Halloween Baby Craft Project


Laura and I made this craft project when she visited back in September. A perfect little project to do with your little one’s feet! Our inspiration was from Pinterest.


1. canvas board – whatever size you would like. Smaller if you are only doing your kids feet, larger if you are going to include your feet too!

Large. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Small

2. Black, Orange and White paint

3. Paintbrushes

4. Halloween colored or themed ribbon

5. Glue Gun


1. Paint canvas with layer of black paint. Let dry IMG_1477

2. Paint bottoms of feet with white paint and stamp feet onto canvas. IMG_1488

3. Fill in feet prints to make a full ghost – when I stamped my foot, I only got the heel and toes – a pretty funny looking ghost! So, just fill in with white paint so it looks foot-shape like. Let dry.


4. Dot black eyes on ghosts.

5. Using orange paint – add ‘Happy Halloween’ to sign. And if wanted your child’s name and date.


6. Using ribbon, make loops, I did 4 of each color and then wind the end of the last ribbon around the middle to hold tight. Using a glue gun, secure ribbon to corner of canvas. **See video for demo of how I made my bows.


How to make an easy ribbon bow–running4cupcakes.com

7. Take ribbon in whatever length you would like and glue to the back of canvas on each side to allow print to hang.


8. Admire your awesome craft project! Smile 


Looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas foot print signs. . .



And also a cute idea for fall or spring. . . Luke did this at daycare.


Paint a leave on a piece of paper. Using kid’s toes, dip into paint and stamp middle of leaf, creating a caterpillar. Just add eyes and antennae. Super cute!

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