Good Day Friday

So, I don’t usually post on Saturdays. . . to busy hanging with family and catching up on stuff from the week, but I had to take a few minutes to let you know about the awesome day I had yesterday. Did anything amazing happen? Not really. Did anything unusual happen? Nope. But it was just a really nice day.

I was off from work, so Luke and I hung out in the morning. He had a horrible cold, complete with a double ear infection, so I wasn’t sure what kind of mood he would be in when he woke up. He slept until 8am! And was the most smiley baby when he got up. We played and he did his latest thing: standing by himself with a huge grin on his face. It’s like he has figured out that he can control his body to stand on his own – and he loves it!


Then, we got ready to go to the YMCA. I was teaching a body pump class and I had decided to video tape this class for the final certification for my body pump training. So I was super nervous, but trying to remember that this was just a normal class. . . as much as you can with a video camera in front of you! One of the fellow instructors at the YMCA had given me the advice to “Be calm. And be strong.” And I thought of that right before I started. And it went great. The class was really nice and anytime I smiled at anyone, they smiled back and gave me encouraging nods. And another instructor at the Y, Lisa, ran the video camera for me and it was so nice to see her smiling face during the class with thumbs up signs. It went as well as I could have hoped! The only glitch was that I use my phone for my music and about a minute from the end of the abs track, my phone went off. . . it only lasted for a few seconds and I just kept going! And after class, I went up to Lisa to say thanks for video taping and she says “I hope it recorded!” She was nervous because she had never used that video camera before. . . but it all turned out fine! And now I am done with my video. I just have to wait a few weeks for it to be reviewed and to hear back.

Luke and I came home. . . I was worried about how he would do in Child Watch with his cold – but he did great.. . Luke went down for a nap. I took a nice, long, hot shower. And made a huge salad for lunch.. . complete with spouts (my ‘splurge’ purchase at the grocery store this week). I had just gotten it put together and someone woke up from his nap. So I ate my salad while he played and ate some puffs. And then we spent the afternoon playing and catching up on some TV watching.


Scott came home. We had dinner. Another fabulous crockpot meal! This time pot roast. And ice cream cake for dessert.

Followed by some TV watching – the finale of Top Chef. A glorious bath – complete with an awesome bath drop in that I got from Laura. And reading more from my latest book (Pretties).

Luke woke up and was a little congested so I took the opportunity to rock him to sleep, something that he doesn’t want too much anymore. We snuggled and I put my cheek against his soft baby hair and listened to his breathing and we rocked much longer than he needed, but the perfect length for me.

Like I said, nothing crazy, unusual, or even really notable happened yesterday, but as I went to bed last night, I reflected on what a great day it was and how thankful I am for days just like that in my life.


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11 Responses to Good Day Friday

  1. Becky @ Olives n Wine

    Everything about this post makes me smile 🙂 Some times the simplest days are the most memorable! Good luck with your video – it sounds like it went well so you have nothing to worry about! And poor Luke, didn’t he just get tubes? I know nothing about them but how long until they help with his ear infections?

    • KT

      I know! They are supposed to help but not completely prevent. . . hopefully they help more soon.

  2. I just took Body Pump this morning. I <3 that class, it's such a great workout 🙂
    Cori @ olivetorun recently posted..Pumping Iron, Wearing A KiltMy Profile

  3. Sounds like a nice relaxing day! Luke is adorable. I wish there was a body pump class close to me but good luck on the video.
    Melissa @mypeachlife recently posted..New Orleans Rock n’Roll Marathon Recap Part 1My Profile

  4. what a great day. i can relate. just being grateful for the good things in life is sometimes enough. glad your video went well too.
    kendra recently posted..spring break, smoothie and hummusMy Profile

  5. Luke is so cute! I love reading how grateful you are for your family. 🙂
    Kate @ Quarter Century Southern Living recently posted..Little Things to LoveMy Profile

  6. Sounds like a GREAT day with Luke! I hope his ear infection gets better! We are struggling with the same darn thing…
    Elizabeth @ My Neon Running Shoes recently posted..We are classyMy Profile