. I am so thankful that running just feels good right now and I’m slowly starting to build my distance back up.


Luke 3 months vs almost 5 years old in the same bouncer.  . .


And this boy. Jake giving me some serious looks before. . .


giving me his first smiles. heart melting.


Daydreaming about building our next house. . . thank you Pinterest for stealing hours of my life. ..


Including a 2 story great room.


an amazing kitchen with a huge island.


and keeping track of all good ideas. an extra storage area for garbage bags right next to the garbage bins?! = genius.


random favorite, but super important for my dry, cracked winter skin. darn Minnesota winters.


and spark. helping mothers function every day. Smile


and now off to the tax guy. . .

and then Trader Joe’s! –> any favorites I should make sure and pick up???

Plans for the weekend? Favs from the week??


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Friday Favorites–Twizzlers and Treadmill


Time is just flying by. . . but life is good. Smile

Looking forward to another low key weekend around here. The benefit to having a newborn in the winter is that you can stay home and snuggle and not miss out on anything. . .  or at least that is what I am telling myself!

Here are some of my recent favorites. . .

This mug that I got my sister for Christmas. . . and yes “aisle” is spelled wrong. Thankfully the lady that I ordered it from on Etsy sent me a new one. But #truth, right?!


Movie date.


The fact that he calls Twizzlers “radishes” for some reason just makes me laugh.


Playing in the snow.


How is my boy old enough for chapter books?? I have heard good things about the Magic Tree House books, any other suggestions for a almost 5 year old??




Treadmill for the win during baby and puppy nap time.


Having extra time with Luke in the mornings to play with him at school.


6 weeks old. SO big!


Valentine’s Day decorations. It’s no secret that pink is my favorite color so it’s totally my favorite holiday to decorate for. . . my favorite is the hurricane glass filled with candy hearts! So simple and so cute!!


Alright I’m off to kick off the weekend with coffee Friday (#necessary) and baby snuggles. #momlife

Hope you have a great one! Any plans? Favorites from the week?

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Friday Favorites – One month, snow and return to bodypump!

Happy Friday!! I’m typing this from the living room floor.  .. baby on one side, caramel latte on the other. #necessary

I’ll start by saying that watching Jake kick his little legs is one of my favorite things right now. Smile

I survived my first week at home with two kids. Keeping it real by saying that Luke goes to preschool during the day, so it’s mostly just Jake and I, but getting two kids fed, dressed and out the door is a new experience!

I finally took Jake’s one month pictures. . . a few days late #secondkidproblems


Isn’t his Wisconsin onsie adorable? Thanks Aunt Laura!


I made it to a BODYPUMP class at the YMCA. It felt good to be back! Now, I just have to build my strength back up. . . it’s amazing how quickly you lose your strength!!




Couch sharing.


Date at the Mermaid store (Starbucks). Winking smile


Snow day + coffee = winning


Trying to shovel while wearing a baby = not winning.


Yesterday my friend Leah came over to visit. She was amazing and brought dinner + this “kitchen sink” cookie from Panera. Let’s just say it didn’t survive the afternoon. Smile


Now. . . on to the weekend! I’m not sure what’s on tap yet. . . maybe a movie, some baking, running, and of course, baby snuggles. Smile

What was your favorite from the week? Plans for the weekend??

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Friday Favorites–Newborn Photos

Happy Friday!

This week flew by! Jake is officially one month old tomorrow. Time. slow. down.

The highlight of my week was getting Jake’s newborn photos back. . .

I am totally biased but I am in love with these boys.



And how adorable are sleeping babies? heart melting.




almost makes me consider having another one. almost. Winking smile 

I am super excited for the game on Sunday. My Mom made sure to dress Jake appropriately for the game last weekend. . . go Pack!


First post-baby date night and margarita.


And when did my first baby get so big??


And it feels so good to be back to running. Man, I missed it!


Looking forward to another weekend with very little plans. . . date with friends tomorrow night with the kids, baby snuggles, and playing Legos with Luke. . . and some couch time with Scott. Smile 

What are you up to this weekend? Best thing about your week??

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Fri–YAY– San Diego + Life


Happy Friday!! Plans for the weekend?? I have to work tomorrow. . . but I am looking forward to picking out pumpkins on Sunday and watching some football!

I am already missing the beach in California. . .




The seals in La Jolla.



And hanging with these guys.



Otherwise, we’ve been getting back to life as usual.

Krusteaz sent me some pancake and muffin mixes. . . and these Pumpkin Spice muffins are so good that I’ve made two batches in two days. Tip – add chopped pecans. So good!


Loving my 30 minute BODYPUMP + CXWORX combo on Friday mornings. . . and 30 weeks tomorrow!

30 weeks

And lastly Friday morning snuggles are the best. Smile 


Have a great weekend. . . what are you up to??

Linking up for Friday fun with Heather!

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Friday Favorites: Life Lately

Hey there! Happy Friday!

Even though I have an all-day training (ACLS renewal) and have to work all weekend, I am still happy to see the weekend. Scott and I have tickets to see Lewis Black on Saturday night and I’m excited to check out a new breakfast place on Sunday!

Here’s a look at life lately and some of my recent favorites:

Little boys + haircuts. Except for the fact that it makes Luke look like he’s way older. . . time slow down!!


These Luna bars. Delicious.


Passing my CXWORX training!! And teaching the class. It is only 30 minutes but is a total killer!


Popcorn + movie afternoons.


Roasted veggies.


This walking workout.


This boy.


Fall decorations. Including this one!


My fall decorations helper. . .


Sunday afternoon on the couch with a baby bump + Abby puppy + football.


Getting Luke’s room set up for the new baby. We got him a new nightstand and moved a new dresser into his room when we took out his old dresser that we will use as a changing table in the baby’s room.


#reallife. sometimes you eat brownies directly out of the pan to avoid doing more dishes.


Luke doing CXWORX with me. Laughing is a good core workout, right?


Day date with Luke. And a good latte. Smile


Your plans for the weekend?? Favorites from the week?

Linking up for Friday fun with Heather!

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