Friday Favorites: Lukie sayings – 4 years old

Kids say the craziest things. I seriously cannot believe some of things that Luke comes up with. . .

And I thought I would do another post (first one here!) to remember and laugh at some the things that Luke says.

Hope this gives you a laugh for your Friday today! Smile

Daddy, my hands aren’t being nice to each other.


Dad: “how’d this orange get over here?” (on the floor, six feet from the table)
Luke: “well, according to legend, a pirate ghost did it.”


Me: “Did you have fun playing outside.”
Luke: “Yup. But I’m not sure what that girls name is?”
Me: “I think it was Marianna.”
Luke: “Oh, like the Mariana Trench?
Me: Thinking to myself. . . this is the moment when I realize my child is smarter than I am.

Luke talking to Dad: “Can I check those flashlights to see if they’re in working order?”


The day after his birthday, laying in bed. . . .


Me: “So, how does it feel to be 4 years old?”
Luke: “Pretty good.”
Me: “Is there anything different from being 3 years old?”
Luke: “Well. . . my arms are longer.”
Me: “Oh, really?”
Luke: “Yup, see. . .” (and then stretches his arms out wide.)

We are headed back to the Lake this weekend. . . planning for some boat time, taking Luke in the tube again, family lasagna dinner, learning BODYPUMP 98 choreography for launch next week.

Your plans for the weekend?? Favorites from the week?

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