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Fri- YAY . .. Summer Vacay

Happy Friday!! Smile

We’ve had a great week of vacation here. . . it’s been nice to not have any plans! I am looking forward to the weekend because I am taking Les Mills CXWORX training. ..  I’ll be honest that I’m a little bummed to be spending a summer sunshine filled weekend in the gym, but fingers crossed that it will be fun and worth it. I’ll be back next week with a recap for you!!

Here is a few of the things we’ve been up to this week:

Abby went to the groomers.


We checked out a new beach in town.



I went to the Lion King with my Mom, sister and Aunt.


Luke and I went to the Children’s Museum.


And #reallife happens. Chocolate milk everywhere.


Also, I’ve been running, teaching BODYPUMP – still loving 98, getting ready for CXWORX training, and going for family walks.

Your plans for the weekend?? Favorites from the week?

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Weekending. . . at the lake

Happy Monday!!

I’m popping in this morning for a quick weekend recap before heading back out on the Lake. Luke just figured out how to jump in by himself off the dock and it is the best and cutest thing ever. Smile 

Started the weekend with BODYPUMP! I am loving 98. Full review coming soon.


Then, we headed to the lake and Luke participated in his first demolition derby. . . for kids. Winking smile 




He drove around for about 3 minutes before deciding that the big kids were being a little rough, so he came and sat on the side with Mom and Dad. . . which was just fine by me!

Besides, he thought the best part of the whole thing was his new dinosaur helmet, holding the finish flag and his cool trophy.


Saturday = doughnuts.


And time at the Bloomer Fair.



Sunday was parade day. . .


And Luke killing time by taking pictures before the parade started. . .




The rest of the day was jumping off the dock



and cruising in the boat.


It was a really great weekend.. .  and I’m super excited because Luke’s school is closed for the next 2 weeks and I took off work to hang out with him! I’ll check in again later this week with some of our adventures!

Hope you are having a great Monday!!

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Weekending. . .

Monday! I had to work all weekend, so today is my day off. ..

I kicked it off with BODYPUMP 98 at the YMCA with Chris.


Planning to make fruit pizza, hopefully go for a run (I haven’t been able to run since the car accident because of my chest hurting!), visiting a friend who just had a baby (and taking her Tator Tot hot dish), and taking Luke to swimming lessons!

Luke and Scott had lots of fun hanging out while I was at work. ..

They went to a fire station open house.



I asked Scott to take a “belly” pic for me. . . and this is what I got:


And then I made him take this one instead. Winking smile 18 weeks!


Family walk before work on Sunday.


They made chocolate cake + a huge mess.



And we had time for a Mexican date night.


And now. . . off to tackle my to-do list!

Hope you had a great one. . . what were you up to?

I am linking up with Katie (and Erin) for Marvelous in my Monday!


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Thursday Update

Hey there. . . Smile

Is it hot where you are?? It has been crazy here. . . Yesterday it was 90s and sunny and more of the same today. And in MN, that is HOT! Abby and I went for a walk yesterday afternoon and just about melted. Oh man, that air conditioning felt SO good when we got back!


Nothing too much to report here. . . although make sure you check back tomorrow for an exciting announcement!

We went up to the Lake last weekend. Mom made lasagna and fruit pizza. It was amazing.



Iced caramel latte for the win.


My boys and their tractors.


BODYPUMP + new lululemon shorts. Love the pink tie dye print!!


Off to work today.  .. hope you are staying cool. See you tomorrow!


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Weekending. . . at the Lake with our Colorado Friends!

Whew. What a long weekend. It was truly a weekend of highs and lows.

High. Getting Luke a haircut on Friday on the way to the Lake.


Low. Our friends having car trouble with their rental car on Friday afternoon on the way to the Lake. Thankfully, they were able to get the car swapped out, but such a pain!

High. Friday night Fish Fry with our friends and my Mom and sisters.

High. Doughnuts on Saturday morning.


High. Trying out the new tube.



And spending time on the Lake.


High. Luke taking his first tube ride!




High. Peggy making her amazing guacamole.


Low. Clouds and rain. . . but we didn’t let that stop us too much. . .


High. watching these boys hang together.



Low. This was the worst one. . . we were headed to dinner out on Monday night while Mom watched the kids and the four of us ended up getting into a car accident. It was pretty scary, we went off the road and then crashed. The airbags deployed and everything. Thankfully, we are all ok, just pretty banged up and sore from the crash. Just a reminder to be safe out there and always wear your seatbelt <—we all were wearing our seatbelts!

High. Even though the car was totaled, with the help of my Mom, we were able to get everyone back to the airport without having to drive 3+ hours to pick up a new rental car. And bonus with good conversation + Caribou Coffee on the way!

Low. No group picture this year.

High. Plans are already in the works for our next family get together.

And despite all the highs and lows, I couldn’t think of better people to spend time with and I’m so thankful for their friendship. Smile


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Hey!! Happy 4th of July weekend! Do you have a three day weekend?? I’m pumped. I have to work today, but then it’s all about family time, teaching pump on Saturday, and soaking in some sunshine!

Here are some of the things that made me smile this week.  . .

Luke taking over my phone and seeing the results.. .


Enjoying the sunshine with Abby puppy. And pink shoes. They both just make me happy. Smile


Big @ss salads. Filled with Farmer’s Market fresh produce and grilled steak. <love>


More sunshine puppy.


And teaching BODYPUMP 97 and kicking my own butt. Man, that release is TOUGH!


What about you – what have you been loving this weekend?

And plans for the weekend? Favorites from the week?

Looking for my linkup? I’ve decided to take a break from Friday link ups, but I’m still going to link up Friday fun with Heather!

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Weekending. . . in pictures.

Monday evening? Already??

but I’m still thinking about the awesome weekend we had over here. .  .

here’s a quick picture recap for you!

Running errands with Lukie. . . at Scheel’s to buy a new running outfit for Dad for Father’s Day.


New haircut. A little shorter than I wanted but still fits into a ponytail for teaching BODYPUMP and running! #winning


Trip to the meat market.


The perfect end to date night. Dinner out. Dessert on the couch at home.


Perkins with my boys.


Enjoying the backyard sunshine.


Is there anything better? 


I can’t wait for 4th of July weekend! btw – how is it 4th of July next weekend already?? Summer needs to slooooowwww down!

Off to watch an episode of our latest Netflix obsession – Person of Interest! Have a great night!!


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Weekending. .. 10th annual Country Fest!

Hey there! Happy Tuesday!

I am extra happy today because I finally figured out my picture situation. . . well . . .unfortunately, I really don’t know what the problem was, all I know, is that it’s working now! Winking smile 

I almost had a heart attack last week when I realized that was scheduled to work this last weekend – Country Fest weekend! In the past 9 years, Fest has always been the last weekend in June. . . and this year, they switched it. .  . but I never double checked the dates! Laura randomly texted me about getting ready for the weekend, and then I realized, OMG, I am scheduled to work all weekend. Thank goodness, I have some amazing co-workers and it just happened that one gal wanted an couple extra shifts, so I was able to have the weekend off.

And it was awesome. Beautiful weather. Great times with my sister. And Carrie Underwood!

Here’s a look at the weekend.. .

Sprinkle doughnuts.


Special K bars. .. means Abby gets to lick a peanut butter jar.


Driving the tractor.


Picnic lunch on the boat.


Squirt gun fights.


All tuckered out.


Park time.


Country Fest time!




Craft time. . .. just wait until you see the wreaths we made – SO cute!!


And the total highlight of Fest this year – Carrie Underwood!!


And Sam Hunt.


Whew. Such a good weekend. . . and now back to work!

How was your weekend?? Highlight??


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Friday: Things I’m Loving. . .

Friday. Yeeeessss. 

Only a 12 hour shift between me and heading to the Lake this weekend for 90+ degree weather. If you need me, you can find me floating in the lake. Winking smile 


Since it’s Friday, it’s time for some of my recent favorites.  . .

Another day, another container of watermelon. #cantstopwontstop


This kid. Plus, I am always amazed by how long he can be entertained with playing in the sink. 


Jennie-O turkey burgers.


As a member of their Switch Circle team, they send me products every once in a while, and recently, I got some turkey burgers. The perfect quick summer night meal. Plus, you can’t go wrong with sweet potato fries.

26 pictures that every parent will relate to – yes to #4 and #5

Funny animal voice over – All I have to say is AL! ALAN! AL! Hilarious. 

This beautiful watch that Scott gave me for our 8th anniversary.


Luke playing soccer. .. what is it about little kids playing sports? Equal parts funny and adorable.


What about you – what have you been loving this weekend?

And plans for the weekend? Favorites from the week?

Looking for my linkup? I’ve decided to take a break from Friday link ups, but I’m still going to link up Friday fun with Heather!


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Friday Favorites: Back from the silence!

Whew. Friday already?

Heck yes is all I have to say about that. Love short Holiday weeks! 

I also can’t believe that I haven’t blogged in for-ev-er.

I didn’t mean to take a break, but you know, life just happens sometimes! 

I turned 34 and celebrated with a night out with Scott at a fancy hotel and a super nice steak dinner at Manny’s <– SO good. 


We spent the weekend at the Lake.

I completed my goals for the long weekend . . . 

read 2 books. both excellent!


and spend time on the Lake.


We took long boat rides, jumped on the new water trampoline and it was perfect. 

And Laura made my birthday ice cream cake. holy yum!


Then, we did some work around my Mom’s house in the cities to get it ready to go on the market soon 

And celebrated my Dad’s birthday – he would have been 60! this year – with his favorite dessert – pound cake, strawberries and tons of whip cream.


Back home to laundry, grocery shopping, work and real life. 


And if you need a laugh … check out this video – hilarious!

Blake Shelton tries sushi with Jimmy Fallon 

Looking forward to a weekend filled with running, sunshine, family time and grilling. Smile See ya on Monday with a recap!

What about you – what have you been up to??

And plans for the weekend? Favorites from the week?

Linking up with Friday fun with Heather!

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