Grocery Challenge: Week 2

Missed my grocery challenge? Or my first update?

Another week, another trip to Sam’s and the grocery store (this time Hy-Vee). . . No coupons this time. We went to the grocery store first. I had planned just to go to the grocery store this week and not Sam’s club. . . then we realized that fruit is way cheaper at Sam’s –> totally worth the trip.

I meal planned for the week with stuff we already had on hand, so we only had to pick up a few things to supplement. Chobani yogurt was on sale 10 for $10 so we picked up a few of those (only to realize at Sam’s they are 97 cents! –> but you don’t get to choose your flavors). Salsa and sour cream to go with quesadilla casserole. Maple sausage to go with Chobani pancakes. And a bag of our favorite frozen garlic cauliflower because we can only find it at Hy-Vee.
–> total spent: 18.81. (5cents off for bringing our own bag!)

Then, off to Sam’s. We usually buy milk but we bought lots last weekend so we really only needed fruit: strawberries, bananas and grapes
–> total spent: 11.94.

So, after 12 days on the challenge: we have $70.76  left to spend (out of $300). The cash in the envelope is working out awesome.


Really helps to know exactly what we are spending and limiting extra purchases.

Scott did a have good idea of maybe splitting the $83 that I spent on Let’s Dish meals over the course of May and June because I bought 4 meals, but we won’t eat them all in May. . . so, if we get short at the end of the month, I might have to think about doing that. I think if it was a normal month of hanging out at home, we would probably be fine.  .. but since Memorial Day weekend is coming up –> we always bring lots of snacks and food up to the Lake, so that might be an extra challenge.

Next week

  • I plan to head back to Cub Foods –> more coupons
  • Plan to get fruit, milk and Chobani yogurt at Sam’s
  • Continue strategic meal planning that doesn’t require a lot of extra purchases Winking smile 
  • I will also be in the cities and Becky suggested checking out Trader Joe’s for good prices. . . I’ll have to be careful there though, impulse buys will be calling my name!


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9 Responses to Grocery Challenge: Week 2

  1. Wow, congrats on a super economical week! And once your local farmer’s market opens, you’ll be able to score some great deals on fresh fruits & veggies. It’s strawberry season in the south, so we’re enjoying awesome berries at great prices!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..Daily Reports & Girls’ Night OutMy Profile

    • KT

      I know! I am so excited for the Farmer’s Market!! Jealous that you are already in strawberry season. Eat a big one for me. 🙂

  2. Nice work hon! This is seriously something all of us should do from time to time so that we realize just how much we are spending on food, and really how much we can be saving by cutting coupons, comparing prices, etc. Dana and I do our grocery shopping at Target and Costco. Before we make big purchases like TP, laundry soap, and so on, we always compare prices between the two. I’d say we do a fairly good job at getting the best deals, but it does take a little time! Happy Tuesday my friend!
    Melanie @ Beautifully Nutty recently posted..Scenes from My Fun WeekendMy Profile

    • KT

      So true. . . we often can’t remember pricing between store, so we will take a pic of the product and price so when we are at the next store, we for sure know which place is cheaper!

  3. I think my biggest food spends this time of the year are at farmers’ markets! I love love LOVE fresh, local and organic produce and think it is worth every penny! There is no way I could do this challenge during the summer 😉 I’m excited to read about how you save money while stocking up for Memorial Day weekend.
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted..“Clean” Kitchen TipsMy Profile

    • KT

      Agreed!! I love the Farmer’s Market and tend to go a little overboard sometimes. . . it will be interesting to see how this budget challenge affects that. Plan to use the farmers market for cheap produce – a big bag of fresh lettuce for $1 -> yes please!!

  4. I always overspend @ TJ’s…more as we only get there so rarely. They have great finds that you might not see @ Cub, Walmart, etc though. I’ve got to get that meal planning thing down! That’s what really can save you from an impromptu trip to Papa Murphy’s for a pizza;-)
    Gina recently posted..Baby #2 Guess PoolMy Profile

  5. I was thinking about you when I made this week’s meal plan… and when I made some cancellations of luxury items. We really do spend mindlessly sometimes and it’s totally unnecessary! recently posted..The Past ~ The Present ~ The FutureMy Profile