Friday Favorites: 5/10/13

Happy Friday!!! With being sick on Monday, this week seemed to fly by after I got better. . . and now it is the weekend again! I am crossing my fingers for some good weather for taking Luke out in the jogging stroller. We had a great run on Tuesday night after work. I am looking forward to the warmer weather so we can make that a regular event. Smile I’m on call this weekend, which means that we have to stick close to home in case someone needs to be seen in the hospital, but that’s fine by me! Looking forward to chasing Luke around – he’s running now! – and catching up on laundry, blog stuff, TV watching, etc. And, of course Mother’s Day on Sunday!

Anyway. . . here are a few things from the past week that made me smile.


Seriously I love them. Probably even more than water chestnuts. Plain, guacamole, doesn’t matter. Love. And went perfectly with. . .

Chicken cream cheese chili.

Crockpot Chicken Cream Cheese Chili

I made this during the crockpot challenge and have made it a handful of times over the past few months. Super quick and easy. Tastes delicious. And the avocado adds a touch a creamy coolness that is just weeknight dinner perfection.

Running4Cupcakes business cards

ScreenHunter_37 May. 10 07.02

Aren’t they cute? I got them from Vista Print and I am really happy with how they turned out. . . now, I just have to find someone to give one to! Winking smile 

Chubby baby thighs


When Luke and I were running. . . well, I was running, Luke was chillin’, on Tuesday, it was 79 degrees and sunny, so he was just in a onsie with his little chubby baby thighs hanging out. And I couldn’t help but smile every time I looked down and saw them. The little folds. They. just. kill. me.

Puppy snuggles


Every morning, Scott gets up first to shower and Abby always jumps up in bed to snuggle with me (still trying to sleep for 5 more minutes!). Abby used to sleep in bed with me before Scott and I got married and then there wasn’t enough room in our queen size bed. . . so she now sleeps at the end of our bed on the floor, on her blanket. But every morning we have our 5 minutes of snuggling –> perfect way to start the day!

What’s on your favorites list this week??


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12 Responses to Friday Favorites: 5/10/13

  1. I second every item on your list! Avocado…yum! Baby thighs…adorable! Snuggling with four-legged children…awesome! Blogger biz cards…love it! I’ve been thinking about getting some too. They would be great to have while out and about. Instead of writing down URL on scraps of paper to give to people, I could whip out a biz card! Thanks for posting about this…gives me the motivation to get my own.
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..7 Things Motherhood Has Taught MeMy Profile

  2. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!! I’m hoping that Mitchell remembers to get me something… I did just pay gobs of money for his surgery and all 😉 And I LOVE your new business cards!! Can’t wait to get one in June 🙂
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted..Kentucky Derby Fashion: Do’s & Don’ts!My Profile

  3. those cards turned out great. hope you have a fabulous mother’s day:)
    kendra @ kennygump recently i rideMy Profile

  4. I think that I could add avocado to anything and it would taste good! 😉 It never gets old!
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted..Southwest Quinoa Bake + Healthy Living Summit 2013My Profile

  5. Kim

    Great list – especially the avocados and puppy snuggles! I am obsessed with both… been loving an avocado pasta sauce recently. Unfortunately the bag of avos in my fridge are rock hard :(. And have you ever tried chocolate pudding made with avocado and banana? To die for.
    Kim recently posted..What I Ate WednesdayMy Profile

  6. Summertime was always my favorite with my kids. They were born in August and September so it was like a little surprise when I started to dress them in just a onesie or a short-sleeved/shorts one-piece. I LOVE the legs and the arms! Ah! This post brought that all back!
    I wish I could eat avocados!
    Favorites (and things I just cannot accept or talk about without crying): My boys growing up into fine young men. recently posted..I returned to the dark side & a recovery run!My Profile