Pink Cupcake!!

Happy Friday!!!! I am so glad the weekend is finally (almost) here.

I celebrated Friday by getting my caramel skim latte from Caribou Coffee this morning. It was good! I also added a honey nut cherrios bar. Seriously delicious!

Confession: I L-O-V-E dessert! Hence the name of this blog – running 4 cupcakes – quite literally – I run so I can eat. Cupcakes, candy, chocolate, cake, brownies, caramel, ice cream, etc, etc!


Usually my running can keep up with my dessert addiction – but if not, that is the reason I will gain weight. About a year ago, I joined Weight Watchers to try to lose some of those dessert pounds. I was able to lose about 20 pounds, unfortunately I quickly gained 10 pounds back when I started to be more lenient in how much dessert I would have. I am (thankfully) still 10 pounds down from where I started a year ago, but continue my daily struggle with desserts!

My husband is NO help – he is just as into desserts as me – although he seems to have better control and is able to be satisfied with a smaller helping.

Very often, less than 10 minutes after finishing dinner, Scott will say “So, what’s for dessert?” We usually have dessert every night. Sometimes, it is sharing a couple of pieces of candy, other times it is large bowls of ice cream.

Ice cream. . . maybe just one scoop next time?

The key is moderation. As I commented here, I was able to lose 2 pounds, while eating dessert every night.

So, for me, the keys to be able to continue to enjoy dessert on a daily basis and maintain a healthy weight are:

  1. Moderation, limit dessert to 200-300 calories
  2. Healthy choices with the other meals of the day (i.e. following the 90/10 rule)
  3. Have dessert with only one meal (once per day)
  4. Make it count – don’t settle for something that doesn’t taste good or isn’t what you REALLY want.

How do you include sweets in your healthy diet?

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