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Influenster–Mom Vox Box

As part of the Influenster program, occasionally they send me fun stuff to check out and I thought I’d share my most recent one –> the Super Mom Vox Box.

Palmolive Fusion Clean with Baking Soda and Lime . . .


yup, so even though I am totally an adult, I can’t get too excited about dish soap. That being said, I do love the smell of this stuff and it seems to work great – especially on those baking sheets with tons of stuck on food.

Suave Kids Purely Fun – No tears = winning.


Anyone who has a kid knows about the melt down that happens when soap gets into the eyes. . . and I don’t blame them, it’s no fun. This one is so gentle and 3 in 1 means it goes on the whole body. Done and done. And I promise that Luke is not bathing in tar. . .it’s purple food coloring. Winking smile

Plackers Flossers  – for some reason Luke loves flossing with these.. . I don’t know if it’s the kid friendly grip or the flavor, but whatever it is #winning.


Fingers crossed that it shows at his upcoming dentist appointment!

Secret Outlast Xtend Invisible Solid – I actually really like that they sent me a little travel size.


This guy went right into my travel bathroom bag. And I’ve used it every weekend at the Lake this summer. It’s a winner.

Pilot Acroball Pens – I love any pen that does not smear and writes smoothly. And this one gets a check mark on both of those. It’s been my go-to pen lately.


Always fun to try out new products, right?! Have you tried any winners lately??

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National Women’s Health & Fitness Day {Adora Calcium giveaway}

Ummm happy National Women’s Health and Fitnes Day?

Ya, I didn’t know that was a day either.

But, as a general rule, I am a fan of women, health and fitness. . .  so why not celebrate. Smile

I am partnering with Adora Calcium supplements to help “celebrate” the day. You might not know this about me, but I don’t drink milk unless it is in latte or milkshake form. ..


I just don’t like the taste. . . so, it is super important to me to get in my calcium every day. I love cheese and yogurt and ice cream, so I’m not too worried about it, but as a doctor, I know how important calcium and vitamin D are to bone health! I really really really don’t like taking pills and love love love eating chocolate so Adora Calcium supplements are perfect for me.


I love to eat one after dinner for a little treat – because who doesn’t love to end their night with chocolate, right? And you guys, they are SO good, you won’t even know that you are getting all your daily requirements of calcium and vitamin D. Win. Win.

And get this – they are made by a chocolatier with over 130 years of experience, plus each serving is only 30 calories and has no GMOs.

AND I had a giveaway for you guys!!

Adora has generously offered to send 1 (US residents only) R4C reader some Adora Calcium supplements!

Awesome, right?

There are 4 ways to enter. Please make sure to leave a separate comment below for each entry.

1 –> leave a comment below telling me your favorite way to get in your required daily calcium intake.

2 –> Follow Adora and Running4Cupcakes on Twitter.

3 –> Follow Adora and Running4Cupcakes on Facebook.

4 –> Tweet the following with a link back to this post:
I want to win yummy chocolate calcium from @AdoraCalcium and @runs4cupcakes *insert link*

The contest closes at midnight on October 3rd, 2015 and I’ll announce the winner shortly after.  Good luck!


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Brinner with Krusteaz {+giveaway}

Anyone else love breakfast for dinner? Or Brinner?

Serioulsy, it’s one of my favorites.

Easy, quick, delicious, kid friendly. Winner winner breakfast dinner.

Luke is in l.o.v.e with pancakes lately. And he loves to help in the kitchen.


So, when Krusteaz approached me about doing a review of their pancake mixes for their breakfast night program, I honestly couldn’t say yes fast enough.


For Krusteaz, every Wednesday night is Breakfast Night, where the family can spend quality time together and enjoy a meal that’s easy, familiar, and delicious.


{amen to that!}

And you guys, breakfast night couldn’t be any easy than with Krusteaz products. Their mixes are complete and all you have to do is add water, mix and cook.

And thankfully, I have the perfect 3 year old helper.





And EAT. Smile


And Krusteaz  has offered to do a giveaway for R4C readers –>

Giveaway includes Krusteaz mixes: Buttermilk pancake, Belgian waffle, Blueberry pancake, and wild blueberry muffin. PLUS a squeeze bottle, a spatula and a coupon for free product.

Awesome, right?

There are 4 ways to enter. Please make sure to leave a separate comment below for each entry.

1 –> leave a comment below telling me which pancake mix you would be most excited to make!

2 –> Follow Krusteaz and Running4Cupcakes on Instagram.

3 –> Follow Krusteaz and Running4Cupcakes on Facebook.

4 –> Tweet the following with a link back to this post:
I want to win an amazing breakfast night prize pack from @Krusteaz and @runs4cupcakes *insert link*

The contest closes at midnight on October 4th, 2015  and I’ll announce the winner shortly after. Good luck!


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Blue Apron Meal Service Review

So, last week, I had the opportunity to try out Blue Apron.


I’ve seen other bloggers rave about their food, convenience and awesomeness. And I wanted to try it for myself. Spoiler alert – so yummy, I tried lots of new things, but I spent more time preparing dinner than I normally would have. . .. read on for the full review and a promo code!




*trying new things! this was probably the most fun thing about trying Blue Apron is that I made things I would have never tried at home. Like I am still thinking about those chicken burgers days later. Totally going to have to make those again soon!

*excellent portion sizes. We tried out the 2 person meal plan and it was the perfect amount of food for both of us for dinner. I would probably do the family plan next time because leftovers are my main staple for lunches at work and with the 2 person plan = no leftovers.


*step by step directions with pictures. so helpful!


*liked the fact that there was nutritional information. A nice perk to dinner was knowing that it was good, restaurant quality food but I wasn’t eating a bazillion calories.

*no grocery shopping! Sometimes, the last thing I want to do after a long day at work is head to the grocery store. With Blue Apron, everything (like every single thing **except for standard pantry ingredients – salt, pepper and olive oil) are in that box sitting on your front step when you get home.



*need some cooking knowledge. I do a fair amount of cooking, so it wasn’t too tough to follow the directions, but I feel like my husband (who doesn’t really cook other than making a mean bowl of cereal) might have struggled a little bit with the directions.

*would have liked more specific directions for amounts. Most of the directions state add salt and pepper to taste or add as much as desired for level of spice.

*would have liked cooking tips – i.e. how to peel the flipping garlic.

*wish there was an option to choose specific meals. When you pick the 2 person vs family plan, you can’t pick meals from the family plan if you are just doing the 2 person plan. And within the 2 person plan, you can’t pick from all 6 options, you can pick this group of 3 meals or that group of 3 meals, which isn’t the greatest if there is an option within those 3 that you don’t like or want. Again, not a deal breaker but just a bummer.


*longer prep time. *for me. It usually took between 30-45 minutes to prep and make dinner with the Blue Apron meals which is longer than usual for me to spend in the kitchen, especially on a weeknight. BUT, I think the extra time was totally worth it.

Overall, I really enjoyed my meals from Blue Apron and I would anticipate using their service again in the future for when I am in a meal rut and want to try something new!

Want to try Blue Apron? Use this link to get 2 meals FREE!!

**I was sent Blue Apron meals in exchange for a review. But, as usual, all opinions are 100% my own! Smile


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Cookie time with Krusteaz {+giveaway}

This weekend at the Lake, Luke and I got busy in the kitchen thanks to Krusteaz. They were nice enough to send me some of their new cookie mixes.


And OMG. So easy and so good. And perfect for my little helper in the kitchen.

Luke is at this super fun age (3 1/2) where he wants to help and he is starting to be able to really help with mixing and measuring without making a huge mess. . . I mean, we still make a mess, but at least both of us don’t need to shower after a batch of cookies. . .


So, we picked out two flavors to try – triple chocolate chunk and brown sugar oatmeal. Spoiler alert – both delicious.


All you do is add a stick of softened butter and an egg to the mix. Mix all together. And bake.



It took Luke and I about 15 minutes to get the mixes all put together. *If I was working alone, it would probably be about 5 minutes.

And eat.


And then Luke loved serving them to everyone waiting on the porch.



Thanks Krusteaz for a fun family activity and yummy cookies. Smile

And now one lucky R4C reader will win a Krusteaz Back to School prize pack containing cookie mixes, an apron, oven mitt, and a lunchbox!

Pretty awesome, right?

There are 4 ways to enter. Please make sure to leave a separate comment below for each entry.

1 –> leave a comment below telling me which Krusteaz cookie mix you would be most excited to make!

2 –> Follow Krusteaz and Running4Cupcakes on Instagram.

3 –> Follow Krusteaz and Running4Cupcakes on Facebook.

4 –> Tweet the following with a link back to this post:
I want to win an amazing Back to School cookie prize pack from @Krusteaz and @runs4cupcakes *insert link*

The contest closes at midnight on September 12th and I’ll announce the winner shortly after. Good luck!!


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Dinner made easy {thanks to Jennie-O}

As a member of Jennie-O switch circle, they occasionally send me products to try out. And a few weeks ago, I received a package with two ground turkey products – lean taco seasoned ground turkey and lean Italian seasoned ground turkey. It was the perfect answer to “what’s for dinner?” that week!

Up first, the lean taco seasoned ground turkey. . . into nachos.


So simple. Layer a baking sheet with doritos, sprinkle with cheese and drizzle with taco sauce. Put in 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes or until cheese is melty. Meanwhile, brown the turkey with 1/2 chopped onion. When the chips come out of the oven, top with ground turkey, and whatever you like on your nachos – I add chopped tomatoes, lettuce and sour cream.


Served on the baking sheet for minimal clean up. So stinking good and so easy!

Then, the next night,


I browned the lean Italian seasoned ground turkey and added a jar of spaghetti sauce. Served over pasta. Sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Yum!

I wasn’t sure what I would think of the Italian seasoning on the turkey. My Mom makes an amazing ground beef spaghetti sauce, and it’s hard to top that. While, my Mom still has the top spot, this was the perfect amount of seasoning and kicked up my weeknight dinner – win!


I will definitely be buying this product in the future.

Have you tried any new food items lately??

Want to try some Jennie-O products? Check out these good coupons!


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Weekend Update: Lake relaxation

Hey! Happy Monday. Smile 

How was your weekend? Ours was exactly what we planned and what we needed – low key and at the Lake!

Thumbs up for Friday. . .


New haircut!


Ice cream.


Weekend read.


Lake time.


Snack time. Love cheese plates – seriously the perfect thing in the summer. And can I just tell you how much I l.o.v.e brie cheese? Ah-mazing.


I paired some cheeses with Artisan nut thins from Blue Diamond – Flax Seed and Multi-Seed. Both delicious. Smile 


My spot.


My dock buddy.


Boat time.


Drink time. Amaretto sours.



Family run.


Bloomer parade fun.




The rest of Sunday was laundry, getting ready for the week and dinner with my sisters.


So, what were you up to?

I am linking up with Katie (and Erin) for Marvelous in my Monday!

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Nut Thins.


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Easy as Breeze Smoothie Recipe

This “Easy as Breeze” post is sponsored by Almond Breeze Almondmilk. For more “Easy As Breeze” recipes made with five ingredients or less, visit Almond Breeze on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

I don’t know about you but during the hot and humid days of summer, when it comes to food, I want something fast, easy and cold. That means lots of smoothies, salads, cereal, iced lattes, ice cream, fresh fruit and veggies.

So, when Blue Diamond offered to send me some of their chocolate almond milk, I was super excited to try it out.


And of course, I had to make a smoothie. Smile 


Quick, easy, cold and delicious. Perfect for summer time.

Just blend 8 oz Blue Diamond Chocolate Almond milk, 1 frozen banana, 1 scoop of your favorite protein powder, and 1 T of nut butter.


What’s your favorite thing to eat in the summer??


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Rocksbox {review}

Recently, the nice people at Rocksbox asked me if I’d like to try out their service in exchange for sharing my thoughts with you guys. Heck yes, right? I’d had a lot of fun with Le Tote and this service seemed very similar. And it’s always fun to get mail. Smile

So, I jumped on their site. You start by filling out a style survey and putting items on your jewelry wish list.

Then, they send you a box with 3 pieces to wear on loan. The jewelry in each box is designer and averages $200.



In my first box, I got one piece from my wish list and 2 other pieces that my stylist thought I would like.

My favorite was this bracelet.


I also got this necklace. . . which I wore to work one day. It was delicate and simple and I liked it but I didn’t love it.


And this necklace. .. which wasn’t my favorite. I actually didn’t wear it at all because I didn’t have anything to go with it.


You can wear each piece as much as you want and then you sent them back and get 3 new pieces sent to you.

Also, each month you get %10 of “Shine Spend” that you can use towards any pieces you would like to purchase. But, there is no pressure to buy anything at anytime.

The service is $19 per month with no limitations for how many boxes you can get throughout the month. Free prepaid shipping both ways via USPS and zero commitment.


While it is nice to get designer pieces to try out, I did have a little bit of sticker shock when I went to look at the prices. I had considered buying that bracelet, but at $86, it was too spendy for me.

But, I am excited to see what’s in my next delivery!!

Want to try it out for yourself?

Use this code –> running4cupcakesxoxo to get ONE MONTH FREE!!

Linking up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday. Smile


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Le Tote {Review}

Have you guys heard of Le Tote?

Basically, it’s a clothing subscription service. For $49 per month, you get a box filled with 5 items that you can wear and then return for another box, as many times as you want over the month. And you can keep any items you like, for a members only price (about 20-50% off retail).



your perks

how it works

There are no commitments or contracts.

Get totes as often as you want.

Shipping is free both ways.

You don’t have to worry about laundry. Wear it and send it back.

Basically, you sign up. Complete a style profile. And then pick items from their collection to add to your closet.

my closet

Then, a personalized stylist will pick out 5 items (3 clothing pieces and 2 accessories) to send to you. Some of those items will be from your closet and a few will be picked by your stylist for you to try.

tote swap

When your tote is ready, you’ll get an email to view your items and swap out any items you don’t like or don’t want. However, it appears that with some of my totes, an item was swapped out again without my approval. I am guessing this is because of availability, but I tended to get items that I didn’t love, so that annoyed me.


Once, your review and finalize your tote, you’ll get an email with your tote’s tracking info and within 2 days, your tote will arrive on your doorstep!

Tote #1



Tote #2
tote 2


And a lovely surprise (that I know Becky would approve of) when I purchased the scarf.


Tote #3


Overall, the service is super fun. I got a few new pieces for my closet. I was able to vary the clothes that I wore to work and it was nice to have a change up from just the usual clothes that are in my closet.

The service (IMHO) is a little spendy at $49 per month, but I think is a fun option to have to change up your wardrobe every once in a while.

I also really really liked the free 2 day shipping both ways, that was super easy. And no laundry!

Want to try it out?

You can use the code RUNNING4CUPCAKES to get 20% off!

**I was provided a free month of service to Le Tote in exchange for my review. I did pay with my own money for any clothing pieces that I kept. And I signed up for an additional month with my own money after my free trial month was up! And as usual, all opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for your support.

Linking up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday!!


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