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Fri- YAY . .. Summer Vacay

Happy Friday!! Smile

We’ve had a great week of vacation here. . . it’s been nice to not have any plans! I am looking forward to the weekend because I am taking Les Mills CXWORX training. ..  I’ll be honest that I’m a little bummed to be spending a summer sunshine filled weekend in the gym, but fingers crossed that it will be fun and worth it. I’ll be back next week with a recap for you!!

Here is a few of the things we’ve been up to this week:

Abby went to the groomers.


We checked out a new beach in town.



I went to the Lion King with my Mom, sister and Aunt.


Luke and I went to the Children’s Museum.


And #reallife happens. Chocolate milk everywhere.


Also, I’ve been running, teaching BODYPUMP – still loving 98, getting ready for CXWORX training, and going for family walks.

Your plans for the weekend?? Favorites from the week?

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Weekending. . . at the lake

Happy Monday!!

I’m popping in this morning for a quick weekend recap before heading back out on the Lake. Luke just figured out how to jump in by himself off the dock and it is the best and cutest thing ever. Smile 

Started the weekend with BODYPUMP! I am loving 98. Full review coming soon.


Then, we headed to the lake and Luke participated in his first demolition derby. . . for kids. Winking smile 




He drove around for about 3 minutes before deciding that the big kids were being a little rough, so he came and sat on the side with Mom and Dad. . . which was just fine by me!

Besides, he thought the best part of the whole thing was his new dinosaur helmet, holding the finish flag and his cool trophy.


Saturday = doughnuts.


And time at the Bloomer Fair.



Sunday was parade day. . .


And Luke killing time by taking pictures before the parade started. . .




The rest of the day was jumping off the dock



and cruising in the boat.


It was a really great weekend.. .  and I’m super excited because Luke’s school is closed for the next 2 weeks and I took off work to hang out with him! I’ll check in again later this week with some of our adventures!

Hope you are having a great Monday!!

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Weekending. . . at the Lake with our Colorado Friends!

Whew. What a long weekend. It was truly a weekend of highs and lows.

High. Getting Luke a haircut on Friday on the way to the Lake.


Low. Our friends having car trouble with their rental car on Friday afternoon on the way to the Lake. Thankfully, they were able to get the car swapped out, but such a pain!

High. Friday night Fish Fry with our friends and my Mom and sisters.

High. Doughnuts on Saturday morning.


High. Trying out the new tube.



And spending time on the Lake.


High. Luke taking his first tube ride!




High. Peggy making her amazing guacamole.


Low. Clouds and rain. . . but we didn’t let that stop us too much. . .


High. watching these boys hang together.



Low. This was the worst one. . . we were headed to dinner out on Monday night while Mom watched the kids and the four of us ended up getting into a car accident. It was pretty scary, we went off the road and then crashed. The airbags deployed and everything. Thankfully, we are all ok, just pretty banged up and sore from the crash. Just a reminder to be safe out there and always wear your seatbelt <—we all were wearing our seatbelts!

High. Even though the car was totaled, with the help of my Mom, we were able to get everyone back to the airport without having to drive 3+ hours to pick up a new rental car. And bonus with good conversation + Caribou Coffee on the way!

Low. No group picture this year.

High. Plans are already in the works for our next family get together.

And despite all the highs and lows, I couldn’t think of better people to spend time with and I’m so thankful for their friendship. Smile


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Weekending. .. 10th annual Country Fest!

Hey there! Happy Tuesday!

I am extra happy today because I finally figured out my picture situation. . . well . . .unfortunately, I really don’t know what the problem was, all I know, is that it’s working now! Winking smile 

I almost had a heart attack last week when I realized that was scheduled to work this last weekend – Country Fest weekend! In the past 9 years, Fest has always been the last weekend in June. . . and this year, they switched it. .  . but I never double checked the dates! Laura randomly texted me about getting ready for the weekend, and then I realized, OMG, I am scheduled to work all weekend. Thank goodness, I have some amazing co-workers and it just happened that one gal wanted an couple extra shifts, so I was able to have the weekend off.

And it was awesome. Beautiful weather. Great times with my sister. And Carrie Underwood!

Here’s a look at the weekend.. .

Sprinkle doughnuts.


Special K bars. .. means Abby gets to lick a peanut butter jar.


Driving the tractor.


Picnic lunch on the boat.


Squirt gun fights.


All tuckered out.


Park time.


Country Fest time!




Craft time. . .. just wait until you see the wreaths we made – SO cute!!


And the total highlight of Fest this year – Carrie Underwood!!


And Sam Hunt.


Whew. Such a good weekend. . . and now back to work!

How was your weekend?? Highlight??


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Spring Break 2016

Hey there! Happy Thursday!

We’ve been having a really fun time with our”staycation” over Luke’s spring break.

I thought I’d pop in today to share some pictures of the last few days. . .

We headed up to the cities to visit my Mom and sisters.


Celebrated our 10 year engagement anniversary (we got engaged on the steps of the cathedral) with a 5 mile run.


A trip to the MN Zoo.





Celebrated Scott’s birthday (early – it’s on Friday) and Laura’s birthday with my family. I made chicken parmesan. <—super old post alert, but it’s SO good!


Started the next morning with a family trip to Caribou.




And then went to the Minnesota Children’s Museum. .. which was fun, but a little bit of a disappointment – our local children’s museum is much better!


And snapped some pictures of my big little boy. . .


I cannot believe he is going to be 4 years old next month!


And now off to have more family time. Smile 

Hope you are having a great week!


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Key West, Florida. . . Trip Recommendations

So, as you know, we just got back from 10 days in Key West, Florida.

Key West

And I know that some of you are planning trips to Key West and so I thought I’d share what we did and recommendations for your trip!

What we did

The Beach. We went to Smathers Beach, which we really enjoyed. It never seemed too busy and it was easy to park and walk right onto the beach.


The Conch Train Tour.


We waited until the last day to do this one. . . which was silly, we learned a lot of things about the Island that we wished we would have known earlier. So, if you are thinking about doing a tour – do it in the first few days. As with any tour, it is totally dependent on the personality of the tour guide. The first guy we had for the first half was just ok. . . we ended up hopping off at one of the stops to do some shopping and lunch on Duval Street and then the second guy we had was really good.

Wandering on Duval Street. We did this at least once per day. . . shopping, people watching, and food.


The Butterfly Conservatory. This is the #1 attraction on Trip Advisor, so Luke and Aunt Jenny checked it out. And per Jenny, it was a little bit of a let down. It was busy, hot and not as cool as she expected. . . and Luke only lasted about 15 minutes before wanting to be done. . .


Visited the Southermost Point. Because, when in Key West. . .


And the beginning/end of Highway 1. . . . because I’m married to a traffic engineer.


And the sunset at Mallory Square. Tip – get there about an hour before sunset to watch the performers.


Eating Key Lime Pie – that’s an activity, right? Smile We tried many different places – and I think our favorite was from the Key Lime Pie Co.


Where we ate

We ate at A LOT of places. . .some great, some good and some not very good. I’m just going to highlight the great places!

Garbo’s Grill. <—EAT HERE!


The best meal we had the whole trip and we ate here twice. It’s actually just a little food truck that serves delicious food. And make sure to double check their hours, because they aren’t always open. And they will close early if it’s raining.

Santiago’s Bodega. The best dinner we had on the Island. Tapas style dining. And do me a favor – get the burrata.


Coffee Plantation. The Almond Joy latte – hot or iced – was delicious.


Glazed Donuts. And don’t miss the Southernmost Donut Shop. Scott loved the key lime pie donut and I thought the tangerine cream was amazing.


Frita’s Cuban Burger Café. This was another fun place to eat – we got a bunch of different items from the menu and then shared everything. The overall winner though was the Cuban burger.


Key Plaza Creperie. Totally random location in a strip mall on the other side of Key West from Duval Street. While it was spendy, the crepes were delicious.


Smoothie Shuttle. We went here pretty much every day. The perfect afternoon snack while wandering around. Get the Planet B.


Where we stayed

I used VRBO and found a 3 bedroom condo that would fit my family + our extended family.


It was on Stock Island, which is the next island up from Key West and ended up being a 15 minute drive to Duval Street. That ended up working well for our family. We had a great view and enjoyed spending time at the condo.


And let’s be honest, the view from the master shower was ah-mazing. Smile 


But if you are interested in hanging out on Duval Street a lot, I would make sure and stay on Key West within walking distance of Duval, because the drive + parking can be annoying.

And now we are onto planning our next vacation. . . Smile Any recommendations?


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Tuesday Update

Hey there! How’s your week going?

We got back early Sunday morning from Florida. . .


and now I am just waiting for the snow to start. We are supposed to get a lot of snow + crazy blowing wind.

Our last few days in Key West were really nice. . .

a lot of this. . .


And time with family. and coffee. Smile 


beach time.


and soaking in sunshine. . . with Scott’s parents – Way and Lee.



And then back to reality. . . running in long sleeves, gloves and bundling Luke up. . . yup, he’s sleeping in there. Winking smile 


We came back to a fridge that had turned off (what???), and so while Scott cleaned it out, I went to the grocery store to fill it back up.


and snagged some pretty flowers.


And Luke and I made carrot/apple/lemon juice. Love that combo. So good!


Looking forward to dinner tonight. . .

Beef Taco Bowls are quick and healthy - just 20 minutes from fridge to table!:

and watching the snow fall. Smile 

Hope you are having a good start to the week! Any highlights so far??

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Friday Favorites: Key West Moments

Happy Friday from Key West. . . yup, still here. Smile


Soaking in a little bit more of the Florida warmth and sunshine before heading back to MN tomorrow and back to snow and cold. . .

But here are a few of my favorite moments from this week. . .

Hot tub time. . . because even though it’s been in the 70s, the regular pool is still chilly. . . but the hot tub is perfect to hang and play.


Sleeping snuggles. Luke’s been playing SO hard during the day that by the time we get to dinner, he is done and has been falling asleep on the way to dinner. And since my busy boy almost never sits still for snuggling anymore, I have been taking full advantage.


Running! Even though it is “c0ld” here by Florida standards, I’ve still been sweating my face off. . . and loving it. Smile


And I cannot get enough of this view of the ocean from the master bath shower.


Beach time. #perfection


Luke having time with Grandma Mary. . .


And Grandpa Lee and Grandma Way. So wonderful that he can build some memories with them.


Off to the beach. Enjoy your Friday and the weekend! Smile

Have a great one! Whatcha up to??

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Weekending in Key West

Hello from Key West . . . well technically, Stock Island, we rented a condo right on the ocean and it is fabulous. We are down here for 9 days <—longest vacation I’ve ever taken! And my family came down for the first few days.

Started off with coffee. The almond joy latte was excellent!


And doughnuts!




It was cold (60s), rainy and windy.  . . but better than 10 degrees back in MN!




Saturday + more coffee. Usually I hate going to Starbucks when we are on vacation and there are tons of local places to check out, but this was just easier. And the barista wrote a nice message on my cup. Smile And we got to hear some locals talking and that was fun.


Running. With my favorite boy. Next to the ocean. Perfection.


Luke and Jenny went on the Conch train tour.


Scott continues to try to catch a rooster. . .


Laura and my Mom.


Mallory Square.






Amazing dinner at a little hole in the wall Cuban place.


Sunday was beach day. The sun came out and it was a beautiful day.



I had to apologize for the beach nudity . .





And then since the beach was a little over 4 miles from the condo, my sisters took Luke back and Scott and I ran back. . .


And then last night we ate at Santiago’s Bodega which I would highly recommend. . . tapas style dining. I think we got 16 dishes total and shared them all between the 5 of us.


And now my sisters and Mom just hit the road back to the airport and we are enjoying the sunrise over the ocean. We have a few days alone, before Scott’s family joins us for our last few days here. Hoping for some good runs, beach time and a few more good meals.

Hope you had a great one. . . what were you up to?

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Friday Favorites: Florida

Hey! Happy Friday!!

Yesterday, we got up super early (like super super early – 2:15am)


and caught a flight to Miami


and then drove down to Key West.


We didn’t waste any time soaking in the views from our condo and hitting the pool.


Cheers (with my Mom) to vacation.


Back on Monday with some highlights. Smile

Now, off to the weekend. . .

Have a great one! Whatcha up to??

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