Don’t forget–14 months

I wrote a post when Luke was 5 weeks old about all the things I didn’t want to forget about this new little person. . .

And recently, as I have been watching Luke grow into a little boy, I realized there are some more recent things that I never want to forget. . .


He loves using a fork. He will eat pretty much anything if you put it on the fork. And if he won’t eat it (chicken), put ketchup on it, put it on the fork, and then he’ll eat it! Smile


He has just started holding hands. He “helped” Dad mow the lawn by holding on to Dad’s hand and walking with him. I didn’t have my camera with me, but that I will always remember that image of them holding hands walking around the yard mowing.


He is usually pretty good about going to bed, but sometimes he lies in his crib just babbling to himself for a good while before falling asleep. And sometimes, he throws everything in his crib over the side. And when you come in to give him back his pacifier and blanket, he says “uh oh” with the most adorable little smile. Heart. Melting.

When you ask him for a hug, he’ll walk over to you and put his arms at his side, and just lean in. Love. It.

The way he says turtle.

And more. . . mo mo mama. . .

And I don’t think I could ever forget, but how much I love him!



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  1. This is so sweet! My little Monkey is also 14+ months, and she’s doing so many new things. Lots of new words, including shoe, fish, purple, grandpa, thank you, bear, and cow. When she’s happy, I’m ‘mama.’ When she’s not, I’m ‘mooooommmeeeee.’ She’s fearless and follows big sister around everywhere, including down the kiddie slide at the pool. Over and over. Lovin’ every moment! Thanks for sharing this sweet reflection with us. Luke is such an adorable little guy!
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  2. jade

    You are so right, you must cherish those moments! They grow up way too fast. My boy is just over a year and walks fairly good, but I love when he stands up and still reaches for my hand and we go walking down the hallway or anywhere. I must have baby fever again!

  3. This is so sweet. When my boys were little I wrote them a letter on their birthdays and set them aside. I am so irritated with myself for not keeping up with that tradition!
    I love the uh-oh. So innocent 😉 recently posted..Friday Favorites (with a Grand Finale!)My Profile

    • KT

      Aww thanks Stephanie! And I hear you – it is so hard to keep up with those things sometimes, life just gets busy! I wanted to let you know that I have been trying to read and comment on your blog – but not sure if the issue is with the blog or bloglovin, but I can’t get to your blog lately. I try just typing in the url but it still won’t come up. Any thoughts??