Christmas 2012

Baby’s first Christmas did not go as planned.  .. at all!

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We celebrated with Scott’s family on Sunday night (Christmas Eve Eve). And then said good bye to them with plans to meet up on Christmas Eve for church and then appetizers at my parent’s house afterwards. None of which ended up happening. About 2 am, Scott started throwing up and I joined him at 4am. By 6am I had put in a SOS call to my parents to come get Luke, because I had no idea how we would be able to take care of a baby in our condition. Thankfully, they were able to get here by 8:30. Unfortunately, Luke woke up about 7. Scott won best husband/Dad of the year and took care of him in between throwing up episodes. He said it was “The worst hour of my life.” Grandma Mary and Grandpa Tom took Luke and Abby. And Scott and I spent the rest of the day thinking we might die. It was the worst stomach flu I have ever had. We ended up on the couch, in the living room watching Moonshiners on TV. The only thing we could watch and it was ok if we fell asleep during it. We went to bed at 9pm and slept all night long. We woke up on Christmas Day. Alone in our house. No baby, no dog. Thankfully, feeling better but not 100%. We were able to get ourselves ready and up to the cities by mid-morning to see our babies – Luke and Abby. And celebrate baby’s 1st Christmas.

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It was a nice, low key day with my family. Luke had no idea what to do with the presents. . . did what most 8 month olds would do- played with the tissue paper, boxes and other peoples presents.

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Everyone was way too generous. Aunt Laura made a awesome calendar for me with pictures and scrapbooking of Luke. And a adorable baby blanket for Luke. Aunt Jenny gave me a cheese making kit from Williams and Sonoma – looks super cool. And lots of bath stuff for Lukie – toys, bubbles, jammies, books. Grandpa and Grandpa gave lots of toys – Luke loves our cell phones and remotes and so he got a toy cell phone and remote. I also got a new Caribou Coffee travel mug and a super cool wind blocking running jacket (it is always windy in Mankato!).

We didn’t get to enjoy any of the good Christmas food, no cookies, which was a total bummer. But, Scott keeps telling me that this will be a Christmas we will never forget! Winking smile Hope you had a much healthier Christmas and enjoyed time with family or friends.


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  1. Aunt Jenny

    Cutest Christmas baby EVER!