Friday favorites: 4/26/13

Happy Friday. . . compared with last week, this week seemed to go pretty fast for me, but I am still super happy that it is finally Friday. Looking forward to a spin class tomorrow with a friend, girls day out with my favorite ladies tomorrow afternoon, and teaching body pump on Sunday morning!!

Here are a few of my favorite things this week –> because remember it is the little things that make the difference! Smile 

Cinnamon Toasters


I love this cereal. But I almost never eat it for breakfast. It is usually my “dessert.” Scott and I have a standing rule in our house that we don’t eat dessert on weeknights. We both love dessert A LOT. I mean I don’t know if you can find 2 people who are so perfectly matched in their love for all things sweet – ice cream, cookies, cake – we are totally made for each other. And well, it can get out of hand. So, to keep tabs on it, we just limit dessert in our house to Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. And I really like it that way. I can have a HUGE bowl of ice cream on Sunday night and really enjoy it because it is a special treat and not something that I have daily. Also, good for the waistline! Anyway, back to my love for cinnamon toasters (not cinnamon toast crunch! The Malt O Meal brand is way better – more cinnamon and sugar!!).

I will sometimes have a small bowl (in my Tigger bowl usually!) after dinner. It helps to satisfy my sweet tooth but is much better for me than a huge @ss bowl of ice cream. Lately, I have been all about this cereal, probably having it most nights over the past 2 weeks. It. is. just. so. good!

Water chestnuts
Random, party of one? Yup – that’s me. We had a veggie mix this week that had water chestnuts in it and the whole time I was eating it. . . in my head I was thinking, gosh, I really really really love water chestnuts. I know, I’m an odd duck sometimes. Another reason why I love Chinese food and chicken with mixed veggies –> the water chestnuts!! I love when we have Chinese food with my Dad because he actually hates water chestnuts, so I get all of his too! 😉


Duh- of course I love this one. . but it is one of my favorites this week because I have been working on a new post for a 3 month grocery budget challenge starting in May for our household. We have been spending too much $$ on groceries lately and it’s time to make some changes. And blogging is the perfect way to challenge myself to make changes and keep myself accountable. I am also looking forward to sharing it with all of you guys so you can give me your tips and tricks for conquering our grocery budget!!

The North Mankato Library


Good for regular books, audiobook and a good rotation of children’s books. And its all FREE! You can’t beat that deal. Luke and I go pretty much once a week to pick up new books for him and it gives us something fun to do together.

My commute
This one might sound sorta funny, but I actually like driving 45 minutes to work every morning and evening. (**without snow!) I get to drop off or pick Luke up from daycare in the middle. It is mostly freeway driving so no stop and go traffic. I get to listen to my latest audiobook or Podcast download (Have you ever listened to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me? <—super funny!). And it gives me separation between work and home, a chance to think about the upcoming day or decompress from the day!

Any favorites from your week? And plans for the weekend??


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  1. You’re not alone in the water chestnut lovin’! I LOOOVE them too!! Whenever I make stir fry meals at home, I buy TWO cans of them… mainly because I will end up eating one entire can while cooking 😉
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted..Coconut-Mango SmoothieMy Profile

  2. I’m a big fan of water chestnuts too. Such a satisfying crunch! Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me is hilarious! I love my commute too. I get out of bed, come downstairs, fire up my computer, and, voila, I’m at work! We are looking forward to family fun this weekend as we extend our daughter’s first birthday celebration with grandparents. She’s on cake smash #3!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..Race Recap: Laurel Run AscentMy Profile

  3. MMMMM cinnamon toasters.. I knew I liked you 🙂
    Brooke @ Running In Heels recently posted..Friday Favorites & a Chicken Artichoke Quinoa Stir Fry RecipeMy Profile

  4. I, too, enjoy water chestnuts! 🙂 You’re not alone!!
    Next time I’ll have to get Cinnamon Toasters for the kids… maybe they’ll like them better, too. recently posted..Three Wins!My Profile

  5. haha. i’ve been eating the malt o meal frosted mini wheats all week after dinner.
    i’m doing the get in gear 1/2 tomorrow and i am looking forward to running in the sunshine for a change:)
    kendra @ kennygump recently posted..hunger gamesMy Profile

  6. I used to commute but now that I work from home, I have to really look for that opportunity to listen to my audiobooks or NPR podcasts (does anyone ever have time to listen to NPR shows when they actually air?!). Loved hearing about your favorites and that photo of your commute (with the snow) is just gorgeous. I just moved from California to Colorado, so I think I’ll get to experience a little more of that white stuff!
    Marnie recently posted..What I’m Reading: Lean InMy Profile

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