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Final Pregnancy Thoughts

well. . . today is the day!

depending on what time you are reading this, we probably have a new baby!

we have to be at the hospital early this morning to get ready for the scheduled c-section and if everything goes according to plan, he’ll be here sometime around 8am!

I’m equal parts excited and nervous. Pretty typical, right?!

I think I am most excited just to meet him. . .

25 weks

And then figure out what his name is!

I’ve been ready to meet him for a while now. . .

Pregnancy was very different this time around.


I think I “popped” sooner with this pregnancy, which just led to feeling uncomfortable, especially with sleeping. It was also super tough to have to give up running so early when I was able to run almost to the end with Luke. Thankfully, I was still able to teach BODYPUMP until the end.

36 weeks _3

I also won’t miss being so hungry and needing to eat right. this. second. Like we were on our way to Panera for breakfast last weekend and literally like 5 minutes away, and I had to pull out some pretzels to eat on the way.

I will miss baby kicks. There is nothing else quite like it.


And while it would have been totally fine for him to come early, I am glad that he stayed put until today. We were able to get all the little house projects completed that we were hoping to, have everything ready to go for Christmas and be mentally prepared to have this baby!!

I am SO excited to see Luke become a big brother.


I am NOT ready for the lack of sleep newborn stage. I know Scott and I will survive and it will be fine, but man, I really really like sleep.


I’m already reminding myself that the days are long but the years are short. . . just look at my first baby who is almost 5!


I’ll obviously be soaking in baby snuggles and family time over the next few weeks, but I’ll try to pop in when I can to share some updates.

Make sure to follow me on Instagram for updates and cute baby pics. Smile


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Sunday thoughts. . .

Hey there! Happy Sunday night!

Tomorrow is my last day of work before starting maternity leave. . . wish me luck. Smile

It was super cold, windy and snowy here this weekend, so we didn’t do a whole lot. . .

Luke and I made sugar cookies.


I made a batch of RPSs and Christmas Crack. . . I switched it up and used white chocolate chips and sprinkled pecans.


I liked the white chocolate chips better, although next time I would use about 1/2 bag instead of a whole bag. And heck yes to the pecans.

We played and watched too much HGTV.


Took some final bump pictures. 39 weeks!


Random thoughts for you. . .

I am getting the ingredients to make this on Christmas morning.


I’ve made it before (actually on Christmas last year) and it is SO easy and So good!

Scott loves the Autumn Squash soup from Panera and I have been trying to recreate it at home. . . and this recipe is awesome.

I made some egg cups this past weekend, so easy and so good.

And if someone wants to bring me some of these, that would be amazing. Smile

Salted Caramel Ritz Cracker Cookies

And that’s about it! What were you up to this weekend??


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Monday Update–38 weeks!

Hey there, remember me? 

Yup, still pregnant. Smile

38 weeks on Saturday and going strong. 

Repeat C-section scheduled for 12/21, so unless he decides to come early, I’ll for sure have a new baby boy in 9 days! It’s getting real. 

Thankfully, we are ready.

Well as ready as you can be to be sleep deprived. . . Winking smile

Although we still need a name. . . Baby Boy Thompson has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? 

But otherwise, we’ve been keeping busy around here. . . 

Went to see Santa. 



Put up the Christmas tree. 


Children’s Museum with friends.


Our first big snow.


Checking out BOYDPUMP 100. Whoa chest, biceps and shoulders! 


And still teaching pump. My last class before baby is tomorrow! 

36 weeks _3

Still going strong at work. And thank goodness for co-workers that make me laugh. 


Getting presents wrapped. Spider man paper picked out special by Luke for the presents he is giving this year.


Enjoying couch snuggle time with my first baby. 


I’ll be back tomorrow (craziness!) with my Christmas Wish List! 

Hope you had a great weekend!! What have you been up to lately??


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Fri–YAY– San Diego + Life


Happy Friday!! Plans for the weekend?? I have to work tomorrow. . . but I am looking forward to picking out pumpkins on Sunday and watching some football!

I am already missing the beach in California. . .




The seals in La Jolla.



And hanging with these guys.



Otherwise, we’ve been getting back to life as usual.

Krusteaz sent me some pancake and muffin mixes. . . and these Pumpkin Spice muffins are so good that I’ve made two batches in two days. Tip – add chopped pecans. So good!


Loving my 30 minute BODYPUMP + CXWORX combo on Friday mornings. . . and 30 weeks tomorrow!

30 weeks

And lastly Friday morning snuggles are the best. Smile 


Have a great weekend. . . what are you up to??

Linking up for Friday fun with Heather!

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2nd Pregnancy Confessions at 26 weeks

This second pregnancy is no joke.

22 weeks _3

Honestly, with Luke, I loved being pregnant. While I was nauseous a lot, otherwise I felt good. I taught aerobics and ran until 39 weeks. And was back to running 2 weeks after delivery.

And while this pregnancy is similar, it’s also so different. 4 years may not seem like much, but I can definitely tell that I am 4 years older this time around. My body remembered being pregnant, so the baby belly showed up a lot sooner. . .  I was still in my normal jeans with Luke until about 16 weeks, but with this one, by 10 week, they were getting pretty tight and 12 weeks, I was into maternity clothes full time. . . which is hard! It’s hard to get bigger and wonder how big this belly is going to get by the time he’s ready to come out!

24 weeks with Luke vs 25 weeks with baby boy #2

25 weeks _3

But, then you start feeling the little kicks and punches of that sweet baby, and it’s all worth it.

I am definitely trying to remember and enjoy all the little moments of this pregnancy, knowing that it will probably be my last.. . because let’s be honest, I don’t want to risk have 3! boys! Winking smile

I’m still working out! I’m teaching BODYPUMP at least twice per week.


I’ve recently added in CXWORX (I passed my certification video!!). I’ve stopped running already. It just doesn’t feel good. I’m not sure if that has to do with my belly growing bigger faster this time around or if my body is just different. I’m sad about it and I miss it. I enjoyed running with Luke for as long as I did and I’m sad that I won’t be able to do that this time around. So, walking is where it’s at.

And OMG, my sweet tooth is out. of. control. Chocolate, cookies, ice cream. Anything and everything. Moderation is definitely the name of the game. Thankfully, I am also loving fresh veggies from the farmer’s market – carrots and cucumbers are my favorites. And random craving – fruit snacks. I can’t even tell you the last time before I was pregnant that I ate a fruit snack, but I have been eating them daily lately.

And while early on I fought wearing maternity clothes, I actually love the baby bump and my maternity clothes.


It’s kinda fun to have a whole new wardrobe. And who doesn’t like stretchy pants? Smile

Starting to think about getting ready for baby. Getting his room ready! I just bought this cute sign.. .

brother sign

Pregnancy brain is a real thing. I usually pack Luke’s bag for the Lake and this summer we went two weekends in a row. The first weekend, I forgot to pack socks. . . and then the second weekend, I forgot to pack shirts! After that, Scott took over packing for the summer. Winking smile

We still don’t have his name yet . .. we both loved Luke’s name so much that it’s tough that we haven’t been able to find another one that is just as awesome.

And December feels equal parts super far away and too close all at the same time. But I know it will be here before we know it! And I’m already so excited to meet this little guy! And for baby snuggles. . .

Luke Mom_couch_2

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Is today a good day

to have a baby?

This baby doesn’t think so. ..  at least not yet!

So, what do you do when you are 1 week overdue and waiting?

Duh – spend lots of time on Pinterest of course. Smile 

Check out these cute newborn pictures I found. . .

Dog and Baby source

newborn source

dog and baby :) source

Dog and Baby. source

Chubby baby and dogsource

More baby photos! source

dog and baby source

baby and dog source

baby_rings source

Newborn source

And one recipe for after baby is born!

Pinned Image Jargaritas

He has to come out eventually, right??? Winking smile 

In the meantime. . . I am so thankful that I have Pinterest, Facebook, and my blogs on Google reader to keep me busy!

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Reflections at the end

While Scott and I were on a walk with Abby yesterday, we started talking about the pregnancy and how it will be over so soon. While, I have had a relatively ‘good’ pregnancy (except for when the baby tried to kill me in the first trimester with ‘morning’ sickness), there are still a good number of things that I will not miss when I am no longer pregnant. . . but on the flip side, there are things I will miss about being pregnant.

Pregnancy is an experience like nothing else in life. Here are the things I want to remember and forget about this pregnancy!

things I won’t miss about being pregnant

1. swollen ankles at the end of a busy day in clinic

2. reflux – especially with running!

3. continued weight gain – seeing the scale read numbers I have never seen before!

4. someone else messing with my taste buds – the baby made me not want foods that I normally love and made me crave foods that I hardly ever eat. . . the worst part was the 2-3 weeks where Caribou coffee didn’t taste good! Thankfully, we are past that part now. Smile

5. waking up every morning feeling sick – for most people, this gets better. Not for me. Every morning I wake up feeling nauseous and hungry all at the same time.

6. having to pee all the time, or at least the feeling like you have to pee all the time because of a baby sitting on your bladder

7. not being able to sleep on my stomach or back

8. snoring – because of the pressure of the baby pushing up, I have started snoring (loudly according to my husband) at night. It has been so bad that lately, he has to go sleep downstairs!

9. pelvic pain with running – I will be so happy to run pain free after the baby is born!

10. not being able to tie my shoes – ’nuff said!

things I will miss about being pregnant

1. growing a human inside me –> pretty cool!

2. baby kicks

3. baby somersaults

4. baby hiccups

5. watching my belly move and trying to guess which baby body part is poking out

6. the niceness people show towards pregnant women

7. my husband putting his hands on my belly to feel the baby kick

8. maternity jeans – seriously comfortable

9. the anticipation of meeting the baby

10. my family’s growing excitement

Our excitement and anticipation continues to grow as we wait to meet our new little one!

Here are some family pics from our Easter Sunday – hope you had a great weekend!

Easter_2012 003

Easter_2012 005

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Due date

I read somewhere that less than 10% of babies are born on their due date.

This baby is not part of that 10%!

My due date (yesterday – April 6th) came and went and still no baby.

Which is ok. . .

While we are both ready to meet our new little one, both  my husband and I are such planners that it has been good the baby is waiting to come. I spent the day yesterday organizing . .. our nightstand drawers, our dresser drawers and the dreaded bathroom closet! Things that didn’t need to be done before the baby comes, but is really nice that it is all done!

I wasn’t sure if we were going to make it to this post: but here are pictures at 40 weeks!

40 weeks 00140 weeks 00240 weeks 00440 weeks 00540 weeks 00740 weeks 00840 weeks 01040 weeks 01140 weeks 01240 weeks 01340 weeks 01540 weeks 01640 weeks 01740 weeks 018

Now it is just a waiting game! And he’ll come when he is ready. Smile

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Pics from the weekend

Dinner at Porterhouse Steak and Seafood on Friday night to celebrate 39 weeks!

39 weeks_9

Cajun walleye strips for an appetizer

017 (2)

Filet and lobster

019 (2)

Butterscotch crème brulee

020 (2)

Breakfast at Panera.. .

missing end from our sliced cinnamon crunch bagel

021 (2)

Caramel skim latte. . .

022 (2)

Shared. . .

023 (2)

Test-driving strollers at Buy Buy Baby

024 (2)

Lunch at Cane’s Chicken Fingers

025 (2)026

Stop by the hardware store for Scott. . .


Wait in the car time for Katie. . .check out that belly! Winking smile 


Husband working on setting up my new iPhone!


Parmesan and panko crusted tilapia for Sunday night dinner – recipe this week!


Hope you had a great weekend! What were you up to?

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Newest addiction

Have you been to Etsy yet?

If you haven’t. . . don’t! Save yourself. Smile 

If you have. . . then you know why I am addicted. . . especially with all the cute baby stuff that’s out there.

The only problem with Etsy is that you have to look through a lot of stuff to find things you might be interested in, but it is totally worth it.

Check out these cute baby things: (That I may have bought this week. . .)

Winnie the Pooh burp cloths

Winnie the Pooh Burp Cloths Set - PICK YOUR PRINTS

Paw Prints Fabric Pacifier Clip

Paw Prints Fabric Pacifier Clip -- Universal -- Soothie - Paw Print Felt Embellishment

Burp Cloth Set for Baby Boy – Puppy Dogs & Pawprints

Burp Cloth Set for Baby Boy - Puppy Dogs & Pawprints

And the things I haven’t bought yet. . .

Dog Paw Print Baby Bodysuit Onesie

Dog Paw Print Baby Bodysuit Onesie

I think I could totally do this on my own. . . some fabric paint and Abby’s paws. … craft project!

Doggy Hearts Bib

Doggy Hearts Bib - READY TO SHIP

Puppy Paw Plaid Doggy Nursery Name Sign Plaque

***Not our baby name*** But after we name him, I think these are the letters I am going to get for the nursery for over his crib.

Puppy Paw Plaid Doggy Nursery Name Sign Plaque - Personalized Name Sign - Hanging Wall Letters - Baby Kids Custom Letters

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