Early to work

Happy Thursday!

In a post previously this week I talked about how I am NOT a morning person. However, I like to get to work early in the morning, before anyone else is here. I don’t see my first patient until about 8:30am, but I am usually here by 7:30am. It gives me time to catch up on paperwork, lesisurely drink my CSL (caramel skim latte), and have some peace and quiet before phones start ringing, nurses have questions, and I am busy seeing patients.

All alone, just me and my latte

My morning breakfast included my latte and a fiber one oats and chocolate bar. Those things are so delicious – like a healthy candy bar with fiber – and all for only 140 calories. Love the hit of chocolate in the morning.


What is your go- to breakfast? I am looking for more quick/easy breakfast ideas to go along with my daily CSL.

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