Cross Fit tips for starting out

I’ve been doing Cross Fit for a few months now. Spoiler alert, I am still loving it! But it was probably the most overwhelming new fitness experience I have ever done – more than even getting my BODYPUMP certification. . . so, I thought I would share a few tips for anyone who is thinking about trying it, just starting out, or even if you’ve been cross fitting for a while, some good reminders too. Smile


1. try it. you never know what you can do until you give it a try.  Bear crawl, box jumps, the snatch. All things I thought, yup, no way can I do that! But you know what. I can! And one of the reasons I love cross fit so much is that no matter what level of fitness you are, there is a modification/challenge for you.


2. listen to your coach and their cues. the coaches aren’t trying to bust your balls. they are truly trying to help you be safe and successful. So, use them. Ask questions. If something doesn’t feel right, ask, or better yet, have them watch your form. the coaches I have run into at my cross fit box are probably some of the best trainers and coaches I have ever had.

3. don’t add weight. yet. at my box, the coaches are always saying – you have to earn the weight. and that is SO true. Don’t feel like you have to RX a workout EVER. Take your time to learn the skills and master them before adding weight.


4. go to different classes/types/times/coaches. I’ve found that each class during the day has a little different vibe to it. I tend to fit in the best with the 6am class, so I try to make it to that one as often as I can. Now, the other classes are all good, but if you find the class where you click with the other cross fitters and the coach, it can be pretty amazing.


5. show up early/stay after. there will be lots of skills for you to work on and learn and while class will help you with those, the best time to practice is on your own. I tend to show up about 20 minutes before class. I spend the first 10 minutes warming up and then the next 10 minutes working on a new skill. Lately, my goal has been to master double unders. They are getting better, but it’s still a work in progress. . . and I’ll keep working at them! And after that, it’s on to pull ups and handstands!!

Do you have any tips to add??

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6 Responses to Cross Fit tips for starting out

  1. All great tips! I think spending extra time to warm up your shoulders is super important since you tend to use them a lot! I just mastered double unders and I couldn’t be any happier haha!
    Katie @ Daily Cup of Kate recently posted..Crossfit and Marathon TrainingMy Profile

    • KT

      Agreed!! Before cross fit, I thought push ups were the workout – now they are part of the warm up to get those shoulders and arms ready!

  2. When I was injured I turned to cross fit for an alternative workout. When I started I really loved the community and everyone who came to the gym, but the workouts were a little too crazy for me and I ended up switching out to a different form of cross training. I think if I gave it a bit more time I could’ve really enjoyed it. Maybe someday I’ll be able to do a pull up : )
    Jamie recently posted..Thinking Out Loud – Throwback ThursdayMy Profile

  3. I have never taken a Crossfit class, but I would love to someday! These tips are great; I will definitely keep them in mind when I finally take a class!
    Heather@hungryforbalance recently posted..Thursday Random RamblesMy Profile