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Holiday Wish List

Better late than never right? 

Scott has been asking for at least the past month for my Christmas list and I just haven’t been able to think of anything past a happy, healthy baby boy. And while that  is still #1 on my list, lets be real, there are always more things on the list. #amiright 

Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed seeing other people’s Christmas Lists and Holiday Gift Guides, so I thought I’d pop in quick and share a few things I’d love to see under the tree this year. 

This track pullover. It looks so soft and comfy. 

product photo

I’ve heard amazing things about these leggings. And is there any piece of clothing better for living in during maternity leave than a pair of great leggings? 

Main Image - Zella Live In Slim Fit Leggings

Snow pants! Luke is at such a fun age right now to play together in the snow. Snow forts and snow ball fights and snow tubing will be so much comfortable if I am not thinking about being wet and cold. 

Glam Glow Face Mask. I’m not a huge product junkie (chap stick for the win), but I do love a good face mask. I’ve been wanting to try Glam Glow for a while, but haven’t pulled the trigger because of the price. . . 

GLAMGLOW - Gift Sexy Treatment Set

I’ve also heard really good things about the Charcoal Face Mark and cleansing bar from Beauty Counter


Gift Card for a Facial. I’ve wanted to get a facial for-ev-er but since laying on my back has been a no go for the past 6+ months, after this baby comes, I’d love to make it happen! 

New couch pillows. because I’m planning on spending quite a bit of time on the couch for the next few months snuggling a new baby, so #necessary 

Green Bay Packers Gear.

Women's Green Bay Packers Nike Heathered Gray Champ Drive Boyfriend Pullover Sweatshirt

Most wanted –> a new sweatshirt and a cute pair of mittens. 

This cute keychain. Pink + glitter. Adorable.

Custom Color & Personalized Gold-dipped Leather Keychain

And I love the swivel hook clasp option. . . because how annoying is it to get keys on and off a standard key ring?! 

What’s on your wish list for Christmas??


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Friday Favorites: Rain, Legos and Candles

Hey! Happy Friday. I am super pumped for this weekend because tomorrow I am spending the day at the Les Mills Quarterly in Minneapolis. I’m most excited to take a pump class from the “pros” and check out two new to me LM classes – CXWORX and RPM! 


Here are a few of my favorites from this week.. .  

It’s been rainy all week here in MN and instead of getting depressed, I made the most of it with come couch time + hot chocolate + fireplace on.


Also, there is something about listening to the rain that is really nice. One of my favorite sounds. 

Playing Legos.


I never got into legos much when I was younger, but Luke got a bunch of sets for his birthday so we have been working together to put some together.


It is so much fun to see him work thru the instructions (or as he calls them “the constructions”) and be excited when we have a finished product. 

This image popped up on my Facebook feed this week and I shared it but I wanted to post it here too. ..


when I think back to before AdvoCare and spending so much $$$ on coffee, I just shake my head and then smile, because I’m happy that I’ve found something that is so much better. PS – Don’t get me wrong, I still love a good caramel latte, but I’m not buying them every day now! 

This laugh. 25 funny parenting tweets. Yes to #2, #11, #16, #17 (SO true!!), and #18 #truth 

Candle sale at Bath and Body Works.


Yup, I totally have a BBW candle problem. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Use code MORESPRING for an additional 25% off!!

And with that, I’m off – have a good one!

Plans for the weekend? Favorites from the week?

Linking up with Friday fun with Heather!

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2016 . . . goals.

Let’s face it, 2015, just wasn’t my year.

Trying a new job and living apart from Scott for 6 months = terrible. *that being said, I’m SO glad I did it because you never know until you try!

Lost my Dad to leukemia = heartbreaking. Life will never be the same.

But, I am ready for 2016. And I have some big goals for myself. . . 

1. Have a baby. Ha! If only you could plan these things. I have no idea what God’s plan is for our family, but I would love to add another little one. Luke needs a sibling, he is going to be a great big brother some day. And hey, if a baby doesn’t work out, maybe I can convince Scott that we need to get a puppy instead. Winking smile

Newborn photos 051

2. Stay in the same house all year long.


No. more. moving. Thankfully, I am really loving our new little house. Scott has done an amazing job with the remodel. We are still unpacking the last of the boxes and then I’ll share some pictures of the new place with you. But after we unpack those boxes, they are staying unpacked for a good little while. This house isn’t our forever home, so unfortunately, we’ll probably be moving again in a few years, but for now, I am happy to be under one roof and making this house our home. 

3. Help Mom. There are a lot of things to be done around the house and at the Lake since Dad died. It will be a full family effort to help her get everything done over the next few months, and while it is a little overwhelming to think about, I am looking forward to the family time together. 

4. Family meals.


We already have meals together a few times per week, but they are just so important. I remember all the family meals growing up, the conversations around the table and just spending time together. I want Luke to have the same memories. And it’s just nice to sit down together so I want to make sure it is more of a priority this year. 

5. Run more. Easy, simple, and perfect. 


6. Get another exercise certification. I’m thinking either the advanced training certification for BODYPUMP or maybe getting certified in another Les Mills class. . . maybe GRIT? 


7. Eat real food. I know my nutrition could be much better and so this is a big goal for me this year.


Healthy, balanced eating. Eating more of what I know I should – veggies – and less of what I really shouldn’t be – cookies. But I’m all about moderation and balance, there is always room in life for dessert. 

8. Date night.


This one usually falls by the way side because Scott and I would much rather sit on the couch and watch our own TV than go out to dinner or go to a movie, but I would like to make an effort, especially with 2 Grandma’s that are more than willing to watch Luke anytime, to go out and have some fun times together. 

What about you? Big goals or plans for 2016?? Linking up with Amanda for Thinking out loud!


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Merry Christmas

From my family to yours.. .


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little steps

I came across this quote last week at the gym and it just clicked. . .


Life isn’t made up of big steps. . . it’s a bazillion little steps/decisions that we make every day.

And little decisions can – over time – lead to big changes. . . in health, happiness and everything in between.

Cheers to the little steps!


And congratulations to the giveaway winners:

For Krusteaz Breakfast giveaway – Lorraine!

And Adora Calcium giveawayKelsey!


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Tuesday Update


Happy Tuesday. Smile 

I was going to post a weekend update post, but then I looked at my phone and realized I took a whole 4 pictures. . .

driving to Minnesota.


Mommy alone time.


Family run.




Not pictured = ice cream + House of Cards. Winking smile 

And I wanted to announce the winner of the Krusteaz cookie giveaway – congrats Kelly. Check your email!

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hello. Hello. Smile 

How was your weekend? What were you up to? Hopefully more exciting than mine. . .


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Father’s Day–2015 {Luke’s gift}

Luke made the cutest Father’s Day present at school this year for Scott. 

And I just thought I would share. . . 


It was a pencil cup (made from a soup can), that Luke “decorated” with construction equipment. 

It had a letter in it:



When in doubt, or when problems arise, reach for your survival kit. 

It contains: 

– Marbles – to replace the ones you will lose. . .
– penny – to give you the cents (sense) to know how important you are. . .
– rope – in case you get to the end of yours. . .
– rubber band – to help you to remember to be “flexible”. . .
– paper clip – to help you hold it together. . .
– tootsie roll – to help you roll with the punches. . .
– lots of Hershey’s kisses – because I love you!
Happy Father’s Day!

Love, Luke


Adorable, right? 

Scott also really wanted a new grill (for the past 5+ years), so that was an early Father’s Day present from Luke and I a few weeks ago. Those steaks we grilled last weekend were the perfect way to break it in. Smile 


What did you do for Father’s Day?? 

Linking up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday.


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Life is messy. . .

Oh man, life can be messy sometimes. 

Image result for it is what it is

You are headed one direction and then all of the sudden, life throws you a curve ball and you are thrown off course. 

It makes your head spin. 

All of the sudden, you aren’t quite sure which path is the right one. 

But, all you can do, is make the decision that your heart and gut tell you is the right one. 

And you start again. 

Because, that’s life, right? 

I’m pretty sure God is laughing his ass off at me right now for thinking that I had it all figured out. 

Yup, I don’t. 

And I never will. 

I’m just here to enjoy the ride and to live life the best way I know how. 

Image result for it is what it is

Because at the end of the day, it is what it is (right, Scott?) and everything happens for a reason. 

Image result for it is what it is

Cheers to trying to figure it all out and enjoying every minute of it. 


Linking up with Amanda today for Thinking Out Loud!


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The news no one ever wants to hear

About two weeks ago, I received a phone call from my Mom.

She said “Kate, I have some bad news. . .  Dad has leukemia.”

I think my world stopped.

My first response was “Dad? My Dad?”

And then tears.


My Dad has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. It is a rare and aggressive form of blood cancer, so fast-moving that the doctors said if he had gone in 2 weeks ago it might not have shown up. He will require chemo, which has already begun, and a hospital stay of at least 4 weeks to minimize the risk of infection. He will also need a bone marrow transplant.


We are encouraged that he is young (only 58) and in good shape (remember that he is my running buddy!) and relatively healthy, according to the doctors, and thus a step ahead in terms of fighting this disease.

So, needless to say life has been a whirlwind lately.

5_09 070

This blog has always been about sharing my life. And this is a huge part of my life right now.


But, I won’t be sharing routine updates here. Our family has started a Caring Bridge site for Dad (Team Tom!), so if you are family or a close friend and want to read daily updates, that will be the place to go for information.


Thank you in advance for your prayers, positive thoughts and support.


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Virtual Date

hey there. happy thursday!

how are you? want to take a break and grab a coffee?

If we were going to get coffee, I’d just ask you to come over to my house so we can drink spark instead. because seriously, spark is so much better than coffee. Ummm yes, I know, I know. It’s not the same. And it isn’t, you’re right (like usual!), nothing can replace my caramel latte from Caribou. BUT, I would tell you that spark is delicious AND gives me more energy and focus than coffee does and is my go-to morning drink. Yes, yes, let’s not get crazy, there is room in life for both spark and coffee. Smile 

whew, now that we settled that – do you want some fruit punch spark or grape? or let’s be honest, I also have cherry, watermelon, pink lemonade, orange and pomegranate. Yes, I realize I have a spark problem. But lately, I am ALL about the fruit punch. Fruit punch in the morning and then 1/2 scoop of orange for teaching BODYPUMP.  


Anyway, cheers to Thursday and for making time to spend a few minutes chatting. and I would tell you how Luke loves to cheers anything. cheers ice cream cones, cheers smoothie cups, cheers sippy cups. it is adorable.


And then I would tell you how I am moving tomorrow. To Wisconsin. 3 hours away. And, I am sad,  excited and nervous for what’s to come. . .

This whole decision process has been bittersweet. It is so hard to leave my current job, my bodypump class at the YMCA, our new house and friends. But, I am excited for what’s to come. I am looking forward to starting a new job. While I loved my old job, not everything was perfect – heck – it never is, right? But I am hoping that this new clinic will be better for me. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can find a new place to teach BODYPUMP in Eau Claire. . . but it won’t be the same. I will miss my Tuesday/Thursday crew at the YMCA.


The hardest part will be leaving Luke and Scott. There aren’t any schools open for Luke right now, so he will be staying with Scott during the week. And I would tell you that I am having the hardest time with it. Thankfully, I know that I couldn’t be leaving him in better hands than with his Daddy. I would ask you to pray for us with this new transition and that everything will work out how God intends it. 

And then I would move on to some lighter topics, because whoa, I need to get my mind off of moving! 

I would tell you that I am sorta doing the Whole30.


My sister, Laura, started on Sunday and I am SO proud of her. And I wanted to support her and do the Whole30 myself, but remember my spark addiction? Well, I am doing a spark version of the Whole30. At least to start. It was really holding me back to commit to the whole thing right now with no coffee and no spark. So, I decided to do what would work best for me. And that is spark. Smile

I really loved the comments on my It Starts With Food book review post. And while I would encourage you to read it, I would clarify that the Whole30 isn’t a forever thing. It’s a 30 day nutritional reset where you avoid some food groups, so that you can get a better understanding of how they may be affecting your body. I love this book because while it suggests to avoid food groups for the Whole30 and perhaps longer, depending on how they affect you, it’s all about finding your perfect balance. And they have a whole section on how to reintroduce food groups so you can really determine what affects you and how. I love clean eating. I love the way it makes me feel. I know that I am healthier because of it. And I really have AdvoCare to thank for introducing me to it. I am intrigued by the Whole30 plan because it takes clean eating to the next level and can help you understand your body better. Who wouldn’t want that? Anyway, I know, that drinking spark is going to limit my official results. And perhaps in the future, I might do a full Whole30, but for now, I am doing what I need to do – and that’s all that matters, right?

Ok, whoa, sorry. Didn’t mean to do a Whole30 rant on you. Smile 

But, OMG – did I tell you that I am going to try Cross Fit?!? There is a box in Eau Claire that I am going to check out. I am excited and a little intimidated. Have you done CF – any advice??  

And finally, I am totally addicted to Revenge.

Like, whoa. We finished Orange is the New Black. And how come you didn’t tell me it was only 2 seasons so far? Totally dying. I looked it up and it looks like they are going to release season 3 this summer. But, anyway, thankfully Revenge is good. Like really good. Check it out. 

Anyway, that’s what’s new with me, what’s new with you? Smile 

Linking up with Amanda today for Thinking Out Loud!


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