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Weekend Update: 2/23/14

Whoa. . .  weekend update on a Wednesday? Better late than never, right? Am I the only one that needs a vacation when I get back from vacation? Between catching up on Lukie snuggles, laundry, work and sleep. . . I have had no time this week!

But, I still wanted to share my weekend with you all. ..

AND wish my little sister a very happy golden birthday!!

We made the most of our last day in Maui on Friday checking out the views. . .

on our run:


on the way to lunch:


chilling in the lobby.  ..



Then, we took the worst flight ever – an overnight flight to Phoenix.

A large caramel skim latte was #necessary.


And after 12 hours of traveling.  . . we were finally back home. It was great to get some hugs from this guy and that puppy!


And then we hung out to celebrate Laura’s birthday early.

She made her own cake! With Luke’s help. . .





Unfortunately, Luke isn’t on Hawaii time so he was up bright and early on Sunday morning. So I grabbed my coffee and tried to make the most of it.  . .


Then, back on track with meal planning and the grocery store. . . but I totally had the hardest time coming up with meals for this week .. . Thankfully, I had pinterest for help.


And I LOVE getting the mail when getting back from a trip – so many fun things, including the latest influenster box!!


5 miles on the treadmill during nap time.


And lots of laundry, followed by lots of quality time with Luke.


And finally, the popchips giveaway winner is:

Hannah! Please email me at and we will get you hooked up!!

And I never heard from my 2nd Cub Foods giveaway winner, so I picked someone new. . . nicole –> please email me too and I will get that giftcard to you ASAP.

Hope you had a great weekend!! And are having a good week too! What have you been up to?


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Tzatziki sauce love

3.2 miles on elliptical + NROLW 1:A = DONE!

It felt so good to get back to the gym and workout today. After not doing any ‘formal’ exercise all weekend, it always makes me feel so much better inside and out!

Lunch = PITA PIT!


Chicken breast with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and tzatziki sauce. Tzatziki sauce might be one of most favorite things ever. So delicious!


All wrapped in a fresh pita.


And a diet coke <—one of my other loves!


Paired with a fresh cucumber from our garden.


Abby loves cucumbers. She will eat them straight from the garden if we don’t watch her!

When, I bring them in the house, I give her the ends to enjoy.



Abby during lunch: hopeful for more cucumbers. . .


Hope you are having a great Monday! What did you have for lunch?


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Step-ups hurt so good

Friday was a looooong day!

Work 12 hours in Urgent Care. . .

then run 7.25 miles with Scott – our long run for the week.

It really couldn’t have gone any better. We didn’t need to stop to walk at all! And it was perfect running weather. A little hot when we first started and then cooled off perfectly as the sun went down.

I made a list of things to talk about during our run so that we didn’t get bored! The paper that I wrote the list on was pretty sweaty by the time we were done but we talked about everything except for one topic.


Abby wanted attention after our run, when we had collapsed on the couch!


This morning I was up bright and early at 7am! That is so not like me!

But, I took advantage of the early morning and took Abby to the Farmer’s Market.


It’s a pretty small market, but they have all the important things:


pretty flowers


lots of veggies



I got some lettuce, tomatoes, blue cheese brats! and this raspberry cream cheese roll for dessert tonight!


After, we hit up Starbucks for a non-fat iced caramel macchiato.


So good. Smile 


After watching Project Runway – so happy it’s back on!

I headed out to the YMCA for NROLW 1:A.

Whoa step-ups! I think I used a higher bench than last time and upped my weights. And I was feeling it. Seriously.

Such a good start to the weekend!

What have you been up to this Saturday morning???


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The New Rules of Lifting

Happy Tuesday! Hope you had a great Monday night, like I did. . .

Started off the morning with a hot caramel skim latte – sometimes the AC is so cold! Smile 

My morning snack was awesomeness. . . toast with maple almond butter and nectarine slices! Don’t worry, the extra nectarine didn’t go to waste!


Before lunch, I headed to the YMCA to start on Stage 1 of The New Rules of Lifting for Women!

Today: Stage 1: Workout A.


I did a quick 10 minute warm-up on the elliptical and then got into it!

The workout consisted of 5 moves:

  • squats
  • pushups
  • seated row
  • step ups
  • prone jack knife

Overall it went well. I worked up a pretty good sweat and felt like my muscles were tired at the end. I wasn’t too sure of my starting weight for each move, but I felt like I was challenging myself, so I think that is the important part.

I had forgotten how much I like to lift weights. . . Body pump will still be my all time favorite!

I’ll keep you posted with how The New Rules of Lifting for Women is going!

Lunch was more leftovers: pineapple brat, red new potatoes = both with lots of ketchup, cottage cheese and watermelon chunks.



Abby was being extra cute! (and annoyed I was taking pictures!)


Not much excitement during the rest of the day. . . Scott, Abby and I went on a hot and humid 4 mile run on the Red Jacket trail after work. Lots of watermelon was consumed afterwards!

And dinner: another summer staple: corn on the cob!


It was definitely the highlight of dinner!

During dinner we watched Tangled. The super cute Disney movie – have you seen it?

Off to watch a little move TV and then head to bed! Hope you had a great Tuesday.

What screams summer to you??? For me it is watermelon and corn on the cob! Love them. Winking smile

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